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, Washington
Last Modified August 21, 2023
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, Washington

Call or Text Ward at 1-480-400-7219 for immediate service.
Call or Text Ward at 1-480-400-7219 for immediate service.

2006 Airstream Safari 75th Anniversary Special Edition Travel Trailer

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This 25-foot long 2006 Airstream Safari 75th Anniversary Special Edition is perfect for anyone looking to embrace the adventurous Airstream lifestyle. The original owner has meticulously maintained it since purchasing it in September 2005. The owner selected this model for its weight and floor plan and is only selling due to a change in lifestyle.

Exterior Condition:
8/10 with minor scratches and a small dent behind the second awning support. The streetside stainless front plate has a small dent from a picked-up rock. There is no hail damage or filiform damage. All aluminum body panels, windows, seals, operators, and entrance door are in good working condition. The manual awning is operational.

Interior Condition:
9/10 with no repairs required. The trailer features a corner bed, dinette that converts to sleeping space for two, and a sofa bed, comfortably accommodating six people. All interior soft surfaces, curtains, blinds, walls, cabinets, doors, counters, and floor coverings are original and in excellent condition.

Appliances and Plumbing:
All original and functioning, including a 3-burner gas stove with oven, 6 cu. ft. 2-way automatic refrigerator/freezer, 25,000 BTU furnace with electric ignition, microwave, and 6-gallon gas-operated hot water heater. Water lines and pump are leak-free.

Electrical and Connectivity:
The trailer is equipped with a Sony AM/FM/CD sound system with four speakers, satellite and solar prewiring, and a 30-amp electrical service. The air conditioner has an 11,000 AC with heat strip and manual control.
Tanks: 39-gallon fresh water tank, 39-gallon gray water tank, and 18-gallon black water tank. All exterior water/sewer connections are in working condition.
Safety and Towing: The trailer has a GVWR of 7,300 lbs, a tongue weight of 600 lbs, and is safe to tow or drive.

Emergency breakaway cable, safety chains, and working signal and marker lights.

Accessories included:
Water hose, two sewer hoses, wheel blocks, some sewer fittings, and possibly some dinner plates and coffee cups.
The trailer has been used for a total of 25,924 miles and has a functioning spare wheel with tire.

A 2006 Hensley Arrow hitch is available for purchase.

Embrace the freedom of the open road and enjoy the exceptional quality of this Airstream Safari 75th Anniversary Special Edition. The owner hopes that the buyer will cherish it as much as they have. Call today to schedule a showing and begin your adventure!

Manufacturer: Airstream

Style: Travel Trailer

Model Year: 2006

Model: Safari 75th Anniversary Special Edition

Length: 25

Title Status: Clear Title

Title State: WA

Registration Current?: Yes

Registration State?: WA

Location Details: : Outdoors in driveway

Year Purchased?: 2005

Ownership History: Original owner

Why did you select this model?: Weight and floor plan.

Why are you selling?: Change of lifestyle.

Showing Instructions:: contact

Virtual Tour Instructions:: contact

Exterior Condition Description:: 4 minor scratches, one small dent behind second awning support. Awning is operational. Streetside stainless front plate has small dent from a picked-up rock (onsurface)

Hail Damage?: No Hail Damage.

Aluminum Body Panels:: All originals.

Filaform Damage?: No

Roof Vents and Skylights: : Both roof vents were installed by the Airstream dealer in Eugene, OR. The Skylight was replaced by the dealer in Missoula,MT. after it blew off.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:: All working with keys.

Windows, Seals and Operators: : No damage or leaks and functioning

Entrance Door: : No damage, good working condition with two sets of keys.

Awnings – Location and Condition:: One manual awning in working condition.

Front A-Frame Condition:: Front A-frame in good condition with some small rust spots.

Rear Bumper / Exposed Frame Condition:: Bumper and exposed frame in good condition without rust.

Frame Condition:: Frame condition looks good, sound to my eye, no accidents, looks good.

