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, Massachusetts

, Massachusetts

With our first grandchild having just arrived and requiring extensive babysitting services, our freedom to travel has been all but eliminated, hence this sale of our beloved, smoke free Airstream. This front twin bed Classic offering is Very extensively outfitted with every conceivable option and extra including: Easy Start on both AC units, 2 roof mounted solar panels, upgraded 65″ projector TV, updated Firefly control system, WiFi Ranger (for campsite WiFi amplification), WeBoost (for cellular reception), TPMS, Level Mate Pro, 50A Surge Guard 34850, temp controlled exterior frig cooling system, leveling ramps, X-chock wheel lockers, jack leveling blocks, upgraded 6V AGM batteries with Victron battery minder, 120V adapter, 50A extension wire, outdoor grill, Equalizer weight transfer-anti-sway hitch (very happy with its performance), collapsible ladder (to reach the roof, stored under couch), rechargeable floor vacuum cleaner, trellis sewer support, extra sewer hose and angle connectors, water hose, coaxial TV hookup cable, electric clock, water line air hose blow out adapter, new water filter, chairs, Walbernize polish, extra Aldi Heat transfer fluid, Vornado circulating fan, extra bed mattress foam upgrades, sheets, blankets, pillows, and comforters; dynamic wheel balancers, toaster, wheel covers, pop up safety cones, polishes and sealers, and more.

For those unfamiliar with the Classic Airstream here are a few highlights: There are many separately controlled LED light circuits which are individually dimmable. There are motion activated floor lighting especially useful at night. There are 4 Firefly control panels, one in the bathroom, one at each end of the main cabin and one in the bedroom. While they have limited overlap, each is intended to control its particular area. The large awning on the passenger side is motorized and tiltable while the two on the drivers side and one in the rear are manual. The toilet is electric with a machinator acting at each flush. The bathroom has heated towel racks and the shower is a full size, full standup shower which two can comfortably enjoy. The main cabin has a 65″ screen that drops down for the projection TV over the couch. Sound is supplied by Bose equipment and by Polk radio. There is a smaller wall mounted flat screen TV in the bedroom. The couch has motorized chair extensions at each end. There is some ‘unofficial’ storage area under the couch which is where we stored the collapsible aluminum ladder. The refrigerator runs on propane, 12V and 120V. It is an ammonia evaporative system which is slow but energy efficient and effective. (I built a controllable, temperature triggered fan system accessible from the exterior panel to help remove heat and that both speeds cooling and reduces energy use.) The hydronic heating system relies on propane or electric as its energy source and is both quiet and effective. There are 2 AC units which generally cover the front and the back but can be run independently and once cool, one running is generally sufficient. All of the main cabin windows have independently controlled (and master controlled), electrically driven night-time shades and day-time shades. There are 2 ceiling fans (further equipped with insulation pillows). The Classic has 4 skylights, 2 in the main cabin and one over each bed – all with manual shades. The microwave requires 120V supply to the Airstream; the 3 burner overtop and stove are propane powered. The dining table’s lift is motorized allowing for the creation of an additional sleeping area. There are 3 storage areas under each of the beds (the twin bed arrangement provides much more storage than that associated with the single queen size bed arrangement coupled with far easier access to both the storage as well as the beds.) All overhead storage cabinets have automated lighting which comes on with opening the cabinet. The sink faucet has and extendible head and for traveling we store dish drip pans, etc in the sink with the covers in place. There is an exterior gas supply connector and a solar connection located on the A-frame at the front of the trailer although we have never used either, relying on the solar panels (see photo showing 18+ volts being generated at the time of the photo) and small propane bottles for the included outdoor grill). There are 50 gal fresh water, gray and black tanks. 3 of the exterior storage areas are lockable, the 4 smaller ones along the bottom are not but could be padlocked. The trailer has a back-up camera (which runs continuously on a separate screen in your tow vehicle) and electric brakes which work well (we used a setting of 6 in our F250). (To ensure smooth riding of the Airstream we installed dynamic wheel balancers on each of the 4 Michelin LT tired wheels and have never had an internal pop rivet pop.). The jack is electric as are the front and rear levelers. We found it to be a good, dependable trailer that is pretty fully equipped with the extras. In the interests of full disclosure, a clueless driver at a highway rest stop inflicted a long cosmetically unacceptable crease on the lower right side which was addressed by the Airstream factory mothership by applying a new aluminum skin over the creased area along the entire side thereby doubling the strength. The process took place over several days, was astonishing to watch, and resulted in an undetectable repair. The trailer has a clear title without any liens and is currently registered in MA.

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