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, Texas
Last Modified December 15, 2023
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, Texas

1968 Airstream Safari Twin 22ft

Very good condition vintage time capsule with orange plaid upholstery and avocado green trim in kitchen and bathroom.  If you want nostalgia and Americana in a functional trailer, this is the Airstream for you.

Original condition…is 95+% complete with no modifications except for the following:
…A vinyl floor was put in over the existing flooring when I purchased it 15 years ago.
…To my knowledge, the only things missing are a few window screens and a few exterior light covers.  I have new light covers and will include them in the sale, but they are easy to find.
…Three of the windows are plexiglass (rear, and both small windows on the back side).  I suspect that these windows were replaced at some time prior to my ownership.  I don’t think they are original, but they do have the original metal clips and metal trim that is uniquely characteristic of the ’68.  I decided not to use the metal trim on the new windows I replaced as it keeps the glass from making a tight seal against the weather stripping.
…The refrigerator was replaced about 8 years ago with a new Dometic model that works both off of gas and electric.  It has a small freezer.
…An awning was not included when I bought it, but the track for the awning is installed.
…I think a fold-up table once existed in the front seating area, but it was replaced with a built-on shelf that held a portable air conditioner.
Aside from these minor things, everything is original and it’s all there.

● Floorboard feels solid
● Kitchen oven, range and refrigerator all work
● Includes vintage aluminum gas tanks on front
● New Goodyear Endurance 225/75r15 E tires (2)  Only 55 miles on them!
● New glass windows (3) with weather stripping (front, and both large, door side)
● Bathroom is large for an Airstream this size and complete with sit down bathtub design and sprayer
● Twin design gives you a twin-sized bed that can be folded into a couch rather than using the front seating area as a bed.  You can sleep multiple people using the bed and the front area, which is hard to do in a trailer this size and smaller
● Lots of storage space.  There are multiple compartments above the bed and multiple compartments below.  Same in the seating area.  The kitchen has many cabinets and a floor to ceiling length pantry.  There are also two floor-to-ceiling closets, one at the head of the bed and another right beside it in the bathroom.
● Road worthy.  I recently towed it from where it sat on Lake O’ the Pines to my house, a distance of 55 miles, without issue.  If I were to tow the Airstream for a greater distance than that I would repack the bearings first.  Weighing around 3400 lbs, it can be towed with a half ton V6 truck, but a V8 makes it more manageable.  This model comes with electric brakes.
● Perfect length.  Trailers under 23 ft are permitted into 95% of Federal Parks in the US.  Longer trailers are often not.
● Includes 5 original aluminum leveling jacks, not pictured.
● Pet free and smoke free.

● Some plumbing is required.  Kitchen and Bath faucets need to be replaced as well as the water pump and toilet flush valve.  The deep freeze last winter burst a copper pipe that hasn’t been fixed, but all original plumbing is in place.
● Front electrical outlets don’t work and neither do the rear brake lights even when the 7 blade connector is plugged into a truck.  There is a short located above and to the left of the driver’s side window in the front seating area which may be the problem.  I discovered the short when working on that window from the outside – Airstream was plugged into AC and touching that area gave me a buzz!  It shouldn’t be a hard fix.
● Central heating system doesn’t work, but these days a small tower ceramic heater is plenty to heat the inside comfortably, and without risk of fire from a radiant coil.
● Fold-up step is made of steel and is badly rusted.  It needs to be replaced.  There is some superficial rust on parts of the frame that is exposed, but it can easily be sanded and repainted.  The underside aluminum skin is in great condition.
● Some dents on front L rocker panel as can be seen in picture #04, and a couple more between the front window and the small door side window as seen in picture #01.
● Rear holding tank broke free a few years ago and was re-secured, but that work should be examined as I didn’t do it myself.
● I would suggest replacing the remaining 3 windows with reproduction glass and weather stripping.  I bought the 3 I replaced and weather stripping at
● The seams between the top of the windows and the aluminum sheeting should be caulked with clear silicone to prevent water from leaking in.  In the photos these areas are marked with blue masking tape.  I decided not to do this myself, as a new owner would most likely want to polish these areas before caulking.

Absolutely nothing!  This is a beautiful and highly desirable model of vintage airstream that my family has cherished for over 15 years.  Finding one in useable, original condition is becoming difficult.  No need for a shell off restoration.  Tell Siri the words “Sotheby’s Motortrend Airstream Safari Twin,” or google it, and you will see a complete restoration of this very model that sold for $94k.  For a few grand in repairs, or some DIY work, you could have a beautiful, functional, vintage Airstream for a fraction of the restoration price.  A detailed inside scrubbing with soap and water plus a nice polish job to the exterior, and you are half-way to enjoying the adventures and memories this Safari will provide.

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