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Land Yacht

, Washington
Last Modified May 30, 2023
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Land Yacht

, Washington

Title is clean, in hand, and ready to transfer
Make: Airstream
Model: Tradewind / Land Yacht
Length: 22′ cabin + 3’ hitch = 25’ total length

I bought this trailer in 2017 as a gutted tin can with a rotted floor as a result of a leaky shell. I replaced the floor entirely, however I did not get around to sealing the leaky shell. Instead, I kept the trailer parked under a canopy. The floor remains in pristine condition, and if you would like to keep it that way, you will either need to do the work to seal the leaks or keep the trailer parked under a canopy. This trailer is a cozy cabin ready for your use or further renovation.

Here is a list of renovations I made to the trailer:

– I removed the rotted floor and subfloor
– I removed the black- and grey-water tanks (which were mostly destroyed by a previous owner)
– I patched and sealed all below-deck holes in the shell
– I installed new fiberglass insulation between the joists of the chassis
– I installed a new subfloor
– I installed a new wooden plywood floor (grade A or B plywood, I’ve forgotten which), sanded, and sealed with polyurethane

– The chassis is in good condition.
– All water lines & pipes have been removed.
– Gas lines have been disconnected.
– The trailer is equipped to connect to shore power. I installed a circuit breaker (15 & 20amps). The trailer is wired with eight interior electrical junction boxes plus one exterior junction box. All electrical outlets are fully functional and grounded. The trailer is currently lit by LED track lighting.
– Insulation is double-bubble reflective foil throughout the cabin walls/ceiling.
– I installed a full-size bed frame, with 2’+ vertical storage underneath.
– Each wheel well is covered by sturdy wood benches.
– I installed interior wall paneling; areas around the overhead front port-side shows water damage (which occurred before I realized the shell leaks; I quickly took steps to protect the trailer from further water intrusion).
– Each window opens and seals shut; one port-side window is missing a lever. All windows have screens, curtain rods, and curtains.
– The front window is cracked because (I’m told) a bird flew into it prior to my ownership.
– There is a relic of an AC unit on top of the trailer that I never bothered to inspect or remove. As far as I’m aware, it’s not functional, but I’m happy to be wrong about that.
– The trailer has three pop-up ceiling vents, the rear two of which are fully/manually functional. The third (forward-most) ceiling vent is damaged, and I believe the source of some leaking. I unsuccessfully tried to repair this, and instead solved the problem by parking the trailer under a canopy. In addition to keeping the rain out, I discovered the canopy acts as extra insulation during the winter and a sun shade during the summer.
– The trailer’s original wiring for towing (break lights & signals) is tucked inside the insulation behind the wall paneling, I don’t know whether it is functional. There is a makeshift-yet-functional break light & signaling device on the rear fender that can be plugged into the vehicle that is towing it.
– The trailer is not currently equipped with a kitchen or toilet.
– Tires were replaced in August 2021 before towing the trailer to it’s current storage location.

Regarding damaged or missing components:
– During my renovation, I repaired the exterior shell by patching (with sheet metal) holes of various sizes on the port side and the underside of the trailer.
– The front starboard-side of the undercarriage shell is dented, and it arrived to me in this condition; this damage is superficial and not structural. I filled gaps with spray foam.
– The rear port-side stabilizing jack is damaged (it arrived to me in this condition). The two starboard-side stabilizing jacks are functional.
– The only original interior pieces of the trailer are the two half-dome end caps and the door’s paneling.
– Front door steps are missing
– Original door latch is non-functional; a new bolt and interior latch have been installed in place.

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