Price: $59,000
Year: 1955
Length: 26FT
Model: Overlander
Condition: Great
History: Full Restoration
Status: Ready To Camp
Sale Type: Private
Listing Status: Sold


Completely restored 1955 Airstream. This is the most original 1955 I had seen with the refrigerator, stove, door-in-door, cabinets and all original papers. It came out of Ohio. We modernized it for today’s needs but made sure to keep the character of this beauty. Shell off restoration was completed in 2014 and includes the following. Nothing was left untouched.

– Entire frame given extra metal supports and coated with chassis undercoat paint
-new hitch added
-amazing large dual vintage propane tanks
– Entire double layer of non-rotting flooring added (combination of special plywood flooring made from recycled carpet and another layer of marine grade plywood)
– Inside aluminum panels removed, stripped, shined and reinstalled
-Exterior drip edges straightened, new storage compartment added with period correct door from salvage, mudguard added where there had been a dent in front
– Ceramic coating added to interior and new sheets of HVAC insulation added on all exterior walls
– two fresh water tanks and one black water tank added with new exterior fittings
– Tank cleaner also added
– all new underbelly
– new space for spare tire underneath created
– new axle
– propane furnace
– instant hot water heater
– water filter
– specialty water filler at sink
– all new plumbing fixtures added while maintaining original sinks. A beautiful stainless steel was created to fit in the original bathroom.
-All new lighting including vintage lights added to the outside for convenience during nighttime hookup situations
-Outdoor shower
-Coleman rooftop airconditioning unit with interior thermostat that also operates the furnace
-All cabinets removed and painted
-Original vents maintained with original fans. Recently resealed. One has window in it.
-All original windows with new cranks
-All new LED specialty lighting. Chandelier and sconces were added in the front. Individual reading sconces added to the back.
-50 amp electrical system with all new components and 50 foot cord
-Storage for dump hose in back bumper. Also has availability to use a macerator
-Storage bunks added to back. Can sleep very small children
-All new upholstery as of 2014 including specialty monogrammed Airstream pillowcases. It has the original gaucho frame but all new foam and upholstery. All beds have new foam and upholstery.
-Professionally designed interior utilizes vintage and new materials including formed wall plastic, thin sheet slate for bathroom and vintage metal tiles in bath. Also utilizes galaxy plastic for backlit shower and kitchen sliding cabinet doors.
-Draperies created using original style tracks
-The original fridge and stove work amazingly well and have a charm that you just can’t reproduce.
-addition of microwave
-All new old stock vintage pulls
-Plenty of storage space with a double armoire, and drawers under all beds
-specialty vintage style awning with easy up rope system I created. Also has side drapes for additional style and shade. Black and gray strip outdoor awning material.
-For purists, I do have the original furnace, gas light, sliding cabinet doors, jacks and other misc. items I will include. I also have additional gasket material I will thrown in.
-new tires

You may ask why we are selling this treasure? 4 kids and a 26 ft trailer do not mix! So sad to let this project go in which we put all of our sweat, money and love. We just don’t use it enough to keep it and know somebody else will enjoy it.

If you have ever done a restoration to this extent, you will realize that we are offering an extremely fair deal for a vintage Airstream at its best.

I have 3 videos that detail the entire trailer upon request. If you need additional specific pictures, please don’t hesitate to ask!
We really would prefer cash deal. You are responsible for transporting the trailer to its’ new home.


State: Texas
City: New Braunfels
5 People viewing this Airstream.

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