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Argosy Travel Trailers

Palm Springs
, California
Last Modified February 1, 2024
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Argosy Travel Trailers

Palm Springs
, California

Currently located in Idyllwild, CA about 50 minutes from Palm Springs.

Newly renovated. 26 ft super easy to tow, sleeps 3.

Whats new?!
-Fresh paint
-Kitchen Cabinets
-Limousine window tint.
-Butcher block countertop
-Bathroom/Kitchen sink & faucets
-Bathroom/Kitchen tile
-Midcentury hardware
-Morris & Co Wallpaper
-New Smart TV ($199)
-New Thetford toilet ($296)
-New Frigidaire Vintage Fridge ($513)
-New Furrion Stove/Oven combo ($684)
-New Ashley Furniture Couch ($799)
-New Ghostbed RV mattress ($1495)
-Odds & Ends ($1000+ value)

Fully equipped with stove, oven, A/C, updated electric and plumbing.

No leaks at all. Spent last winter at 6000ft elevation, and 5 feet of snow. Not a drop of leaking, I was actually shocked!

Weight is around 4000lbs.

The bed is a full time bed, but would take half a day and some tools to make it a bench seat/ bed again.

The sofa does not pull out, we found that it’s easier to just have an actually comfortable full-time sofa that you can sleep on as a twin size.

Winter climates it gets chilly (it is a metal tube after all) , but with a few adjustments you could make it a 4 season no problem.

Ran successfully as an Airbnb, but needing the capital to help with our starter home downpayment.

2 full sized bedroom closets, upper and lower storage additional closet storage in the bathroom. Original owners manual. Registered until 2025.

Link to video tour:

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