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Flying Cloud

, Colorado
Last Modified September 19, 2022
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Flying Cloud

, Colorado

Excellent condition
Awnings3 awning package
Interior Layout – Sleeping, Kitchen, Bathroom locations Rear bedroom twin beds
Interior Hard Surfaces: Walls, Counters, Doors Standard interior
Interior Soft Surfaces – Material / Cushions / Fabrics / Curtains Cocoa brown. Excellent condition
Bathroom Style and Condition – Wet Bath, Bathtub, Shower Interior and exterior shower
Appliances – Fridge, Furnace, Stove/Oven, Microwave All appliances in good working order
Plumbing – Hot water heater, Sinks and taps, Toilet, Water Pump, Tanks and sizes Water heater, sinks, taps and toilets in good condition.
Sub Floor and Floor Coverings Excellent condition. No tears or marks
Air Conditioning One air conditioner roof mounted
Electrical – Service type, Converter / Inverter, Solar Soft start inverter, with Generator
Propane System – Tanks / Regs / Hoses Two propane tanks
Trailer Weight 7,800 lbs.
Rolling Gear – Tires / Brakes / Bearings – Age, Condition Excellent condition.
Signal and Marker Lights Working, Pigtail Cable, Ready to Tow Yes, ready to tow
Exterior condition, dents or scrapes, any panel replacements, hail damage small dent in the roadside awning. Awning works fine.
Windows, Doors, Hatch Covers, Vent Covers, Skylights, Roof Fans All windows, vents, covers and hatches in good condition
Accessories Included with Sale: Equalizer anti-sway, 200-amp portable solar panels, generator, all linen, and pillows
Ownership History: Third owner
Milage: Estimated less than 7,000 miles
Current Registration Yes
Title: Clean and in hand
Owner email: Mike Wilbur Salida
[email protected]

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