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, California


, California

Airstream Ambassador 29′ Rear Bath Twins-

originally but this Airsteam has been mostly gutted and while it’s also been restored to a certain extent it was not restored to original layout. There is only one side twin bed left and while the bathroom has been removed, the original pipes look to be intact and the tanks don’t look disturbed either. The kitchen was also removed. Cabinets adjacent to the twin have been built, laminate floor laid down, and many (though not all) of the electrical outlets have been rewired/updated.

The intent of my purchasing this camper was to use it statically as an AIRBNB, VRBO, and/or HipCamp rental. It’s nearly ready to go for that purpose. Should you choose to use it for the same you should recoup your purchase price within a few years. While this bathroom has no toilet, as long as one on the property is located on is accessible to renters, one isn’t needed. Dry camping (no toilet) is permitted with HipCamp on lots over 20 acres. Composting toilets are also widely available.

I researched Airsteam forums and bought recommended products to seal the roof vents. Everything I bought will come with the camper if you’d like it. Also Airsteam recommended product to reseal the windows. I wanted to be thorough. It’s been covered but if it leaks at all it’ll be from the vents. There’s no water damage but I’m offering that disclaimer as it’s not been rained on since my purchase. Some people feel as though an Airsteam specialist should do repairs such as that but my intent was for it to stay static so I personally didn’t see the need to go that route.

While the unit is mostly gutted my intent was to use solar generator to run small appliances such as toaster over and mini-fridge. I was also going to purchase a queen cabinet bed that Iā€™d put locking casters on. My intent was to use that to double as a table but I suppose a futon and small table would work, as well. I personally loved the idea of the cabinet bed for aesthetic reasons and to free up as much room as possible. Cute sitting chairs can sit opposite the den cabinet. Anyway those were just my ideas. I’m attaching sample pictures in case anyone would like to copy my idea but they’re NOT included with the sale.

I have a bath and bathroom sink from a 1966 Safari that can be included if you’d like it but I don’t know if it’ll fit this model.

Sold as is from Sacramento, California for $25, 000 obo. I can possibly have my AAA insurance deliver it within 250 miles. I pulled it myself approximately 30 miles and it towed great but as my intent was for it to be static, I didn’t assess it further. Tires hold air but look pretty old.

Sale also includes original owner manuals, which I think is super cool. Lol It’s in WONDERFUL cosmetic condition and would be the perfect base for a restore or used as is for static Short Term Rental or mobile boutique.

Thank you for your interest!

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