Flying Cloud
, Washington

Our 23D Flying Cloud is in excellent condition and has the full complement of standard factory accessories plus:
Maxair Vent Covers and Fiamma 2 Bicycle Rack. It also comes with a Blue Ox Equalizer Hitch that ensures safe/comfortable towing.

The batteries are new; brakes are good; the wheel bearings have been greased; and the tires have been inspected and are in good condition with minimal tread wear due to its low usage. The trailer has been kept under cover when not in use. It has a small footprint and tows like a dream! We have loved the trailer, but our priorities have changed, thus the reason for selling. It truely is like new, totally functional, and includes everything you need to get started…..you can literally hook it up and begin a fun road trip today!

The only physical issue is a single small rock-dent above the front window, (pictures of it are included)

Vashon Island is situated between Seattle and Tacoma Washington and is easily accessible by Washington State Ferries.

Nancy and Dennis

Listed on February 8, 2021
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