Sub Floor:: Sub-Floor always seemed solid, had no reason to replace flooring.

Belly Pan: : Belly Pan looks good. No replaced sections, never had any problem.

Interior Layout and Condition:: Overall condition on scale of 10 is “9”, no repairs required, had a new bathroom fan replaced by my dealer in Eugene. Hot water handle on small sink always loosens up. Trailer has a 52″ X 76″ corner bed.

Dinette Style and Location:: Dinette is mid trailer on street side, will fold down to sleep two. Surface seems to be formica.

Bathroom Location and Style:: Located street-side left rear. Shower and toilet one location, sink outside.

Smoking? : No

Pets? : Never.

Sleeping Areas?: Corner bed, rear curbside. Original mattress, very comfortable, has a mattress pad, one fitted sheet, two pillow cases and one bed spread. Sleeps two sofa and two on dinette.(6 total)

Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces:: Original mattress, very comfortable has mattress pad, one fitted sheet, two pillow cases, bed spread. Sofa sleeps two, comfort level depends on sleeper.

Interior Soft Surfaces: – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery:: Blinds and shades, fabrics and upholstery “9” All original.

Curtains and Blinds: : Original and functioning, appearance is good. “9”.

Interior Walls: : All in original and functioning condition “9”

Cabinets, Doors and Counters: : All original and no damage. One ding in front of sink in formica. All other surface in the kitchen are very good.

Floor Coverings:: Original floor covering without damages. We used two long carpets from Costco makes our trailer more comfortable.

Stove and Oven:: Three burner gas stove with oven, located aft of front door, curbside, oven under the burners.

Refrigerator:: 6 cubic foot 2 way automatic refrigerator, Freezer on top, gas and electric.

Furnace / Space Heater:: 25,000 bty furnace w/electric ignition.

Other Appliances:: Microwave oven

Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump:: All plumbing is original showing no leaks. Water-pump was replaced about eight years ago and functioning.

Hot Water Heater:: 6 gal. hot water heater gas operating.

Sinks and Taps: All sinks are original and funtioning The hot water handle on small sink has always loosened up.

Toilet:: Original

Water Leaks? Water Damage? Mold or Mildew: None, this trailer is in my driveway and heated year-round.

Fresh Water Tank: Original Water Tank 39 gallons fresh water

Gray Water Tank: 39 gallons grey water tank, good condition.

Black Water Tank: 18 gallons, good condition.

Exterior Water and Sewer Connections: All exterior connections are in working condition.

Air Conditioner: Air conditioner in working condition, manual control, 11,000 ac with heat strip and manual control

Electrical Service: Electrical service is original and believe it is 30 amp.

Solar / Batteries / Inverter / Converter:: Original equipment, Batteries (2) about 6 years old

Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity: Sony AM/FM/CD with four speakers. Satelite & solar prewire.

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator:: 2 Propane tanks, certified

When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?: June 6, 2021

Trailer Weight:: 6,000 pounds

Tongue Weight:: 600 pounds

Trailer Maximum Weight (GVWR):: 7300 lbs

Axles:: 2 axles originals.

Tires:: 4 Maxis radials 8008, ST225/75R-15/10 M808, very good about 1000 miles.

Brakes and Bearings:: May 2, 2017.

Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains:: Yes, working condition.

Hitch Receiver Size?: 2″

Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration:: all working – no issue.

Weight Distribution Hitch?: 2006 Hensley Arrow hitch, 2006

Is this Airstream safe to Tow or Drive?: Yes

Accessories Included with Sale?: Alarm System. A flexible sewer hose support (40.), stabll-step jack, white wheel covers, trailer aid (to raise one wheel $70.), 1 bottle Walberize ($21.) Power Caster 1 wheel, ($1213.) The Hensley Arrow hitch cost was $3000.

Any additional owner comments?: Hate to give up this life-style and hope the buyer will enjoy it as much as we have. There is a functioning spare wheel with tire. This trailer traveled a total of 25,924 miles

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