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Flying Cloud

, New Mexico
Last Modified October 5, 2022
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Flying Cloud

, New Mexico

2016 Flying Cloud, 25′, for sale. Front bedroom, queen. Located near Albuquerque, New Mexico. Lightly used, dearly loved. We are committed to ensuring that our beloved “Inman” (see Charles Frazier’s, “Cold Mountain”) will be passed along smoothly to new owners, so we will spend as much time as needed to ensure that all of Inman’s systems are mastered and understood.

We made numerous upgrades to Inman, including:

1. Lithium battery system: three 100 amp Battleborn batteries + Victron components
2. 3″ Dexter lift
3. Brand new Dometic refrigerator
4. We-Boost cell signal booster
5. Air conditioner soft-start
6. Husky Super Brute electronic jack
7. Fantastic Fan vent covers installed
8. Built-in Progressive Industries surge protector and EMS
9. Smart-Plug electrical cord
10. Installed tire pressure monitoring system
11. Proven Industries trailer hitch lock

We will include with the sale the following items:

Equal-i-zer weight distribution and sway control system
Spare, new water pump
Spare, new sail switch
Rubber wheel chocks
Lynx levelers
Camco Sidewinder sewer hose support
Chock wheel stabilizers
2 x Trailer Aid tire ramps (for on-the-road flat tire replacement)
2 x fresh water hoses
Other miscellaneous items

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