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Argosy Motorhome

San Jose
, California
Last Modified August 1, 2023
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Argosy Motorhome

San Jose
, California

1977 Airsteam Argosy 20ft MH
Super Rare 20 ft motorhome
Odometer about 100K miles
454 V8 Engine
Fully Polished Exterior
Updated Interior
New 3 burner stove/oven
Solid wood counter top
New Galley Sink
New Galley Faucet with spray handle
New Bathroom counter, solid wood
New Bathroom sink
New Bathroom faucet with spray handle
New Vanity LED Lights
New Automatic Water pump
New Shower with spray handle
New tankless hot water heater
Replaced carpet with Vinyl floors
New MaxAir Fan
New FresAir Evaporator System

LED lights though out
Too many upgrades to list
Cabin AC unit replaced
Cabin and house batteries replaced
All marker lights replaced with LED lights
Headlights replaced with LED
New sides and back up cameras installed
USB charging ports install in dashboard
Smogged 06/16/2022
Copy of Owner’s Manual Included

Mechanical Updates:
New 7 tires including spare
both mufflers replaced
right side tail pipe replaced
Replaced Vacuum lines, tighten CARB to base, adjust idle, check timing, Adjust fast idle and choke
Repaired or replaced fuel tank, hoses, Camps, and check for leaks
Brakes bleed and fluid replaced, brake lines replaced
Brake – hydro -boost brake assembly replaced
Brake – replaced master cylinder and booster
Replaced Front brake hose assembly, line retainer, rotor, inspected rotors and bearings which were removed, e-packed and sealed
Power Steering Pressure Hose replaced
Spark Plug wire and initiation wire replaced
Replaced speedometer cable and oil pressure line
Generator Muffler pipe replaced
Replaced Rear Differential Gear oil
Replaced transmission Fluid and transmission pad
AC replaced with new system using 134 Freon.
Clutch and belt replaced
Have Invoices for mechanical work done

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