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Land Yacht

Apple Valley
, California
Last Modified July 26, 2023
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Land Yacht

Apple Valley
, California

*For Sale: Classic 1972 Airstream Ambassador International Land Yacht Travel Trailer by Airstream Hunter *
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All original manuals and receipts included!

Presenting a timeless beauty, an emblem of American adventure: the vintage Airstream Ambassador International Land Yacht. Shown in several vintage camper shows, this charming Airstream travel trailer, expertly maintained and lovingly restored, is now seeking a new home. Get ready to experience the joy of exploration without compromising on comfort and style.
Key Features:

Title Status: Clear Title (CA) with current registration

Location: Apple Valley, CA 92307
Model: 1972 Ambassador International Land Yacht
Length: 29 feet
VIN: 129T2S1917
Ownership History:

Third owner, with 13 years of ownership, offering this classic Airstream for sale as it deserves to continue its adventures on the road.


No major body damages, some hail dents, consistent with its age.
Body panel, roof vents, exterior hatch covers and locks, windows, and entrance door all original.
New awning installed in 2014.
Frame, sub-floor, belly pan, and rear bumper/frame in excellent condition. Small rust/discoloration on street side landing gear assembly.
– The original antenna was broken when current owner bought it, so they had a satellite hookup put in.


Original layout:
front pull-out sofa/couch, kitchen, twin beds bedroom, and rear bathroom.
Original formica, laminate fold-out dining table, seats 4-5.
Sleeping capacity for 4.
Mattresses replaced by previous owner, with memory foam toppers added in 2012.
All soft surfaces replaced with material as close as possible to the original.

Kitchen and Bathroom:
Original gas Magic Chef oven and four-burner surface range in excellent condition.
Original gas and electric Dometic refrigerator in excellent working condition.
Original sink covers that double as cutting boards are in perfect condition.
Bathroom features original mirror cabinet and all working fixtures, and a rear bathtub with a rare amber colored, textured plastic shower door.

Original plumbing, except for a replaced water pump.
6-gallon gas hot water heater with electric automatic starter installed by the previous owner.
Original Armstrong “Bay Breeze II” air conditioner in excellent working condition.
All sinks, taps, and toilet original and fully functional.
No water leaks, water damage, mold, or mildew.

Towing and Safety:
Last towed in 2018, but kept in excellent condition under a metal cover since then.
New Dexter axles as of 2012.
Hartland RV trailer tires new and installed in 2016.
All signal and marker lights working with no issues.
This Airstream is not just a travel trailer, it’s a tribute to the nostalgia of the past. Enjoy a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable sleeping area, and ample storage space, all wrapped in a highly polished, iconic silver shell. With a clear title, current CA registration, and a charming vintage aesthetic, this Airstream is ready to hit the road and write new stories with its next owner.

Accessories included in the sale are numerous, ranging from water hoses, sewer equipment, heavy-duty extension cords to various kitchen accessories, extra linens, tools, and outdoor furniture, plus several more retro accessories inside!

Rediscover the joy of travel, embody the spirit of the 70s, and take this classic Airstream Ambassador International Land Yacht home today!

For more details or to schedule a viewing, please contact Airstream Hunter.

Manufacturer: Airstream

Style: Travel Trailer

Model Year: 1972

Model: International Land Yacht

Length: 29

Title Status: Clear Title

Title State: CA

Registration Current?: Yes

Registration State?: CA

Location Details: : Under a metal cover

Year Purchased?: 2010

Ownership History: I am the third owner. Have owned the airstream for 13 years.

Why did you select this model?: It was exactly what we wanted, a vintage airstream that was 95% original.

Why are you selling?: It is not being used any more. Want to find a good home for it.

Showing Instructions:: contact [email protected]

Exterior Condition Description:: No major body damages. Some hail dents. No clearcoat left but has been highly polished in 2012 and again approximately in 2016.
Has been washed yearly. Needs polishing again to look it’s best. White RV roof sealant applied 2012, still in perfect condition. No repairs needed.

