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Land Yacht

, Georgia
Last Modified September 2, 2022
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Land Yacht

, Georgia

Check out this tiny house! Stocked with big house amenities like a washer, dryer, stove/oven combo, closet space & shower with a seat, this would be a perfect home away from home! Park her next to a lake or beach or take her on the road! This would even make a fun AirB&B!

Photos include the original state it was purchased, the demo, reno & final state!

1977 Sovereign Land Yacht Airstream

Construction was completed by licensed contractor & crew (Blackstone Builders)

Interior stripped down to bare frame to include:
Repaired/reinforced via welding original frame (includes: sanding/refinishing)

*New insulation in walls
*New plumbing
Removed/replaced old plumbing system
Replaced metal box that holds grey & blackwater tanks
Installed new water holding tanks
Installed new 110V water pump with by-pass valves for public water supply
Installed new propane tankless hot water heater
Installed new Delta sink, bathroom, & shower fixtures
*New electrical
Removed/replaced 120v/12v wiring
Added 240v circuit for dryers
Added 120v/240v panel and 120v/12v panel with inverter/converter
New West Elm in kitchen & Ikea lighting fixtures in bathroom/above stove
Added new lighting down the center of camper & in closet
Added new running lights on the side and back of camper
Replaced wiring to break lights, running lights, & turn signals
*New Gas Lines
Removed/replaced existing gas lines

Exterior Work:
Repaired holes in aluminum skin from relocating the stove
Caulked all windows and all seams
Stripped clear coat from aluminum and performed basic polish

Interior Work:
New sub flooring
Reconfigured the original layout to accommodate owners
Had the HVAC system serviced by a licensed technician & replaced thermostat
Renovated interior with new walls
Relocated stove
Installed new Kohler kitchen sink
Tiled shower
Tiled backsplash
Built kitchen and bathroom cabinets
Built countertops
Built custom platform bed with storage underneath
Installed waterproof/scratchproof flooring

New appliances include:
Fisher & Paykel washer & dryer
Stainless oven/stove combo
Nature’s Head composting toilet (the camper is plumbed for a flushing toilet)

Original appliances include HVAC unit and refrigerator/freezer combo
Original, blue awning included

Additions/upgrades to camper by owners:
New coat of paint to walls and to platform bed
New deadbolt lock installed for door
New Gallant GL Trail tires
Pier One loveseat
Queen-sized mattress
Mounted flatscreen TV
Two new 30lb. propane gas tanks (including new regulator)
New 12v battery

Exterior is not in perfect condition, with minor dents and dings from the age of the camper.
It could use another buffing (buffer included).

The aluminum patchwork on the exterior is an artistic design done by Blackstone Builders. It is in the shape of a ghost because we call each other “Boo.”

*Note: the camper is currently not occupied. The photos taken were when we were living in the Airstream.*

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