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Flying Cloud

Salt Lake City
, Utah
Last Modified May 12, 2022
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Flying Cloud

Salt Lake City
, Utah

2018 Airstream Flying Cloud 23 CB

Lithium + solar upgrades
Comes with all the supplies you need to go camping (and then some)

This beautiful trailer just went through spring maintenance, and is ready for a summer of boondocking adventures!

This unit has a 90-watt Zamp panel mounted on the roof coupled with an internally mounted lithium self-heating, waterproof battery. The electrical system can be monitored from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

List of recent upgrades:

1. Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 Charge Controller (MSRP $400)
2. KiloVault 1800 CHLX 1800wH / 150ah LiFePO4 Battery (MSRP $1500)
3. New tires around 2,000 miles ago (Trailer King, 10 ply E rated)

Brace yourself for a truly TURN KEY experience! The items listed below will be included with the purchase so you will be ready to go camping straight away, and I’m happy to do an in-depth training session for whoever makes the purchase, if desired.

Included ready to camp items:

1. External 30a power cable and 15a adapter (this will allow you to plug into the side of your house)
2. Power Watchdog surge protector w/ Bluetooth (MSRP $150) (this will make it safe to plug your trailer in just about anywhere)
3. Leveling blocks and chocks
4. Spare set of keys
5. Septic hose, black water flush hose, and gloves
6. Water hose, water filter, and water pressure monitor
7. Equal-i-zer 1200 weight distribution hitch (MSRP $900) (this is the best hitch in my opinion, and goes out with trailers from the factory when available)
8. Hitch and tongue locks
9. Teak shower mat (MSRP $230) (this keeps your feet high and dry in the shower, and looks really nice too)
10. Oxigenics shower head (this preserves water flow down to 1 GPM so you can boondock for longer)
11. Drive Reach RV cell booster by weBoost, with flag pole mount (MSRP $600) (this is ideal for remote work, and I’ve used it with success many times)

One nice thing to note… when doing the lithium upgrade, the external ground accessible solar plugin was wired directly into the Victron charge controller, so that you no longer need to have an external charge controller to get power from a solar briefcase if it is non-Zamp brand. This is a great feature if you want to park the trailer in the shade but still reap the benefits of solar energy!

Why do I love this trailer? It is the perfect length, configuration, trim level, and year… in my opinion. I’ll tell you why:

— At 23 feet long, you get the smallest trailer with two axels, which means safety of redundancy if you get a flat. It is about the same length as my tow vehicle, which made it very easy to find parking in lots or at the gas pump. Most importantly, at this length you still get plenty of room inside while being allowed access to the national park system!
— The corner bed configuration gives you the same amount of living space that you would find in a 25 or even 27 foot unit. And this floor plan actually sleeps more people than the FB (you can sleep 6 in the CB configuration). The full size bed is not too small for 2 average sized adults.
— The Flying Cloud trim level is the ideal cross between luxury and simplicity. You have less moving parts and fancy bells and whistles, but that just means that less things can break when you really need them.
— After 2018, quality control issues began to run rampant. I can attest that this unit has a solid build quality, as I’ve done work on it first hand with experienced Airstream technicians. One cool thing about this model year is the bathroom door is hinged, so you can have more space in the already tight rear quarters!

I’d like to point out that there are a few cosmetic blemishes… a scratch on the rock guard and a small dent in the propane cover. These are all normal wear and tear items (that also happened to occur with the previous owner).

Reach out with questions, for additional photos, or to set up a call / showing! The best way to get in touch is my cell at (612) 741-7570.

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