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, Texas
Last Modified September 7, 2023
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, Texas

I’m a local carpenter in Austin, Tx who bought this trailer 5 years ago with 2 other local artisans to do a high-end resto-mod and then sell it for a significant profit. Our plan was to make it a true camper, not a simple plug-in party wagon. However, being the boom-town that Austin is, we have all been far too busy to spend the time needed on this project to see it through to completion. As it sits, all major systems are fully functional and it is basically ready to spray foam and build out.

Interested parties can come take a look and I will demonstrate functionality of all systems.

Price reflects HALF of what we need to break even. Offers from serious buyers will be entertained.

1963 Airstream Overlander Land Yacht

-26’, double axle
-all major systems complete (AC electric, DC electric, plumbing, gas lines)
-designed for camping
-toilet, shower, stove, refrigerator and 2 sinks work off-grid with propane and DC power, including hot water
-AC air conditioning unit functional, but could be upgraded

Work Done

-original interior, wiring and plumbing removed; completely rewired and plumbed
-frame mended in a couple spots; new steel welded into place
-frame painted
-new subfloors insulated from below
-belly pan mostly replaced; areas still exposed to provide work access for now
-hand crank leveling jacks welded to frame
-new tires, load range E
-all plumbing done in ½” Pex
-Gerard tankless hot water heater
-3-way Dometic fridge
-AA battery igniter propane stove
-DC powered hood fan that vents outside with hand built external vent
-windows rebuilt with tinted glass (not a film; the glass itself is tinted)
-all window cranks and locks replaced with new
-custom hand built door with circular, tinted window
-new handle and lock
-custom external access doors for fridge, H2O heater and shore water
-all external access door locks use one key

-All new AC wiring routed through mini panel
-separate circuits for lighting, outlets and AC
-circuits and lights wired with 14 gauge romex; AC wired with 12 gauge
-all new DC wiring routed through new DC fuse box with LED blown fuse indicator
-independent ground wires on all individual DC circuits
-Wizard converter system to maintain battery and operate DC electrical when plugged into shore power
-DC lighting in all rooms
-AC dimmable recessed LEDs in main cabin
-running lights replaced with LEDs
-running lights switchable on/off from interior (looks sexy at night)
-LED external “scare” light (circular light near door)
-LED external porch light
-Deep Cycle battery
-fore and aft 3-speed, DC-powered cabin fans in ceiling
-DC water pump
-Girard tank-less hot water heater, propane and DC
-Dometic 3-way refrigerator

-window has frosted glass (not a tint or film)
-custom curved sink base
-ac and dc lights
-custom shower pan
-Dometic porcelain toilet
-new black tank (only used to test; never defiled)
-curved walls have been furred out to accept substrate; foam insulation in between furring

-minimal ½” MDO framed sink and range cabinet to accept finished cabinetry later,
-MDO counter substrate for locating sink and range
-DC operated hood that vents to exterior, built-in light
-range ignites with AA battery, runs off propane
-digital thermostat and readout for hot water heater

I’m definitely missing some details, but this is a good overview
Feel free to message with questions. Thanks for looking!

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