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, Georgia
Last Modified September 9, 2022
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, Georgia

Here’s the perfect Airstream for your next Air B and B project! Complete with on-board Washer / Dryer combo !
Manufacturer: Airstream

Style: Travel Trailer

Model Year: 1958

Model Description: Overlander

Model Size and Layout: 26 FT

VIN or Serial Number: O-7681

What is the Title status? Clear Title

Do you have current registration? Yes

State of Registration: Alabama

Your Airstream Story
Ownership History: Purchased from a hobbyist who restored the entire interior.

When did you purchase? 2018

Why did you choose this model? Fully functional restoration

Why are you selling? None use

Showing Instructions Call Ward. Normally, about 1 day notice is required.

Location – Midland, GA 31820

Location Details: Outdoor, road ready

Let’s talk about the outside …
Exterior Condition Description: In fair condition. There is some esthetic damage. Will be detailed in video.

Hail Damage: None

Aluminum Body Panels: All original

Windows and Seals: All original and operational

Entrance Door: Good condition

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks: Good condition

Roof Vents / Skylights: Good condition, original locations

Filaform Damage: None noted

Awnings: None

Front A-Frame Condition: Good condition, no rust visible

Rear Bumper / Rear Exposed Frame Good condition: no rust visible

Overall Frame Condition No signs of rust, good condition.
Belly Pan Nothing significant noted

Cool – Tell us about the inside …
Interior Layout and Condition Description:
Fully functional remodel with Queen and twin beds, kitchen sink, microwave, refrigerator, oven, washer/dryer, claw-tooth tube, bathroom sink and toilet. Raw-edge wood countertops throughout.

Floor Coverings: Hardwood

Sleeping Areas: Queen and twin Mattress
Sleeping Surfaces: Excellent condition, very comfortable.

Shower or Tub? Separate bath area that includes claw-tooth cube, sink, closet, and toilet.

Dinette Style and Location: No table but good countertop space.

Interior passage doors / cabinet doors / tambour doors:
All doors have been remodeled with wood.

Interior Hard Surfaces: Good condition.

Upholstery and Other Soft Surfaces: Excellent condition.

Blinds and Curtains Location and Condition:
New cloth curtain drapes

Pets? None

Smoking? None

Water Leaks? None

Mold or Mildew? None

OK – lets talk about the Appliances and Systems now …
Stove and Oven: Gas
Refrigerator: Electric
Furnace / Space Heater: Brand new a/c / heating unit

Plumbing System – Water Lines, Water Pump: No leaks

Hot Water Heater Heated through propane: 2018

Sinks and Taps: Updated with stainless steel sinks

Fresh Water Tank: None

Gray Water Tank: None

Black Water Tank: None

Toilet: Updated in 2018

Air Conditioner(s) One unit replaced in 2020

Electrical Service All upgraded with solar power and 4 lithium batteries

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator: Updated 2018

Solar System: All lights.

Microwave and other Appliances: Microwave, refrigerator, washer/dryer, oven

Here’s what a buyer needs to know about Towing and Transport …
When was the last time this trailer was towed? 2020

Number of Axles? Original

Tire Sizes, Age and Condition: tires and rims were replaced in 2018

Brakes and Hubs Original: serviced in 2018

Wheel Bearings: Original, serviced in 2018

Trailer Emergency Breakaway Cable: None

Hitch Receiver Size? 2″

Safety Chains? Good condition

Trailer Weight: 4500 lbs

Exterior Signals, Running Lights: All working

Is this Airstream safe to tow ? Safe!

Weight Distribution Hitch: Included with sale!

Accessories Included with Sale: All hoses and kitchen accessories.

Direct Contact email or Phone Number: [email protected]

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