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Crystal Lake
, Illinois
Last Modified May 6, 2023
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Crystal Lake
, Illinois

After 5 years of memorable road trips and wonderful vacations, we have decided it is time to part ways with our 2017 Airstream Basecamp and try out a slightly larger trailer. “Erma” was our very first travel trailer; in fact, it was our very first foray into RVing, and we could not have picked a better rig for the intimidated newbies we were at the time. Erma has been a delight; easy to tow and set up, with a just-right interior size and all the necessary amenities, we have enjoyed modifying her to fit our needs and tastes. Now it is someone else’s turn to do the same.

Purchased in November 2017. First used in March 2018.
Total miles: 21,700.
Serviced annually, including repacked axles.
All service records and manuals included.
22-gallon fresh-water tank; 29-gallon black-water tank.
16’ 3” exterior length: 7’ exterior width; 8’ 625” exterior height: 6’ 4” Interior height
Hitch ball size: 2 5/16”
GVWR = 3500 lb; unloaded = 2600 lb; load capacity = 900 lb.
Upgrades, Mods, and New Items (over $8,000)
New trailer tires plus new spare tire (all in February 2023).
Two new AGM GPL-24 batteries (summer 2022).
Microaire Easy Start added to the AC (can run off a 2000W generator).
Airstream Connect WiFi installed (June 2022; works great).
Added a CoolCustomCanvas cover to protect the front windows during travel (June 2022).
Replaced the foam in the factory seat cushions with a denser product (Lux high-quality 3” foam, life span 12-18 years) professionally reupholstered with a 130,000-rub-count black material
for much-improved sitting and sleeping comfort.
Added new flooring in 2019 (looks great). (Airstream covered the cost because the original refrigerator leaked and discolored the factory flooring. The floor itself was fine.)
Installed a flat-panel fan inside the refrigerator housing (with external speed controller) to aid cooling (big help); the fan can be plugged into an extension cord but could be wired in directly.
Painted the interior cabinetry with Magnolia Home creamy white cabinet paint to brighten the interior.
Added a single telescoping table stand (marine quality) and a blue-pine wood tabletop. Removed the two factory table bases, stands, and tabletops (all included). The wood tabletop can be removed for travel and can be lowered to support the queen-size bed (we usually slept on the two single seats).
Removed the microwave to increase storage and added a smoked glass door to match the others. (The original microwave is included and is easy to reinstall.)
Added small black hooks on each lower side of the refrigerator to use with a bungee to keep the door securely closed during travel.
New paper towel rack. New cloth towel rack.
Added a holder for two pairs of shoes on the inside surface of the entry door.
Mounted a JackIt bike rack on the trailer tongue. Can accommodate two bikes (we used it for our tandem road bike).
Installed an RV Lock (with two remotes and two keys) on the entry door.
Added an access port on the propane shroud to allow the propane tanks to be turned on and off without having to remove the bike rack.
Added LED motion-detector rechargeable light strips in each storage closet and in the wet bath.
New keder rail insert (in February 2023, with plenty of extra for future use).
Rear window shade added.
Magnetic spare key holder.
Added elbow struts to each of the seat lids to make it easier to access those spaces.
Added a 12v extension line for use with a black tank macerator (macerator not included).
Reconfigured the rear cushions to improve sitting and sleeping comfort.
Added two sliding drawers under the rear center seat for additional storage.
Added an Airstream teak floor mat in the wet bath.
Moved the fire extinguisher and put a magazine rack in its place.
Added a rooftop cover for the Fantastic ceiling fan.
Added 3M metal hooks at various convenient locations.
Added metal shower caddies (removable) in the wet bath.
Added a metal handle on the silverware tray to make it easier to access and replace.
Added a trim piece to the edge of the under-sink storage shelf to prevent contents from sliding off.
Other Features and Standard Items
Door visor, side tent, and rear tent included.
Garmin 770RV GPS with wireless BC40 rear camera included.
MTS tire pressure monitor with sensors on all 3 tires included.
Proven Lock hitch protection included.
Rooftop solar panels (180W total).
Truma Combi furnace and water heater.
AC with heat strip.
Single or queen bed sleeping options.
Tire covers for outdoor/winter storage included.
Original screen for the rear door and rear window interior cover included.

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