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, California
Last Modified November 16, 2023
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, California

For sale is a 1995 AirStream B190 mounted on a Ford Econoline chassis with 104,000 miles. This well-maintained van runs smoothly and a very comfortable drive, exhibiting no play in the steering wheel and featuring a solid suspension. Meticulously cared for, all maintenance records are available and meticulously documented.

Having spent most of its life in Arizona and Alaska, the van offers reliable performance in various conditions. The air conditioning blows cold, and the van recently completed a journey from Alaska with all California DMV paperwork up to date.

The van has successfully passed smog and is ready for the next owner with no emission issues. Notable recent improvements include:

1. AC Shroud
2. Roof and side windows caulked
3. AC gasket
4. GFI Plug
5. Fridge Access
6. Paint for access door
7. T. Slat Assembly
8. Water pump switch
9. Furnace
10. Thermostat for furnace
11. Water Pump
12. Kitchen Faucet
13. AC Vent
14. Deep Cell Battery
15. Starter Battery
16. Bathroom AC Vent
17. Michelin tires (5 tires, includes new spare)
18. Brake Fluid
19. Drum Brake Hardware Kit
20. Gear Oil
21. Limited Slip Additive
22. New Oil Change (5W30)
23. Oil Filter
24. Air Filter
25. Synthetic Transmission Fluid
26. Disk Brake Pads
27. Brake Rotor and Hub
28. Disc brake caliper
29. Wheel Seals (Front)
30. New Brake Shoes
31. Rear Axle Service (Changed fluid, removed cover to reseal leak – cleaned and refilled)
32. Engine oil change
33. Flushed transmission fluid and topped off
34. Repacked wheel bearings
35. New Heater Core
36. New Fuel Vent
37. New Heater Connectors

Approximately $14,000 has been invested in repairs to bring this van to near-perfect condition for its age. The only downside is that the generator is currently non-functional, with a quoted repair cost of $700.

Prospective buyers are encouraged to bring their local mechanic or request a visit to their local shop for a thorough inspection. Test drives are welcome, and the van comes with the owner’s manual and other relevant documentation.

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