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Santa Fe
, New Mexico

Santa Fe
, New Mexico

This is in the category of rare; very few made, one year model, first full production year at the Ohio factory. This is a 1953 29′ Liner. Made in Ohio it went into production in September 1953 and was delivered to a dealership in December. To the best of my knowledge the factory made less than 25 of this model in 1953 switching to the 1′ longer version in the early spring of 1954. I own 5006 which is the California built version of this trailer which I restored. Over the years I have researched and found out as much as I can about these trailers. To the best of my knowledge there are less than 5 of these Ohio builds that have been found and I believe only one has been restored. This unit is O-5018making it the 19th unit of this model to come off the line. This was the largest trailer Airstream offered in 1953. Again, this is the breadbox shaped model, the sloped back version was released as a 1954 in the spring of 1954.

The California and Ohio versions of this trailer are nearly identical. 5006 was custom ordered and so has a few non-standard features. This unit was built to the plan standards of 1953 and is not customized for a particular customer. When I purchased it a number of years ago it had had a number of modifications to the factory cabinetry. I decided to removed that work as I felt it took away from the trailer. I can provide accurate plans for that cabinetry if so desired. The rear was also modified/destroyed so I removed it. However, this was the typical twin bed arrangement with a two drawer cabinet between the beds. Again, I have all the information needed to replicate this should a buyer want. The wet bath and kitchen shown in the photographs is original. The stove is original to this trailer as is the formica table shown on its side in the wet bath. The Marvel refrigerator/icebox is included but is not original to this trailer (I will provide a complete refrigerator if so desired). This trailer did not come with a built in front couch, but did come with a convertible couch/bed. Unfortunately I had to dispose of the couch cushions but do have the base. I’ve actually plugged this trailer in and the electrical system still works. I wouldn’t recommend using it.

This trailer will require a complete restoration. You can chose to do a shell off or on to replace the plywood subfloor which is in very poor condition. That said, however the trailer is certainly sound enough to be towed. The tires are newer on new rims from Vintage Trailer Supply. The bearings have been packed. It has a working jack and safety chains welded to the frame. As the pictures show the body is nearly perfect. There is a small quarter sized hole in the skin to the right of the front door, a small about 4″ crease in one panel of the rear end cap and a small depression in the rear end cap on the upper curb side. Otherwise the body is in pretty darn good shape. We did a cut pass on the skin to shine it up several years ago. Polishing it properly will be fairly straight forward. All of the windows and operators are present. I took all of the windows out and replaced the sash gaskets several years ago. With a full price no haggle purchase I will replace the two broken pieces of glass. The only missing window element is the front center window exterior frame. There are several ways to remedy this that are not very difficult. Also with a full price or higher offer I will include a set of Bargman Trail Lite #2 taillights as well as complete rooftop vents. The trailer comes with the original marker lights (a brand I’ve never seen on another Airstream).

Obviously I am not providing any kind of warranty or guarantee about the trailer. I have owned it for 7+ years and have kept it in storage that entire time. I think this is a gem in the making for the right person. Enter into a purchase of this trailer with the mind to restore it or at least rebuild the structure that needs rebuilding and install your own interior and you will have a really amazing and rare Airstream. I can speak from direct experience with my California 29′ Liner that this model is an amazing early Airstream.

Of note, I have a low-key but very busy Vintage trailer restoration shop in Northern New Mexico. I can take care of anything needed with this trailer from installing working trailer lights to a full shell off restoration. Of course all for a price. I can also deliver the trailer anywhere in the continental US, or to one of several ports for exporting to another country. Delivery is $1.50/mile for all miles driven to and from my location to yours and back. Port delivery is additional and depends on which port I am delivering to.

Please don’t waste your time or mine trying to get me to reduce my price as I will not consider a price lower. I will gladly answer all questions. I am happy to do a FaceTime visit with the trailer to show you anything you are curious about.

If we agree to a sale I will require a $5,000 non-refundable deposit payable via Zelle within 72 hours of agreeing. I will accept a check for your deposit, however it will have to clear my bank before I will move forward with any other work or part of the sale. I will not take down this listing until I receive your cleared deposit. The trailer will remain for sale to others until that time. The balance of the sale will be due in cash at the time of pick up or delivery. Pickup will be in a public location in Santa Fe New Mexico and I will have someone with me. I would prefer to deliver in a public place, preferably at your bank. All fees for delivery will be paid in advance of my leaving to your location with the trailer, delivery fees are not refundable for any reason. You assume all risk if I deliver the trailer. I will provide a New Mexico Bill of Sale along with the paperwork given to me when I purchased the trailer from a seller in Georgia (non-title state). For a fee I can get a title for the trailer, however it can take several months to obtain.

Again, ask all the questions you can think of I am happy to answer!

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