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Airstream Motorhome

, New York
Last Modified October 10, 2023
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Airstream Motorhome

, New York

Make your Airstream dreams come true. This is an empty shell waiting for your vision. This has already received a full shell-off renovation. We even have plans made for its renovation that we can include! Reach out with any questions. This is a great Airstream already taken apart and ready for the fun part.

The previous owners did a major re-haul of this Airstream. Here is a run down of what has been done:

– The interior has been removed, the shell cleaned and stripped of the clear coat and trim – ready for a great polish!
– The frame was cleaned, then replaced about half of the outriggers, and painted with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Platinum.
– Brand new aluminum for the belly pan. Stuffed the floor with High-Quality Hemp insulation rated with an R value of 21.
– The fresh and gray tanks were still in great condition and electric heating pads were added to each, as well as See-Level 2 sensors. There is a read out display for the sensors as well.
– Brand new plywood subfloor – coated all the edges that go in the c-channel up to about 1 foot into the center with Total Boat Marine Epoxy. The rest was sealed with an oil based water sealant.
– About half of the C-channel was replaced.
– Installed Brand new Dexter axels, each rated at 6,000 lbs. So she’ll be able to handle up to 12,000 easily. She also has a new dexter 3 inch lift kit installed as well as new brake assemblies. I’ve also ran the brake wires.
– When replacing the outriggers I made a mod to the frame and widened the wheel wells 3″ to accommodate bigger tires. So some mods still need to made to the shell to fit.
– It is towable but will need temporary lights attached. We have temporary lights and already towed it across the country!
– All windows are in great condition.

– Black tank if you want it or do a composting toilet
– There are a couple panels on the rear end cap that have some corrosion holes – we have purchased replacement parts they just need to be put on

Here is the list given to us of what is included. We haven’t touched anything so it should all still be there but can not guarantee every item:

What’s Included:
1987 Airstream Excella 1000 Shell and Frame
All original glass windows intact
Brand New Plywood Subfloor
Original Fresh water tank
Original Gray water tank
New aluminum belly pan (installed)
Aluminum for belly pan side wraps (not installed)
Brand New Dexter Torsion Axels. Weight rating: 6,000lbs each
New Dexter 3″ lift kit
Brand new brake assemblies
Brand new Shocks
4 Tires and wheels + Spare
All original trim and hardware
Original Brake lights
2 Original Aluminum 40lb propane tanks(hard to find), new valves included
Original Door and Screen
Original Window Frames
Original Plexiglass rock guards for panoramic window.
Original stainless steel rock guards for front corners.
Original Battery doors
Original plastic banana wraps (I was planning to replace)
Original aluminum steps (installed)
Original Aluminum bumper and bumper compartment door
All 3 original Zip-Dee awnings, fair condition
100 ft roll of 1/2″ Blue pex piping and 100 ft of 1/2″ red pex piping for water system
(30) 1/2″ Brass PEX Fittings 10 Each Elbow TEE Couple Reducer
16 4’x2’x5.5″ batts of Hemp Insulation (to finish floor)

Tools Included:
Milwaukee Electric Rivet Tool with Battery
Pneumatic sheet metal nibbler
Pneumatic Buck Riveter gun and bucking bar
Electric sheet metal sheers
Assortment of Rivets, buck and pop
Cleco pliers and 5/32 clecos
Qibaok PEX Cinch Tool with Removing function for 3/8-inch to 1-inch Stainless Steel Clamps with 1/2-inch 20PCS and 3/4-inch 10PCS and Pex Pipe Cutter

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