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Excella 1000

, Indiana
Last Modified May 14, 2023
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Excella 1000

, Indiana



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31 foot Airstream from the 80s! Clean, good condition, and very roomy! Newer carpeting- put in within the last 4 years!

While this Airstream has had a few different owners, it has stayed in the same immediate family throughout it’s time, it’s looking to make its way into the lives of another family who will enjoy it for years to come!

Manufacturer: Airstream

Style: Travel Trailer

Model Year: 1981

Model: 1981

Length: 31

Title Status: Clear Title

Title State: Indiana

Registration Current?: No

Registration State?: Indiana

Location Details: : Outdoors

Year Purchased?: 2003

Ownership History: My grandparents were Airstream owners starting back in the 1970’s. As they would upgrade, my parents would get their old one. When my wife and I were ready, my parents gave us this one as they upgraded to my grandparents final Airstream. I gave it to my sister about 10 years later and she gave it back to us a few years ago.

Why did you select this model?: It was a gift as my parents and grandparents upgraded theirs.

Why are you selling?: We had four children and then a few years ago adopted three more. We needed a bunkhouse for the entire family. We love this airstream but it is no longer fitting our family needs.

Showing Instructions:: contact [email protected]

Virtual Tour Instructions:: contact [email protected]

Exterior Condition Description:: The exterior is solid. There is a dent on the lower front left corner road . There is also a dent on the upper right rear. No punctures. The sewer connection was replaced about 5 years ago.

Hail Damage?: There is no hail damage.

Aluminum Body Panels:: To my knowledge all the panels are original panels.

Filaform Damage?: None

Roof Vents and Skylights: : The front roof vent is fully functional with manual opening and fan. The rear roof vent is manual opening and the fan is inoperable. The sky lights are all fully functioning with manual shades.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:: All exterior hatch covers and lock are working well with keys. There was an airstream LP tank cover added for the dual LP tanks.

Windows, Seals and Operators: : All windows open and screens are in tack. The manual slides are touchy on a couple of the rear windows to hold them open but do function. There are not any cracks or leaking. The front window had a smoked glass outer cover added as well.

Entrance Door: : The entrance door functions well. The screen door is in tact. The hinges on the screen door sag slightly but work fine. It can work independently of the outer door or latch to it. The lock on the door works as well as the dead bold and there are keys to both.

Awnings – Location and Condition:: The ZipDee awning works well and is in good shape. It is manual with all working components. There are two matching Zip Dee chairs included that need recovering.

Front A-Frame Condition:: The A Frame is in good condition.

Rear Bumper / Exposed Frame Condition:: The rear bumper is bent due to being dragged at one point. It is in good functioning order. It is structurally sound and no visible rust

Frame Condition:: The frame is structurally sound. There are no signs of rust, weakness or separation

Sub Floor:: The sub floor directly inside the door was replaced about 4 year ago. 18″ square and is solid. There are no gaps or holes in the sub floor or soft spots

Belly Pan: : The belly pan is original and intact. There are no replaced areas, loose sections, damages, holes or gaps.

Interior Layout and Condition:: The Interior carpet was replaced 4 years ago. The original equipment is in good working order. There is a catalytic heater directly to the left of the front door that is in good working order but missing the trim cover. The fold out tables work. The catch for the main table when folded up is weak and a small clamp is used. To the right is the main couch. The fabric is original and has a couple of worn spots. We always used a cover over it. The front curtains were removed but the pull down blinds are in tact and working. The side panel by the fridge had come detached and was reattached but the wallpaper has been removed. The two accordion partition curtains in the mid section do not work well. They are original vinyl covered wood. They do extend out but do now stay open.

Dinette Style and Location:: Fold out table in front of the couch. Original covered particle board. It fold up and then can be folded out for doubling the size. There is also a small fold up table in front of the couch on the opposite wall. All surfaces are in good shape. The main hinge on the big table is loose but works well.

Bathroom Location and Style:: Center Bath Separate shower. The shower had a crack in it but was repair and is in working order. Everything is original except the toilet. It was replaced about 10 years ago. All is in good working order.

