, Illinois

I have a 2007 interstate 22FS. Front Sleeper
The starting price is 55k OBO.
I can email “CarFax” on request.
I can show in St Louis also.
The reason I’m selling since most ask:
I’m a pilot based out of St Louis. Most of you probably noticed the airlines were not very busy this past year. As a result, my schedule was changed to on-call a lot at the airport. I live 1.5 hours from St Louis (in Springfield), so I bought this last year to leave in STL to use as a break room to relax when they didn’t call me in. and drove back and forth in my normal car. I did have a chance to drive it to northern Michigan and southern Illinois a few times. After I bought it, I fixed it up a little and fixed a couple of things that broke along the way. I typically drive it back and forth every couple of weeks to clean it at my house.
I have 4 key fobs
Exterior and most interior pictures are from last week
built on a 2006 Mercedes T1N Sprinter. (dodge badged)
All appliances work and it is in GREAT condition over all considering age.
This is the last model year before they made significant changes to the engine, specifically with the emissions stuff. 2007 started the DPF and 2010 DEF, decreasing fuel economy and other problems. It’s a bit more user friendly if you wanted to do any of the preventative maintence yourself vs the newer ones.

Has 145,000 miles.
average 21 MPG @ 70MPH
18 @ 80 MPH
24MPG 45-55

Since last summer, it’s been used a lot more, and I have added a few things.
the below additions were made in the last 6 months
New pioneer flip-out radio and new speakers upfront. Radio does apple play and android with a backup camera.
200W Renogy solar with MPPT controller, two 100AH Renogy deep cycle AGM batteries (house batteries)
No holes in the roof were made installing the solar or anything for that matter.
I used the existing hole from the winguard antenna. Panels are held to roof by 3M VHB tape and dicor leveling sealant on top to protect from the elements.
They are slightly offset so the antenna from the coach radio can still be used.
it would not take much effort to put back to stock. or remove for a different system. if desired
Bosch 150 amp alternator
new V belt
the “fancy” headlight, brights, and fog light bulbs
glow plugs and module
cabin fan blower motor
chassis antenna and sun visors (not pictured)
Added a Camco valve before the pump to easily winterize and a quick drain on the water heater.
I removed and replaced everything on the roof except the AC to check for rust and the surface rust that was found I removed treated and painted.
At that time, I installed a NEW fantastic fan, the “best” automatic model.
new igniter, thermostat, and control module on the hot water heater
new motor, fan blade, combustion fan blade, airflow switch, digital thermostat, and overheat thermostat on the furnace
new freshwater pump
new drain master electric waste tank drain valve
new carbon dioxide and fire alarms
the Onan 2700 lp generator has about 105 hours on it. I run it once a month for a couple hours to exercise it. Recent oil change, air filter change, and spark plug. Also bought the maintenance and service manuals for it.
$900 in quest overland window covers. can be seen in pictures. (windshield, front windows, sliding door, and back door windows, I made 4 for the other windows) completely blacks out the van in and out plus added insulation. Stock shades are still installed too.
replaced the LP fill line
NEW parts I have but not installed
comes with an I-CarSoft MB II code reader
brake pads and rotors for the rear
front braked pads
rear door brake light assembly
stock relay for house battery to the chassis battery
other standard relays and fuses
for the Cummins Onan generator, extra spark plugs,
air filter and more oil
had the transmission serviced at 80K miles
and oil and fuel filter every 10K miles or year
comes with various extra parts.
(NEW unused)Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 28 Gallon Portable RV Waste Holding Tank
I’m the second owner.
I used to be a full-time A&P mechanic, so any work I did was quality for what that’s worth to you.
Message for questions and I can give you my phone number.

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Airstream: 2007 Airstream 22FT Interstate For Sale in Springfield

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