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, Missouri

, Missouri

My beloved Jade, a 22’ 1968 Land Yacht Safari ~ she is quirky, she is one of a kind, she is fully functional (I have lived full time in her for nearly 3 years), and her foundation is solid. She has a title. She can be trusted on whatever adventures you dream (together we have traveled clear around the country and back a few times hehehehe).

I have lived in this trailer full time for the past 3 years. Weighing about 4400 lbs. She is fully functional, has a solid foundation, clean title. Tires are good. Has black tank, no grey water tank (grey plumbing stubbed out for hookup to sewage). Hot water tank installed and works, just not hooked up (I have been living off grid and didn’t need it). Electric is good, did some rewiring/replacing last winter. Also replaced front half of belly pan, and put new insulation in before pinning on. AC works. Cute little mint green mini fridge included if interested, also works great and is only about a year old. A few exterior dents and bumps but no leaks. Also the mattress can be included with sale, it is an 8 inch memory foam, kept very clean and protected. She has a cute little galvanized tub, with a hand held shower for washing/cleaning up. A couple of the windows could use some TLC, however, still no leaks so I never got around to messing with them. I have replaced 3 of them throughout my journeys with her.

Her open floor plan really leaves room for you to make her your own, and create or design her to fit your needs and make her work for you.
I built the bed platform myself for extra storage underneath.

If you are here, you probably understand the love and heart strings attached to these trailers. So why is she here?

I once had a dream. I once worked really really hard and scraped up very penny I had to make that dream come true, and I bought my first home, this beloved trailer. I’ve spent the past 3 years full time living inside of her, living and traveling in some of the most beautiful places, following where my heart called.

As I felt like I hit nirvana at such an early age in life, I also then realized that I am ever expanding, ever growing, and ever evolving. And so are my dreams.

As my life is shifting into a new dream, a new vision, a new chapter, I deeply feel that the time has come. In a very bittersweet summary, Jade and I have decided to part ways. She needs someone to care for her and love her as I transition and step into a new phase of myself and of my life.

If there’s anything I’ve learned through my own journeys, it’s that I only know how to go all in, to give my all into what my heart is calling me forward to do.

If anything, I want to encourage you to be bold with your dreams, your wishes, and your desires. Choose them. And chase them. We have one life to live, and we are never promised tomorrow.

I’m sharing this because this trailer has been my first home. She means so so much to me. She has served such an incredible chapter and version of myself that I will cherish and hold on to and be so grateful for, for forever. So grateful that I chose my dream, trusted that dream, and lived that dream out, to the point that I feel so incredibly full. So so full of what I have received and gained from these past few years living unconventionally inside of this tin can. I want to offer her to someone who will honor and treasure her in the way that she deserves. I know she is going to make someone so so very happy, and fulfill someone else’s dream, desires, wishes.

I’m posting because if you’ve ever had a dream, if you’ve been waiting for the sign, this is it. No matter what it is. Choose your dream. And chase it.

So here she is. (Tears) 🥹 my wish is that you continue to love her as much as I do. If she feels like a good fit to you, please let me know and we can discuss more intimately and further about her.

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