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Flying Cloud

Signal Hill
, California

For Sale: 1953 21′ Airstream Flying Cloud Travel Trailer. 95% Original. Structurally solid with no issues. Sleeps four. Very light and pulls straight. The exterior is in its original finish, ( they are only original once). No dents or signs of repairs to the hull, only a few small dings and light scratches. All glass is good and the windows and vents operate as they should. The under pan is in very nice condition. The hull is water tight with no signs of leakage on the inside. Original screen door. Interior has original Zolatone gray finish. All of the original cabinets and hardware are in place. Lots of storage. One closet was modified to use as shower and toilet. I removed the shower and it now has a removable port-o- potty that can be hooked up to a sewer hook-up. All original appliances. Stove, oven, hood, vent and light all work as they should. There are no chips, dings or deep scratches in the porcelain on the stove or sink, ( near mint). Sink faucet can be hooked up to shoreline water. There is no onboard water storage. Fresh or gray. Refrigerator works on electricity, (untried with gas). Refrigerator door has some scratches and has some spots of touch up paint. The original yellow cracked ice Formica counter tops and removable dinning table are in excellent condition with no chips or deep scratches. Original gas heater is in place. I have not tried to fire it up. I am sure the pilot light and gas valve would to be retrofitted to modern standards for safety.

Now for the upgrades: Exterior shoreline electric plug receptacle has been upgraded to a grounded covered receptacle. Fuse box has been upgraded to a breaker box and 15 amp breaker switch. All interior lights and receptacles work as the should when powered up. The original front light over table has power but the bulb is burnt out. I cannot find a replacement bulb but did not want to change the fixture because of it design. The fixture could possibly be modified to accept a modern bulb. The tail, brake and turn signal lights have been upgraded and are removable. The wiring harness for the tail lights has been run through a conduit and attached to the under pan. The Formica tile has floor has been replaced over a very solid wooden sub floor with period appearing grey splattered tile squares. The seating , that folds down to make into a second bed, has been been reupholstered with a period correct appearing indoor-outdoor flamingo styled fabric. New 10 ply trailer tires. New and freshly packed wheel bearings. Electric brakes are complete, intact and look good. However they are untested as I do not have connection on my truck to try them. Up to date propane tanks.

This has always been a California owned coach. I have a clear title in hand. It is currently registered, licensed and tagged in California. I also have a DVM clear vintage California black plate that can go with the coach.

Overall, this is a very cool vintage Airsteam.
This is not some half started, over my head project. This beauty is ready to roll.

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Airstream: 1953 21FT Flying Cloud For Sale In Signal Hill, California

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