Smoking? : No

Pets? : No

Sleeping Areas?: Rear sleeping area. Two single beds. Undetermined mattress age. I never replaced them and have had it 20 years. Foam mattress. Pull out sofa/couch Sleeps 4

Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces:: Original sofa cushion. Sofa sleeps ok, it is firm. The two beds sleep well. They are comfortable foam mattresses.

Interior Soft Surfaces: – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery:: There is wear on the Front sofa with worn tear marks on the original fabric.

Curtains and Blinds: : The front curtains were removed but the pull down shades are in tact and working. They are original to the best of my knowledge. The rear sleeping compartment has the original window curtains and pull down blinds in working order. They are 1981 pattern and fabric, what can I say, retro.

Interior Walls: : The wallpaper in the front compartment was removed in parts and not replaced. It needs replaced. The trim around one skylight is damaged in the front compartment.

Cabinets, Doors and Counters: : Original cabinets and doors. The sliding roll up doors work well through out the vehicle. There are two that stick. The counter is original.

Floor Coverings:: Carpet throughout the trailer. It was replaced about 4 years ago and is in very good condition.

Stove and Oven:: Gas stove and oven. Original in good working order. The pilot light stays lit. 4 burners. Oven in front compartment.

Refrigerator:: Original Refrigerator/freezer, works on Electric and Gas. Works well.

Furnace / Space Heater:: Overhead electric heat and air unit. The unit was replaced at some point. There is a catalytic heater by the front door that was installed. It works well but is missing the trim ring.

Other Appliances:: A small microwave is included.

Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump:: The main outside sewer connection was replaced about 5 years ago. There are no issues with the water lines and no leaks. It has been winterized annually.

Hot Water Heater:: The how water heater was replaced about 15 years ago. It is Gas but has an electric heating element installed that can be plugged in independently. It heats much quicker. It is in working order. I believe it is a 5 gallon heater. Whatever was standard.

Sinks and Taps: : Original sinks and taps all in good working order with no leaks.
Toilet:: Standard toilet replaced to original specs except for the hose on the outside of the rim. It is in good working order.

Water Leaks? Water Damage? Mold or Mildew:: No known or visible water leaks, mold or mildew.

Fresh Water Tank:: Original Water Tank, not sure on the capacity. Good condition with electric water pump.

Gray Water Tank: Original gray water tank. Unsure capacity. Good working order

Black Water Tank:: Original Black Water Tank; unsure capacity good working order

Exterior Water and Sewer Connections:: Exterior sewer connection was replaced 5 years ago. Good working order. All valves are in good working order, new sewer hose. Water hookup works well.

Air Conditioner:: Air conditioner was replaced at some point and is in good working order. Heats and cools.

Electrical Service:: Original Electrical Service. One point connection. Unsure on the Amp. It is original. The hot water heater has an optional external plug in to a 110V outlet.

Solar / Batteries / Inverter / Converter:: Two batteries. Unsure of the age. No solar or upgrades

Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity:: Factory original sound system complete with 8 track player (yeah baby!) A CB connection was added with and external CB antennae. I removed the CB. The original external Television antennae with manual lift and rotate function is operational.

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator:: Two 10 Gal Propane tanks located up front. Age unknown. An airstream tank cover was added. All hoses and regulators work well.

When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?: Towed a month ago

Axles:: 2

Tires:: HI-Run ST225/175R15

Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains:: Working Safety Chains and Break Cable

Hitch Receiver Size?: 2 5/16″

Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration:: All Exterior lights, pigtail and Trailer Wire Configuration

Weight Distribution Hitch?: Included with Sale; At least 25 years old

Is this Airstream safe to Tow or Drive?: Yes, no known safety issues. I will tow it.

Accessories Included with Sale?: Sewer Hose, Water Hose, Batteries, Jack lift

Any additional owner comments?: This is a great working unit. It is mostly original 1981 furnishings and could do with an update but is a solid camper ready to camp without any updates. It has been handed down through the family for decades and well cared for.

Direct Contact email or Phone Number: [email protected]

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