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Land Yacht

Forest Lakes
, Arizona
Last Modified June 9, 2023
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Land Yacht

Forest Lakes
, Arizona

Updated 6/3/23

1960 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht. 26’3″ tongue to bumper. 3900 lbs. 2″ ball. $27,500 obo

Step into a world of timeless elegance and adventure with this stunning 1960 Airstream. Crafted with precision and iconic design, this vintage beauty is like a time machine that will transport you back to the era of poodle skirts, sock hops, and Elvis Presley. Just one small disclaimer: it could use a little TLC, but hey, nobody said time-traveling glamour comes without a few quirks!

Prepare to turn heads and provoke envy wherever you go. This Airstream’s gleaming aluminum shell is more eye-catching than a disco ball in a dark room. Its aerodynamic shape ensures smooth towing and makes it feel like you’re floating on air, or at least that’s how we like to think of it. Those signature rivets? They’re like the sparkly earrings that complete the perfect vintage outfit, adding that extra touch of flair.

Ready to embrace your inner designer and make this Airstream your personal masterpiece? Step inside and let your imagination run wild. Sure, it needs a bit of love, but think of it as an adventure. You’ve got space for a cozy sleeping area, a retro dining nook that will make your friends green with envy, and a kitchenette that will have you whipping up gourmet meals on the road (or, let’s be real, some pretty amazing grilled cheese sandwiches).

This 1960 Airstream is the real deal, my friend. It’s got that authentic vintage charm that transports you to a time when life was simpler and Instagram filters didn’t exist. You’ll be part of an exclusive club of vintage enthusiasts who appreciate the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this rolling work of art.

Potential and Investment:
OK, so maybe it needs a bit of work. But think of it this way: you’re not just buying a trailer; you’re investing in memories and stories that will last a lifetime. With a little elbow grease, some creative thinking, and maybe a few YouTube tutorials, you can transform this beauty into your dream mobile sanctuary. And who knows, a few years down the road, when vintage Airstreams are all the rage, you’ll be the one laughing all the way to the bank.

If you’re the kind of person who likes a bit of adventure and doesn’t mind getting your hands dirty (literally, because let’s face it, restoration work is messy), then this 1960 Airstream is your ticket to time-traveling glamour and unforgettable road trips. Embrace the quirks, unleash your inner designer, and get ready to turn heads wherever you go. This Airstream is waiting for someone with a sense of humor and a love for all things vintage to give it a new lease on life. So hop aboard and let the adventures begin!

Exterior and interior lights have been upgraded to LED lights.

The stove, furnace and air-conditioning work. The refrigerator needs work.

Two new twin beds that comes with new, never-been-used bed sheets.

Has a shower and a bath, toilet and bidet.

New curtains on the way!

New flooring.

x2 re-certified 30 pound propane bottles (full) with a new automatic regulator.

The electric jack works.

There’s a newly installed instant water heater.

New water storage tank (20 gallons), new plumbing and new water pump.

New custom maple countertops.

A fresh coat of interior paint.

New tires.

New lithium battery and Victron battery charger.

New roof vent fan.

Spent about 200 hours polishing the exterior.

Comes with a weight-distributing hitch.

Cash preferred, verified check accepted. Thanks for looking!

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