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International CCD

Boca Raton
, Florida
Last Modified December 22, 2022
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International CCD

Boca Raton
, Florida

Are you looking for an airstream that can fit a family of 4 comfortably?
Are you in the market for an Airstream that is less than perfect so you can get get a good price?
Are you a cash buyer? (its hard to finance a 2004 travel trailer, even though its an airstream)

If you answered yes, yes, yes, then buckle up buttercup ’cause we have the Airstream for you. Her name is Lavender.

Lets start with the imperfections. This is the only item that keeps her from being camp ready.
– The original fridge finally gave out last year while we were in Southern New Mexico. So, she’s going to need a new fridge.

The remaining items I consider cosmetic. You can camp with her, and each of these items is repairable without much struggle.

– there is a scratch on the passenger side. its not small. it happened in Taos, I turned down a street I shouldnt have, and didnt stop and think as I was trying to fix my mistake. Result, the latch that holds back the door when it opens came loose, and the screws scraped the side. (picture 9)

Solution 1 – leave it as is, come up with a great story (maybe involve a buffalo)
Solution 2 – the patch, order some aluminum, pick a shape you like, and have it riveted in. make her your own custom Airstream.
Solution 3 – do a complete panel over (less expensive than removing it and replacing it)
Solution 4 – remove and replace.

– there is a dent and the rear passenger side above the tail lights (picture 3)

Solution 1 – leave it as is, blame it on me, make up a funny story about how nutty I am.
Solution 2 – dent repair, it will look 90% like it did originally
Solution 3 – remove and replace the panel

– the stairs, ahh the stairs, right hand turns are a pain

solution 1 – fix it, its only a couple hundred bucks
solution 2- see solution 1

– the truck hatch locks need to be replaced. we were driving down the road, through St Louis, and the lock fell out and both the locks had shaken loose.
man oh man, it was gnarly fixing that on the side of a highway.

solution 1 – need to find the original locks, this has proven to be a challenge.
solution 2 – set up a new latch
solution 3 – have a new trunk door created.

– I am a bigger guy, and showering with the door was not idea. We took the door out, got rid of it, and replaced it with a shower curtain and shower curtain rod. Personally, I prefer it.

So that the rough stuff. Are you still with me? If you want to get an idea of what the RV looks like, even with those blemishes, the main picture was taken after all the bumps and bruises.

If so, lets talk about the good stuff.

Shes a 28 foot CCD, ahead of its time, most of the elements here were leading changes that would show up for years to come.
Great shape. All the systems work. 100 gallon fresh tank. 100 gallon blended black / grey tank. I love that feature because it makes emptying a little less gross. New battery and new tires. Comfortably fits 4 (or 2 people and 2 dogs). Never have trouble finding a camping spot because shes under 30 feet. Set up perfect to customize for full timer. (get rid of that dinette and open up a TON of floor place). Floor and roof are in great condition.

We listed her for $30K hard, then $35K OBO, and we have had some great offers, some folks who still wanted to try and finance (unless you are taking a personal loan OR doing a HELOC its not going to fly), some folks who were 5,000 miles away from us in Florida. Its been fun, however, its time for us to move on to our new Class C, so I am going to make the offer now.

$30,000 OBO

If you want to see it, or send someone to see it, you need to show proof of funds.
You can kick the tires, however you need to be able to buy the coach if you fall in love with it.

Today is April the 8th, we have a trip coming up in May. It needs to be sold by April 28th or we are going to take her to the pound. Save an Airstreams life today.

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