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, Michigan
Last Modified January 29, 2023
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, Michigan

“Ruthie” has been lovingly restored. She comfortably sleeps 4 with 2 bunk beds and one foldout jacknife sofa.

Two new awnings, granite kitchen, new flooring, custom window trmts, new aluminum wheels, new tires, new aluminum propane tanks. Lots of storage. Lots of fun!

“Ruthie”, named for my mom is 50 years old. While a beauty, she’s not perfect. Not much in life is, which is why I’m looking for a new family for her. She looks great in my backyard,
but my life situation has changed and I don’t use her as I had planned. She’s too awesome to just sit.

I can tell you what I know for sure…
I purchased Ruthie from a nice gentleman that restored campers for a living. He told me that he was the second owner. He won a prestigious award for one restoration. His situation changed & he was selling his home & all five of his campers & moving south. He was half done with his work on Ruthie. I purchased her in spring of 2019. I finished what I felt was necessary (basically decor) and was ready to roll. The previous owner gave me the original owners manual, but it was unreadable. I purchased a new copy online.

Immediately after purchase I took her to an RV shop. Had her checked out head to toe & had them recommend & carry out repairs. I put new tires and aluminum wheels on her. Had brakes checked & replaced. Bearings packed, electrical system checked & all working.

I had a new floor installed & put it partially up the wall to reduce scuffs. The existing floor was fine, it was new…but ugly. Removed the fold out table to have more room. The ottoman is great for storage & functions nicely as a dining room table.

I had the jacknife sofa reupholstered ($1,200 just for labor, not including material). I’m an interior designer. Curtains were custom made. Put in new sink, faucet & granite countertops. This added 200 pounds to the original 6,200. So she tops out at 6,400 pounds.

I’m told it has a very nice electric jack system.

Since then put on two new awnings, two new aluminum propane tanks & propane hook ups.

Original Dometic fridge works fine, but leaks a little when in use. If I were using it regularly I would replace it. Clock, thermostat & goofy little electrical display above couch doesn’t work. My plan was to just take it out & make into a bookshelf or storage. I was also going to do a little grasscloth wallpaper, but try to find a wallpaper hanger these days:)

Heat & AC works GREAT!

A few interior light fixtures have been replaced and a few more need to be. Easy to do, just don’t have a person to do it anymore.

Original bathroom is big & lovely & everything works. I had planned to tile & update the bathroom but didn’t get to it.

TONS of storage!

A few window issues could/should be addressed, but no leaks. Again, I have no one to do it. All easy, peasy. Just above my pay grade.

I have been asked if the axles have been replaced. I of course, had no clue. So I had it inspected by a mechanic who said no, they are original but in very good shape. Said mechanic actually hooked her up to his half ton pickup & took her for a spin for an hour & I’m happy to report brought her back with flying colors. He said she pulled great!

Recently found out that she’s been polarized. Not meaning to sit for the winter. Ruthie, at sometime was completely encapsulated and insulated for winter use. You can look underneath and see.

Cannot find water intake key & I’ve had problems nailing this down. Not a big deal, just haven’t gotten it done.
Life gets in the way. I’ve purchased two & they don’t work, so I’m guessing it needs to be drilled out.

Recently, I reduced the price SUBSTANTIALLY. It is negotiable and Ruthie is being sold AS IS. As you know, it’s a crazy time. Many interested parties, but she’s still here. You & your people could be traveling in style THIS WEEKEND❤️


My neighbors (whom I assumed would hate it, actually LOVE Ruthie).
And will be very unhappy if I sell her.
Me too, but I’m afraid to pull her by myself and would enjoy landscaping my back yard:)

Come take a look at Ruthie, I think you’ll be glad you did. My mechanic can/will be here when you do to answer any questions that I cannot.

FYI – At this very low price, the two outside chairs, metal table and awning lights are not included. Also, no interior pillows are included. Everything else shown comes with.

And yes, clear title.


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