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, Tennessee
Last Modified September 6, 2023
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, Tennessee

MOTIVATED SELLER! We are selling our Airstream International Sovereign 31. We are moving, and will no longer have a suitable place to store the camper. We have found that our activity calendar has prevented us from camping as much as we would like to. In fact, I winterized the Airstream last November, and we have not been camping this year. Old cars, boats, grandchildren, and Lionel toy trains all have infringed on camping time.

Center bath/rear bedroom layout, upgraded the full-sized platform to a queen, keeping the original roll-up base and storage tubs. Our goal when purchasing this Airstream was to clean it, fix what was wrong with it, make sure stuff works, while preserving as much of the originality as we could. We have enjoyed camping on about a half-dozen outings, while continuing to improve the functionality. We’ve been as far away as eastern Pennsylvania, the Michigan thumb, and visited parks in Tennessee, and have not had a towing issue. This Airstream tows very well, and comes complete with a load-leveling/weight distribution hitch setup. The camper is overall in good condition, with most of the original interior intact, and all systems functional, including gas, water, a/c, heat, and sewer. Original air-conditioning works great with temperature controlled by wall thermostat. Auxiliary electric heaters in living area and bedroom. Floors are solid with only one spot at left front behind the sofa bed that needs repair. The rear is very good; not soft, and the rear frame is solid. No sagging.

Since we’ve owned it, we’ve done a lot of work, including:

-MAJOR cleaning!
-new tires, June 2021
-greased inner and outer bearings
-replaced brake shoe springs (shoes were very good, did not change)
-2 new 40 lb gas cylinders
-new automatic gas valve
-repaired all awnings-they are original, and all three work
-repaired all interior and exterior lighting-interior lights are all-LEDS
-replaced all missing exterior reflectors
-repainted “International” side emblems
-new light covers on the three large ceiling lights
-new Dometic electric/gas refrigerator/freezer
-replaced old water heater with new Gerard tankless (functional, some reassembly still needed)
-new Thetford Aqua-Magic toilet (ceramic RV, full-sized)
-replaced most original copper piping with PEX
-repaired fresh water tank, also replaced rotted fill tube with new
-new fresh water filter
-hinges on left door of wardrobe
-new microwave
-countless riveting of panels, underbelly, bumper box, wheel-well trim, etc, etc, etc.
-resealed windows and seams as necessary using Trempro sealant

Lots of repairs and maintenance, too much to list everything. There’s always more to do on a vintage camper. I have a new license plate bracket and light from Vintage Trailer Supply, a high-quality replacement part, but have yet to install it. Both faucets need to be replaced, and I have not completely reassembled the bathroom vanity after installing the tankless water heater. We were never fond of the dark, wood-plank flooring, and that was on the list of items we wanted to change. My wife and I were still debating between installing original-style carpeting, vinyl of some kind, or wood. We’ll leave that for the new owners to decide.

A solid, vintage Airstream that you can go camping with as-is, while you continue to make improvements to suit your needs and tastes. Come see it!

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