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International CCD

, Washington
Last Modified March 3, 2022
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International CCD

, Washington

We are selling our beloved Airstream.
The trailer is in immaculate condition inside
The rear part of the trailer has hail damage, however, it is just cosmetic. We had no issues in our ~5 years owning it and traveling across the US in the summer and in the middle of winter and it’s a great conversation starter 🙂

Feel free to make reasonable offers!


**A solar system with 3000 watts inverter + 4800W of Battelborn lithium batteries + 1000W watts of Solar panels + Victron GX display!. (yes runs A/C :)). It’s the state of the art all Victron setup that’s always connected to the internet (more on that below) and built with high-end pure copper cables for minimal energy loss at transmission.

**With so much electric power, we upgraded our kitchen to have an induction/Propane hybrid stovetop. In the summer we never need to use propane.

**Upgraded the stock range with a Breville unit that can bake, roast, air fry, and microwave. (Yes you can roast a chicken in summer and still have ~70% battery by nightfall)

**A high-end composite cellular internet system. Allows you to insert up to 8 SIMs from different carriers + use speed fusion to merge all those connections + any park WIFI into one strong internet connection. This along with the high gain antennas allowed us to work remotely and watch Netflix in 4k at night in Grand Teton NP while our phones had no cellular network! The install and equipment for this service cost ~15K, it’s a similar system that powers long-distance trains in Europe. If you want to work from the Airstream and not worry about setups every time you move, this is the best possible system for all-time internet.
The attention to detail goes from having multiple antennas that have a broad spectrum and having cat 18 modems. I can geek all about it, feel free to reach out 🙂

**The above system also comes will a full-time GPS tracker. You can track, configure the internet or your solar system from anywhere! (so you can on the A/C and cool the RV while driving back from a long hike :)… Or toggle any internet-connected device or camera while away… say keep an eye on your pet or switch on a fan etc.)

** Air quality device. The device monitors Co2, humidity, PM2.5, VOCs, and temperature and pushes that data to your phone, it’s a great thing to have when you live/work out of the RV.

** A True full HD projector with a 3D sound system. The projector and speaker have inbuilt batteries, enabling you to watch them when the AC power is switched off. They charge automatically when A/C is energized. The projector lasts about > 2.5 hours and the speaker ~5 hours

** UV water filter

** All LED lights inside and out

** Upgraded electric hitch jack

** New premium couch cushions made with pure wool from Home of Wool.

+ You get an equalizer hitch + everything you’ll need to drive directly to an NP to camp

What can be improved?
The partition curtain keeps coming off the rails + I’d recommend re-sealing around all windows

As you can see, this is a fully customized RV for working and living full-time. The last piece was a proper space for working. so we switched out the dinner to a custom table setup that’s made of bamboo and can switch from “L” shape to dinner to a straight setup. Essentially, the table can be customized for working, dining, or to allow more floor space.

We are selling this beautiful trailer to prioritize other family needs.
Since there is a photo limit on FB marketplace, I couldn’t put all the photos I wanted but reach out if you’d like to see more images.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

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