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Flying Cloud

, Florida
Flying Cloud

, Florida

This is a superior near new condition 25FB Twin bed Flying Cloud. Purchased from VOGT Airstream in Fort Worth, Texas. Used for three round trips between our small ranch in Colorado and Florida from 2017 to 2019. It is currently in storage near our winter home in Winter Springs, Florida.
Unfortunately my wife’s osteoarthritis has progressed to a point where recent hip replacement and low back pain no longer permit her to comfortably sit for long road trips in our tow vehicle or without making major trailer modifications. Reality of the situation has convinced us to put it on the market rather than letting it sit in storage indefinitely not knowing if or when we can travel again? Our Airstream dream of traveling to places we’ve wanted to revisit and spend some extra time to enjoy has apparently been cut short. Being in our mid-late 70’s, it’s doubtful we will return to RV life.

Has approximately 11,000 miles total on original tires. Everything works as new as when we bought it.
I wanted 2 A/C’s for the warmer weather of Texas and Florida, rather than the full awning package, which we probably wouldn’t use much with the Texas winds and since the Airstream’s windows are well tinted with shades, including the vista windows.
Except for the 2 A/C’s and microwave/convection oven combo, there’s nothing unusual about our 25 FB Twin except for its superior near new condition. Both dump and water tanks have been immaculately maintained. At our ranch, I perform all necessary maintenance on our tractors and vehicles and am rather OCD about it! Our Airstream has received the same care!
This was our first Airstream purchase and we wanted to try out the basic package and possibly upgrade to a larger luxury unit later. However, we found the Flying Cloud 25 FB more than satisfactory in style and luxury. Most of the upscale hardware features of the luxury versions can be purchased and installed easily from Lowe’s or Home Depot. We also came to appreciate the flip open upper lockers on the Flying Cloud model vs. the International sliding doors we originally considered buying. Both of us, especially my wife who is 5’2”, could more easily reach into the lockers.
The most appreciated features about the 25FB were the twin beds up front, and the rear dinette. At our age and my wife’s arthritic condition, we found the twin bed arrangement to be most convenient for accessing the bathroom during the night without disturbing each other. It was also easier to make the beds and keep our trailer more organized. The queen bed would have been impossible for us.
We really liked the rear dinette setup. We also prefer to camp in parks having back in sites with scenic and lake views as our photos illustrate. Our FB Airstream’s large panoramic windows really enhanced the experience while dining and relaxing. The openness of the Airstream with its extra large windows, made us feel part of the scenic view and not closed in, especially during inclement weather, unlike other travel trailers we’ve experienced. I did most of the cooking on our outside grill. Except for morning coffee with our stove top percolator, the stove has had little use since new, but works beautifully. One feature we really appreciated was the shower & bathroom setup. The shower to bathroom sink and toilet are cross aisle from each other and can be partitioned from both bedroom and main living areas for privacy, thus providing a spacious bathroom.
Our overall experience with the Flying Cloud 25FB Twin was more than impressive. If by chance we would be able to trailer again, we would consider the Flying Cloud 27FB Twin for a little more room in the bedroom and the slightly larger slide out pantry and galley counter surface, but would probably need a tow vehicle with more power than my wife’s 1500 Ram, which towed our 25FB with ease, flawlessly.
Most everything we bought for our Airstream trailering experience is included with this purchase. $1,000 premium Blue Ox leveling hitch. Hoses, both water and dump, portable dump tank, pressure valves, shore power adapters plus a shorter extra 50 amp cable, wheel chocks, leveling pads and much more are all included as I will no longer have use for them.
Please take notice! I will not separate out for a lower offer! I have no place to store as our Colorado home is also being readied for market. This is a complete package sale with near new accessories and a great buy for anyone new to travel trailer life!
Freshly cleaned and polished when placed into storage with near full propane tanks, our trailer is ready to drive away and camp out the very same day with everything needed.
I prefer you call or text me as I
don’t check my emails often. My name is Roger and I’d be happy to answer any questions and talk with you about why we came to love this model.
The Airstream FB Twin is perhaps one of the most sought after floor plans and not an easy to find model in the preowned Airstream market. This became apparent 4 years ago when we began our futile search for a late preowned FB Twin.

Pictures are from our last road trip prior placing into storage in Florida and illustrate the superb condition of this trailer. I’ve also included photos of when we took delivery from Vogt in Fort Worth and parked on our ranch in south central Colorado. We often prepare dinner in our home to eat in the Airstream while enjoying Rocky Mountain sunsets at the ranch.
This classic, custom built, “John Wayne” style 1880’s western ranch home on 11 acres of groomed horse property, is being readied for market, sometime in 2021.
Because of the superior condition and camp ready extras, the new owner, especially one who is new to trailer life, will find our Flying Cloud 25FB a better long term value at $62,000 with the option to modify or upgrade at their convenience. Thanks!
Call or Text: 214-298-4315

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