International Serenity
, Colorado

Serenity is the perfect name for this mid sized, cozy, yet elegant silver cocoon. I bought it new in Aug. 2017, and have thoroughly enjoyed exploring the Rocky Mountain west with it. Especially this last season when airplane travel and hotel stays seemed risky, it was freeing to be completely independent. I traveled about 9000 miles over the last 3 years and have found it a dream to tow with my VW Touareg TDI. But now I am going to downsize as I travel mostly by myself. With a queen size bed in the front, and a dining table that converts into an additional bed, it is ideal for a couple, perhaps with one or two children. I really appreciated the full bathroom with a standing height shower. The kitchen is spacious and versatile. There is plenty of storage throughout. All appliances and amenities are in excellent condition. I’ve kept it in covered storage or a heated garage the entire time I’ve owned it, and washed and thoroughly cleaned it every time I came back from a trip. There is a small buckle in the left front stone guard and both stone guards have some water stains, but otherwise the trailer is in prisitine condition. All brochures and manuals, including warranties, are included.

Listed on November 2, 2020
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