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, New York
Last Modified October 2, 2022
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, New York

When I purchased this trailer, I didn’t have plans to do a full restoration, but I intended on taking it across the county on national park tours. When I learned the rear bath floor was rotted, I opted to do a total restoration as I wanted to know the bones were rock solid . Since starting the restoration, I started a family and now have two kids, and my time to finish (anytime for that matter) is scarce at best. I would prefer to see it through completion, but if I am being realistic that is many years away and I don’t like seeing half down projects sitting idle.

Brand New Parts:

1. New Maxim skylight

2. New PrecisionTemp RV-550 water heater. Water lines have not been installed.

3. Brand New Hi-Spec 16 inch aluminum S5 Trailer Wheels with center caps and lug nuts.

4. Brand New Natures Head Composting Toilet

5. Brand New Shocks

6. Brand New Dometic 15K Air Conditioner unit. Penguin II with heat pump.

7. A couple small ventilation fans.

8. New Axles

9. Boondocker Converter

10. Progressive industries hard wired EMS box,

11. New Rockwool Insulation

12. All new 5052 Interior Skin

13. All new material for a Belly Plan – Type 5052 aluminum. I have material, not installed however.

14. New door lock

15. Machined factory tailight housing to accept LED tailights.

16. LED recessed puck lights and marker lights

17. New radio antenaa

18. Window and door gaskets

Whats been done:

1. Gutted original trailer and did a complete body off restoration.

2. Frame was taken to bare metal and repainted with POR15. Frame was in surprisingly great shape and only needed a couple outriggers replaced and a spot on the frame touched up at the reat bath area.

3. The new axles were installed.

5. New 3/4″ Advantech subfloor installed

6. Custom built aluminum wheel well covers installed

7. All the interior seams and rivets were coated with flexseal

8. All new wiring, Boondocker converter, Progressive industries hard wired EMS box, and fuse block. The current plan was to do a rear master bed, curb side mid bath, and front dinette with the kitchen were it was orginally. I have the trailer wired as such, and will be more than happy to discuss the vision we had and why wires are terminated at particular locations.

9. Installed new insulation and interior skins with aluminum endcaps.

10. Installed LED tailights, spot light, and puck lights.

11. installed new radio antenna.

12. Installed new window and door gaskets.

Whats outstanding:

This will depend heavily on your aspirations for the trailer. but if you were to build it out to the vision we had, the scope of work would be similar to this. Also note this isn’t inclusive, nor does it indicate the ease of completion

1. Remove old bathroom fan and vent, patch/seal and then finish Installation of ventilation fans, and then install interior skin over this area.

2. Install kitchen vent fan.

3. Purchase new gray water tranks and install.associated plumbing and vent(s)

4. installation of water lines

5. Interior wall, benchs, beds etc

6. Mount Fuse box/panel and trim/route wiring as needed.

7. Finish trailer brake wiring.

If interested, please message me for additional photos of the entire rebuild process. Thanks for looking!

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