Hail Damage?: Yes some, mostly on front and front sides. Normal for it’s age.

Aluminum Body Panels:: All original.

Filaform Damage?: None

Roof Vents and Skylights: : Original, one vent each in living room, kitchen, and closet area. All are manual, good condition, could use new seals. No skylights.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:: All in place, original with working locks and all keyed alike and original.

Windows, Seals and Operators: : All windows original and in good condition, as well as the operating controllers. Previous owner placed tinted film on windows. The window in the kitchen has a galley window close out. It is very brittle with some cracking. I’ve been told this is rare to still exist on older airstreams and none are available to replace. There are three, exclusive factory option, vista view windows. One on the curbside and two on the street side. They are secure in their positions, and none are broken but the film between the glass has dried up and fallen to the bottom. Not unusual for a trailer of this age.

Entrance Door: Entrance door, latch, and lock original and in good condition with keys and no damage.
Awnings – Location and Condition:: New awning installed 2014. One 19 foot awning along whole curbside of trailer. Still excellent condition, manual operating in good condition.

Front A-Frame Condition: original and no damage or rust on the front A-frame.

Rear Bumper / Exposed Frame Condition: Original and no damage, small spot or rust/discoloration on street side landing gear assembly, structurally sound, you can stand on it.

Frame Condition: Frame is sound, no rust, no signs of weakness or separation.

Sub Floor: Original, in excellent condition, no soft spots, gaps, or holes.

Belly Pan: Belly pan original, complete and secure.

Interior Layout and Condition: Front pull out sofa/couch, then kitchen, next twin beds bedroom, last, rear bathroom. All original, good cosmetic look and in good condition. Most kitchen tambour doors have been replaced to the model year style. Five of the tambour doors need repaired with new backing, they are marked and since there is more storage than we needed so did not repair them. They don’t function well but look good. The condition of the rest of the tambour doors is functional and in good shape.

Dinette Style and Location: Original formica, laminate fold out table, seats 4-5. It is located on the street side.

Bathroom Location and Style: Rear bathroom; bathtub with a shower with an amber colored, translucent, textured plastic shower door (have been told it is rare for this item to still be in place in this model). Original mirror cabinet. All working fixtures are original and fully operating. Exception is tambor door under vanity, needs new backing; toilet has been replaced with equivalent plastic Thetford pedal flush as the original was, vanity and tub show wear. The original bathroom wallpaper was half gone and shredding. It has been removed, as well as, the adhesive and then painted a soft alabaster color.

Smoking?: No

Pets?: No

Sleeping Areas?: Sleeping capacity for 4. Locations are in middle of trailer, twin beds and pull out sofa/couch in front.

Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces: Mattresses replaced by previous owner, memory foam toppers added in 2012. Very good condition and comfortable. Sofa/bed was reupholstered incorrectly and is not able to be pulled out for a bed. All parts needed for correction are there. Right now only one person can sleep on the couch.

Interior Soft Surfaces: – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery: This model is the harvest gold interior, all soft surfaces have been replaced with new material as close as possible to original. Sofa upholstery is a soft gold velvet, condition very good, no wear or tear marks.

Curtains and Blinds: Custom curtains; the material, fasters, made to original specs, soft mushroom is the color with thermafoam white lining material. Manual, sliding operation in good condition, and excellent appearance. Kitchen and bathroom have manual roller shades, operating condition is good, overall good condition, appear to be original.

Interior Walls: Wear-resistant vinyl laminated to aluminum, original, coated with a clear protectant, no damage, excellent condition.

Cabinets, Doors and Counters: All original, good condition (bathroom cabinet door has one minor indent). Kitchen countertop in excellent condition.

Floor Coverings: Carpet has been replaced with flecked candle glow color short shag with memory foam carpet pad.

Stove and Oven: Both are original, oven is a gas, eye level gas Magic Chef located next to the kitchen sink in the partition wall between the kitchen and bedroom areas. A four burner, gas Magic Chef surface range is just left of the double sinks with a highly polished, stainless steel lift cover. Both are in perfect serviceable condition and have good exterior/interior appearance.

