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Argosy Travel Trailers

, Louisiana
Argosy Travel Trailers

, Louisiana

Experience the open road in this vintage 1972 Airstream Argosy. This travel trailer, steeped in history and charm, is waiting for its next adventure.

Condition & History:
This gem has journeyed from the East to the West Coast without skipping a beat, a testament to its resilience and sturdy build. The exterior has some signs of age, such as dents around the underbelly and some peeling paint, which only add to its character. And as with all vintage trailers, the frame has rusted over the years.

The interior, on the other hand, is in excellent condition. No signs of mold or extensive leakage. Boasting an original layout, cabinets, doors, and stove, you’ll step inside to a time capsule of the 70s.

Renovations & Upgrades:
Recent improvements include a new floor, replaced by the previous owner, and a brand new refrigerator. The upholstery and cushions have been replaced, adding a fresh touch to the vintage ambiance. We have also introduced hand-made curtains to complement the existing decor. The gas line has been inspected and repaired and we’ve addressed minor leaks in the toilet and sink handles.

A new hot water heater has been installed, providing consistent and efficient hot water whether you’re out in the wilderness or at a bustling campsite.

The Airstream Argosy comes fitted with a functioning original stove, built-in radio (8-track player non-operational), a space air conditioner/heater, toilet with a black water tank, and a shower.

You’ll find two couches that convert into beds, comfortably sleeping up to four people. Our trailer does not have a grey water tank but does boast a fantastic gas or electric hot water heater.

Towing & Travel:
Despite its age, this trailer is a breeze to tow, even with a mid-sized SUV like a Toyota 4Runner. Its compact size and weight make it perfect for both beginners and experienced road trippers.

Location & Price:
The trailer is currently located in Lafayette, Louisiana, and we’re more than happy for potential buyers to come and see it.

Our asking price is $21,972, a nod to its model year. However, we understand that you may want to invest some time and resources into this vintage beauty.

Parting Thoughts:
We are reluctantly selling this beauty as we’ve just welcomed a new addition to our family and are looking to upgrade to a newer RV. This vintage Airstream deserves a home where it will continue to be loved and admired. If you have the time and a little space, this could be the perfect project and adventure companion for you.

Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of Airstream history, ready to hit the road or serve as a cozy retreat.

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