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International Signature

, New Jersey
Last Modified April 15, 2024
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International Signature

, New Jersey

Your LUXURY home away from home. All the amenities are made for the road!

Ours is a 2014 Airstream and part of the limited edition 25FB International Signature number 53 of 136 made.

This trailer has all the modern amenities you come to expect from a well-appointed stylish home.

Sporadically used and still looks new inside and out. Wish we had more vacation time… Lovingly cared for by Airstream enthusiasts who happen to be neat freaks.

We bought a 23′ Airstream first and later upgraded it to a 25′ in 2015. Yes, we feel the extra 2′ made an enormous difference and having a queen size bed you can walk around was worth it! Plus, we loved the International Signature the first time and we stayed with the same look.

As a used Airstream buyer, you’re getting the best of both worlds:

1. You let someone else pay down the cost of buying a brand new Airstream off the lot while you’re saving tons of money buying it slightly used.

So Smart and HAVE you seen the prices of a 2022 model with similar specs?!? Woah! 120,000 plus!!

2. Someone else has tested all the components/features of this Airstream, proving it’s metal on the road and

working out any kinks or issues w/ the dealer. That’s peace of mind.

Let’s get to the good part:

So, open the door and you’ll notice the calm and serene neutral colors found in a premium luxe hotel.

Panoramic windows and an aluminum interior make the space in this 25-footer feel large and spacious.

Ok, now sit or lay down on the wrap-around lounge that doubles as a banquet-style dining area.

For sleeping, it converts to 2 twin beds Feel the soft touch of this buttery ultra leather…

Next, is a kitchen that most city apartments could only wish for.

Beautiful Corian countertop, deep sink, large fridge and freezer, convection oven/microwave, and cooktop.
Smart layout and clever storage top and bottom let you bring all the comforts of home.
Separate shower and separate bathroom for privacy and optionality.
At the end is a private master bedroom with a walk-around queen bed with a memory foam topper for your comfort. Sweet dreams for all your adventures.

All in mint condition. Put your mind at ease with this trailer…

All the wheels were replaced last year. New Goodyear Endurance tires paired with Centramatic Wheel balancers.
Upgraded power converter PD4655VL 55 Amp Converter
Upgraded extras are included to help you get on the road NOW!
Tri Lynx levelers and chocks,
2 rubber chocks,
2 10 Rhino flex drain hose,
Reese weight distribution hitch amp; extra bars,
portable water hose, and black tank cleaning hose

You may be asking: If this Airstream is so great, why are we selling it? Good question, glad you asked.

Our future plans were to travel all over the USA exploring the national parks and attractions

this great country has to offer. Instead, we will have to live overseas for a while and we don’t want

this beautiful Airstream sitting in storage when it should be enjoyed, creating lasting memories.

We will have to postpone our adventures but that doesn’t mean you have to.

So, here’s to the spirit of travel and adventure!


Over 12,000.00 of work was performed last summer by Colonial Airstream in NJ. This trailer was serviced for a small leak located towards the front, requiring a new subfloor and flooring. The roof has been cleaned and resealed from top to bottom and a Sealtech leak test was also done. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that this trailer has been professionally sealed from the elements.

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