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Wee Wind

, Indiana
Last Modified June 4, 2022
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Wee Wind

, Indiana

This is an original untouched, un-restored vintage Airstream Wee Wind. There were only about 22 Airstream Wee Winds produced in 1949 and I’m guessing that there are only a few survivors.


The exterior of this vintage Airstream is in very nice shape. It is very original and very intact. It has the original Air-O-Lite windows, the original door ,original vents and the original exterior lights. The front and rear 13 panel caps are flawless. The exterior skin is in very nice condition as well. It has aircraft grade aluminum that can be polished up to a mirror like shine. It is built like an airplane with riveted construction for long life and durability.
Frame. Has the original 4 inch round pipe frame. Frame does have surface rust but appears to be solid in all areas accessible for inspection.
Dents, scratches and damage. The worst damage is a very small dent on the driver side front of the trailer down low. Other than that you really have to search for any flaws.
Entry door. Has the original aluminum entry door with original hinges and original lock. This has the door within the door that can be opened for ventilation. There is a small 3/8” tear in the aluminum on the edge of the center door. The door lock functions correctly but we have no key. I’m sure the lock could be taken to a locksmith to have a key made.
Front hoist. Has the original front hoist but it is rusted badly and froze up.
Hitch Coupler. Has the original hitch coupler which is in working condition.
Roof And Vents. Roof is in very good shape with no apparent damage. Has the original furnace vent with aluminum cap and has both of the original 14 inch aluminum roof vents.
Exterior lights. Has all of the original beehive style marker lights with steel bezels and glass lenses. The steel bezels have surface rust and all of the glass lenses are in good shape. Has the original center red light with license plate bracket. This glass lens appears to be in good shape also. The tail lights have LS 328 on them and I believe they are original but can’t be for sure.
Underbelly. Has the original aluminum underbelly which is in pretty decent shape. I found one small ½” diameter hole and some minor dents.
Windows glass and seals. Has the original Air-O-Lite opening windows which are complete and in working condition. There is no cracked, damage or broken glass. The front and rear plexiglass windows have newer tinted polycarbonate but the windows are hazy.


Cabinet and closet doors. Has all of the original cabinets and wardrobe. The wardrobe still has the original name tag which reads, “Custom Woodcraft by AT-WOOD-CRAFT South Pasadena, CALIF.
A lot of the wood has areas where it is delaminating but everything is still there for a pattern to make new ones.
Catches. Has all of the original catches.
Countertops. Has the original stainless steel countertop to the right of the sink. Has 1/4 inch long smile shaped shallow dent in it but otherwise is in very good shape.
Floor. Amazingly, the floor is solid and all walking areas but there are soft spots around the perimeter of the trailer.
Floor covering. Has the original 9 inch green tiles which are in poor condition.
Walls. Has the original aluminum walls which are in good shape but the paint is peeling.


Has the original running gear which appears to be a good shape.
Axles and Springs. Has the original dropped axle with leaf springs which appear to be In good shape with only surface rust. Bearings have not been inspected or repacked. Due to the rarity of this trailer, I would highly recommend that it gets transported on a trailer versus being towed on the road.
Dry weight. My guess is approximately 1200 pounds.
Hitch ball height. Approximately 16 inches.
Safety chains. Yes.
Hitch weight. My guess is around 100#.
Hitch ball size. 2 inch.
Hubcaps. Yes. Has the original hubcaps which are inside the trailer loose. They do have surface rust but are dent free.
Spare tire. No.
Tire condition. Has 6:50-16 tires which are in poor condition. They are mounted on the original 16 inch rims with five lugs on 5 1/2 inch bolt circle.
Wheel skirts. Yes, still has both of the original aluminum wheel skirts.


There are no mattresses, curtains or other soft goods in the trailer. There was a 45” x 80” bed in the rear with a 32” x 36” slide out aluminum drawer which is still there and in good condition. It looks like there would have been a 24” x 77” gaucho in the front. The base is still there but there are no cushions.


Has the original electrical system which had a light at the front and rear of the trailer and then three 110 electrical outlets. Electrical system is un-tested. Entire electrical system and appliances should be check by a certified expert before use.
110 V lights. Yes. Has the original lights with the plexiglass type shades.
12 V lights. No.
Brakes. Trailer does have electric brakes which are un-tested.


Has the original LP system which is still intact. Entire LP system and appliances should be checked by a certified expert before use.
Furnace. Has what I believe to be the original furnace which is a Barnes brand oil heater made in Elkhart, Indiana. Heater is untested.
Gas bottle. Yes. Has what I believe is the original 20 pound LP tank.
Gas regulator. Yes.
Range. Yes. Has the original three burner gas stove. Stove appears to be complete with all burners and knobs. Stove is un-tested.
Icebox. Yes. Has the original aluminum icebox. The upper aluminum has corrosion with holes due to a mouse nest that was above it. This does not show when the door is closed but could easily be patched.


Has the original plumbing which was very simple. Has a single faucet at the kitchen sink with a drain hose going outside. Plumbing system and all appliances should be checked by certified expert before use.
Freshwater tank. No.
Kitchen sink. Yes. Has the original aluminum sink which has some oxidation but still appears to be in good shape.
Toilet. Yes, sort of. Has a vintage folding toilet seat that you can take out in the woods to do your business.
Water intake valve. Yes.


This cute little Airstream Wee Wind has been in my personal collection for over 18 years. I sort of hate to sell it but I guess my loss is your gain. Rarely do these 1940’s small Airstreams come up for sale, especially in this condition.
Dolly wheel. Yes has the original dolly wheel.


There are a couple of things that makes me think this trailer has traveled overseas. If you look closely at the rear of the wheel skirts there are steel tabs that stick out with notches on the bottom. I believe these were for lifting the trailer onto a ferry boat or ship. Plus, there is a vintage clamp on tag that reads, “USA” that I found inside the trailer.


If you have any other questions or interest please contact Dan at 765-473-8088 or 765-469-7699.

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