Refrigerator: Original gas and electric Dometic, model RM 75, 15 cubic feet capacity, automatic defrost of finned radiator section. In excellent working condition and good inside/outside appearance.

Furnace / Space Heater: Furnace original, not working but easy fix. Flame sensor needs replaced. Not enough flame to keep gas valve open. Style is forced air, gas, it is on curbside of trailer.

Other Appliances: Store bought electric heater included, that was all we needed for heat. Small apartment microwave, small coffee maker included in sale (as well as numerous other items mentioned later).

Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump: Original, except water pump replaced and in great operating condition, all copper lines intact. No known issues or repairs, no leaks. System is complete.

Hot Water Heater: 6 gal. tank, gas hot water heater with electric automatic starter inside bathroom. Was put in by previous owner.

Sinks and Taps: All sinks and taps original, fully functional, no issues and nice cosmetic condition especially in the kitchen.

Toilet: Thetford pedal flush original style.

Water Leaks? Water Damage? Mold or Mildew: None

Fresh Water Tank: Original, good condition, 50gal.

Gray Water Tank: None, not available until 1973.

Black Water Tank: 21 gal, original, clean, good condition.

Exterior Water and Sewer Connections: All in good working order and condition.

Air Conditioner: One original Armstrong “Bay Breeze II”, excellent operating condition, located in middle of trailer, no heat strip function, 30 amp required.

Electrical Service: original, 45 amp, two connection points.

Solar / Batteries / Inverter / Converter: No solar, has deep cycle battery replaced 6-13-23, 105-amp. Inverter/converter replaced some time back, 30 amp.

Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity: Original factory Motorola AM-FM multiplex stereo radio with 8 track cartridge tape player. Speakers can be turned on to any combination of front or rear (in bedroom) speakers. It works as if new. Original solid state central control panel does not work, all necessary components are there but needs repairs.

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator: 2 original, 25 gal, hoses have no visible cracks, regulator no issues

When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?: 2018 (then trailer went into storage)

Trailer Weight: 4665

Tongue Weight: 445

Trailer Maximum Weight (GVWR): 7100

Axles: Two new Dexter axles as of 2012

Tires: Hartland RV trailer tires, P 215/75 R15 M/S, new and installed in 2016, suspended by jacks under trailer for 3 yrs. while trailer in storage. In very good condition, no signs of wear.

Brakes and Bearings: Updated, last service date 2018 (then trailer went into storage).

Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains: In place, all in working condition.

Hitch Receiver Size?: 2 5/16″

Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration: All working, no issues.

Weight Distribution Hitch?: EAZ-lift hitch and anti-sway bar set.

Is this Airstream safe to Tow or Drive?: Yes, very safe towing, ready to go.

Accessories Included with Sale?: Numerous! There are tubs and boxes full of water hoses, sewer equipment, plumbing equipment, heavy duty extension cords and related equipment, many kitchen accessories, some from the 70’s, 80’s period related, extra linens some are better than others, tools, outdoor furniture, related to period, homemade wooden landing gear supports, a Hiawatha cooler from the 1950’s and many more items, for staging at a vintage trailer event. Inside the refrigerator is a small sprit level from airstream, it can be put wherever you like.

Any additional owner comments?: This beautiful airstream will have new life with new owner(s) who has (have) passion and appreciation with connecting to the past. Its charm, nostalgia and the retro accessories evoke this connection. You will love experiencing the airstream history and the best way of trailer life in the early 1970’s. This airstream has stood the test of time and is ready to continue forward with its new owner(s). In our own experience, people would constantly admire her wherever we went. It comes with a telephone jack for an old black rotary phone that is included in the retro accessories. Also, comes with the factory option TV antenna (it is broken off its connection on the roof, but everything is there for connecting it back to the roof). Its manual control is on the ceiling directly below where the antenna goes. Very, very thoroughly cleaned throughout.

Direct Contact email or Phone Number: ward@airstreamh

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