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When it comes to seeing the world, everyone is different. Some folks want to take in the sights by train while others prefer to board a plane to experience new locales. Then, there are people who make travel not just a once (or twice) a year activity, but a cultivated lifestyle.

Through Airstream living, their home can be anywhere and can change whenever they like. A Restored Airstream trailer is a popular choice for this lifestyle, but these often require some work in order to be comfortable enough for everyday living. But, this isn’t a bad thing; rather, a Airstream restoration is the perfect opportunity to customize a small space in a fresh way.

It seems that there’s no shortage of Airstream remodel ideas. Some of our favorite overhauls make these tiny homes feel much larger than they actually are by utilizing white walls and decor—this creates the illusion of airiness and openness. It also evokes a sense of tranquility and calm once inside. Here, the Airstream is truly a getaway.

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