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, Colorado

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FULLY-LOADED Airstream Interstate Lounge EXT – current service records available.

Includes more than $15,000 worth of meaningful upgrades from technology to suspension & tires. A must-see!! We invite you to watch the video to get a full, immersive experience.

Recent trips include the Grand Canyon, Moab, SoCal surf spots, the winding coasts of Big Sur, and the beautiful Lake Tahoe.

The Interstate Lounge EXT is the very top of the line in the Airstream touring coaches lineup. It is the ONLY class B RV where Mercedes-Benz allows it to carry its logo in the back! This rig is worth over $200K when new.

It drives like a car, has 8 seat belts, a big king-size bed, a wet bathroom with shower, a full kitchen, cargo space, 16-18 miles to the gallon, line assist, blind-spot detection, and collision avoidance. This van truly has it all!

– Completely upgraded suspension system with Koni shocks, Sumo Springs, and reinforced sway bar. Driving feels as stable as a car.
– Upgraded 200W solar panel with top of the line solar controller and Bluetooth Interface
– Upgraded entertainment system with Chromecast, DVD, Satellite System
– Upgraded Kenwood Radio with Apple CarPlay and Android Connect with additional USB charging ports
– All-in-one remote control for single button operation for the various entertainment options
– New tires
– Remote Tire pressure gauge- New dual 6V (in series to get 12-volts) deep cycle batteries instead of the standard smaller 12-volt
– Auto-gen start – to automatically start the generator when the battery is low
– Winegard Connect 2.0 WIFI and LTE Booster

59,725 miles, for this type of Diesel engine, it’s nothing. It gets 16-18 miles to the gallon depending on how you drive. My family loves driving this beautiful van around while always having all the amenities with us: kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, everything you need. Contact us for a test drive. Fall in love with how this coach drives and all its incredible upgraded features!

CARFAX available upon request!

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Confirm contact information

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Confirm contact information

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Airstream: 2014 24FT Interstate For Sale In Denver, Colorado

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