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Excella 1000

, South Carolina


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Manufacturer: AIRSTREAM
Style Travel Trailer
Model Year: 1994
Model Description: Excella 1000 Classic
Length 34
VIN or Serial Number: 1STGEAU36RJ509870
Title Status: Clear Title
State of Registration: SC
Current Location – Belton, SC 29627

Ownership History:

We purchased this Airstream in 2015 from a couple in NC. It was being used as a weekend get-a-way on a lot at an airport in Chester, SC (home of Skydive Carolina). There was at least one owner prior to the couple we bought it from.

Why did you select this model? We purchased this 34′ after deciding it was time to get something bigger than our 27′ Overlander which we owned for more than 20 years. We loved the spacious interior, roomy shower, and queen bed

Why are you selling? I was blessed to be able to retire in April 2020 and we decided to try something different so we purchased a Class A coach.

Showing Instructions: Contact [email protected]

Virtual Showings? YES – contact Ward

Manufacturer: Airstream
Style: Travel Trailer
Model Year: 1994
Model: Excella 1000 Classic
Length: 34
Title Status: Clear Title

Exterior body condition:

Exterior panels are in good condition. No dents. Clear-coat is missing from many areas. Some of the banana wrap on the lower portion has some small dents. The front is protected by stainless rock guards and the front windows have rock guards. We did suffer a blowout in 2020 and did very minor damage to the banana wrap roadside. Photo of area is in the photo library. There is a small tear (3″) in the body panel above the entrance door. It was there when I purchased. From my research I discovered that this was a fairly common occurrence on these trailers built in the mid ’90’s. I keep sealant on it and have never noticed any leakage. The tear has not increased in length since I purchased. It has electric stabilizer jacks, 2 – 40# aluminum propane tanks and a tank cover (hoses and regulator replaced in 2020)

Hail Damage? None

Aluminum Body Panels: All original panels are installed and no dents.

Filaform Damage? A lot of the clearcoat is missing but I don’t see any Filaform damage on the body panels

Roof Vents and Skylights: Living area has a Fantastic Fan that is powered, reversible and has the water sensor for automatic closure in the event of ran. Outside vent cover on the fantastic fan replaced in 2020. Skylight in hallway at bath area is intact and does not leak. It has a day/night shade to help filter some of the heat. The plastic frame around the skylight opening on the inside is missing. The bathroom vent does have a fan. The vent itself is manually operated and is in good condition. It does have a Maxair cover installed over the vent to protect from UV damage and rain. The bedroom vent is not functional. The previous owner installed a light fixture over the vent on the inside. Outside is covered with a Maxair cover.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks: All exterior hatch covers and doors are intact and all locks work. Have 2 sets of keys for all locks. There is a lockable storage bay door above the rear bumper for storage underneath the bedroom. There is a small lockable storage bay door on the curb side underneath the dinette. I use it for spare parts and tools. Windows, Seals and Operators: All windows and seals are intact and are in good condition. All window controllers are in place and functional

Entrance Door: Entrance door is in good condition and has a window. The lock includes a 2 locking mechanisms one of which is a deadbolt. 2 keys are included. Lock can be a little finicky at times but it is functional. Screen door is intact and has a new latch. The screen material needs to be replaced. There is a repaired area to the screen door near the lower hinge. It is barely noticeable and everything is functional

Awnings: Number and location:: Two awnings on curbside windows, awning on rear window, awning on roadside bedroom window and patio awning covers the rest of the roadside including the entrance door. All awnings are manually operated ZipDee awnings. All awnings have the metal guards to protect the fabric when they are rolled up. All awning fabric is in great condition. The pull straps on all the small awnings are worn but are intact and functional (easy to replace). The patio awning pull strap was replaced in 2020. There is a problem with retracting the main patio awning. It does not want to roll up on its on. I suspect something has happened with the spring but I have not looked at it, however, it can be repaired.

Interior Layout: This is a center bath rear queen floorplan. The living room area has a jack-knife sofa that spans across the front and makes into a bed. Sofa has storage drawer underneath. The upholstery is all original and does need to be replaced. There is living room cabinet space above the sofa and behind the dinette seat. There is a small foldout writing desk at the left end of the sofa and a foldout dining table on the right side of the sofa. There is a dinette on the curbside that can be lowered to make a small bed. Overhead storage above the dinette and storage underneath the seats. Galley has ample storage drawers below the counter and overhead. It has a 3 burner propane stove with range hood, convection microwave, drinking water filter, small pullout pantry, and trash can storage drawer. Large cedar lined wardrobe in the bath area, large shower with seat, new toilet installed in 2020, lots of mirrors and medicine cabinet. Bedroom has queen bed. Mattress replaced in 2015 when we purchased. Nightstand on either side of the bed. Storage drawers underneath the bed and overhead.

