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, Texas
Last Modified February 28, 2023
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, Texas

2019 Airstream Nest 16U Premium
Purchased new at Ewald’s Airstream, in Franklin WI. The 16U Premium is the version of the
Nest with a front dinette that converts to a queen bed and has extra storage in the kitchen. It
amazing how much storage the 16U has. Between all the overhead storage, the island in the
kitchen, the closet and the under bed storage, it’s easy to stow enough gear for a two week
camping adventure – maybe more! During the time we have owned this Nest we have camped
42 days over the past two years and loved every minute of it.
It’s easy to tow and once you arrive at your campsite, you can have everything set up in about
30-minutes. We have seen other folks with huge 5th -wheels take over two hours to set up. The
powered awning is a snap to expand and perfect to grab a bit of shade while watching the huge
5th Wheel and Class A take forever to get to a point where they can enjoy their camping
experience. And with the front panoramic window, it makes for epic sunsets and sunrises when
you can pull back those curtains and see the great outdoors.
A little warm at night? Don’t sweat it! The oversized AC units will turn the Nest into an icebox if
you want to get it that cold. And did we mention there are disco lights? That’s right, there are
interior LCD lights that can be controlled via an mobile app meaning you can dial in exactly
whatever color you are in the mood for. And if you want to sneak in a little trans/techno/EDM
music, the lights will match the BMP (beats per minute) with a multi colored light show. Oh
yeah, the party is on! Even the fridge is oversized for this camper and it has a small integrated
freezer that will make ice cubes – perfect for that time you want to put a large rock in your
adult beverage.
We’ve loved our Nest but life changes on you and it’s time to let someone else enjoy it as much
as we have. It pulls easily behind a mid-sized SUV. We have towed it with a Porsche Cayenne
Diesel and with the Nest’s slippery shape, we regularly saw 16-17 MPG while towing! Amazing.
We have the Nest on offer for $38,995. Take your camping to the next level with the Airstream
Nest 16U. And did we mention they are now becoming sought after – collectors items even.
This very clean, barely used Nest will not last long!

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