Interior Hard Surfaces: Walls, Counters, Doors: Interior walls are original with the mouse fur still intact. The vinyl ceiling liner was failing so I removed it. I have removed 95% of the foam backing from the vinyl that was glued to the ceiling. Still need to remove the foam backing inside the upper cabinets and in parts of the bath area. All the areas where the vinyl was removed is aluminum it could be polished or painted. Cabinets, Doors, and Counters: All cabinet boxes and doors are in good condition. None are damaged. The countertop behind the stove got wet and has a little swelling where the particle board got wet. All other areas of the counter and the bath sink counter is in good condition. Interior Passage Doors / Curtains / Dividers: The bathroom has sliding pocket doors on each end to isolate the bedroom and the living area. Both are in good condition and operational.

Interior Soft Surfaces: Cushions / Fabrics / Curtains: Rear Queen, pillow top RV queen mattress replaced in 2015. Dinette folds into bed, the cushions and upholstery for the dinette are all original. Upholstery needs to be replaced. Jack-knife sofa makes a bed. Upholstery needs to be replaced. Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces: Queen RV mattress replaced in 2015. It is in great condition and is pillow top style. Cushions and upholstery on sofa and dinette are all original and need to be replaced.

Appliances: Stove and Oven: 3 burner gas stove, curbside, next to entrance door. Refrigerator: Dometic. I will provide model/capacity later. It is electric and gas. It is not the original. The original was replaced with this one by a previous owner. Furnace / Space Heater: Suburban gas forced air furnace with thermostat in dining area. Also have an electric ceramic heater that is stored in the closet.

Plumbing System – Hot water heater, Sinks and taps, Toilet, Water Pump, Tanks and sizes: Most plumbing is original. No leaks currently. Have had leaks repaired for the drinking water faucet and to the water heater. No know issues with plumbing system. Kitchen faucet has been replaced. There is a built in water filter underneath the sink that feeds the drinking water faucet. Hot Water Heater: Water heater is 6 gal Atwood and is gas only. It is remote start from a switch in the bathroom. Replaced the control board with a Dinosaur electronics board in 2020. Water heater is functional. Sinks and Taps: Sinks in kitchen and bath are original and are in good condition. Kitchen sink is ceramic and the faucet has been replaced. Toilet: New Thetford toilet installed in 2020. Pedal flush. Fresh Water Tank: Original tank. Good condition.

50 gal Gray Water Tank: Original tank. Good condition.
35 gal Black Water Tank: Original tank. Good condition.

Exterior Water / Sewer Connections: All exterior water, hose connections working. Sewer connection valves are all working.

Sub Floor and Floor Coverings: Sub-Floor: No soft spots, gaps or holes in any of the sub-floor Floor Coverings: Carpet in living area, under dinette, in bath area, and in bedroom. It is the original carpet and there are some stains. Galley has hardwood floors that are in good condition.

Air Conditioning? 1 AC unit in the galley area. It is the original Dometic AC and is functional. 30 amp is required no soft start. No heat strip.

Electrical System : 30 amp electrical service. 1 connection point curbside at rear. original wiring. Breaker panel in cabinet above bed.

LP – Propane System – Tanks / Regs / Hoses – Condition?: 2 40# aluminum tanks. Original tanks. I have not had them certified so probably expired. Hoses and regulator in good condition. Both hoses and regulator replaced in 2020.

Trailer Weight and Tongue Weight: Dry 7400 lbs. GVWR – 8900 lbs. Tongue – 800 lbs.

Rolling Gear: Tires / Brakes / Bearings – Age, Condition, Service History: Axles: 3 axles original Tires: Hi-Run ST225 75R15 Load range E trailer tires installed June 2020 Brakes and Hubs: All brakes and hub assemblies replaced and wheel bearings packed in June 2020 Wheel Bearings: Good condition. last service was June 2020 Emergency Breakaway Cable: New breakaway switch and cable. tested and working Safety Chains? safety chains in place and good condition with safety chain connector links Hitch Receiver Size: 2 5/16″ Pigtail / Trailer Wire Connection: 7 pin round and is working properly Exterior Lights and Signals: All lights working. No issues.

Is this Airstream Safe to Tow? Yes, there are no known issues to prevent safe towing Weight Distribution Hitch: Reese weight distribution hitch with sway control. do not know age or model it is in good condition.

Accessories Included with Sale?: leveling blocks and stabilizer pads included. Toaster, vacuum cleaner, portable electric heater, 2 24″ vizio tv’s. Stereo replaced in 2020 with JVC stereo receiver with CD and bluetooth. Speakers in living area replaced. No wifi or cell booster. Convection microwave, toaster, vacuum cleaner, portable electric heater

Ownership History: We purchased this Airstream in 2015 from a couple in NC. It was being used as a weekend get-a-way on a lot at an airport in Chester, SC (home of Skydive Carolina). There was at least one owner prior to the couple we bought it from.

Current Registration?: Yes

Direct Contact email or Phone Number: [email protected]

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Airstream: 1994 34FT Excella 1000 For Sale In Belton, South Carolina

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