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Santa Fe
, New Mexico
Last Modified May 29, 2024
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Santa Fe
, New Mexico


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๐ŸŒŸ 2019 Airstream Bambi Sport – A Jewel of the Road Awaits! ๐ŸŒŸ

Key Features:
๐Ÿš Model: 2019 Airstream Bambi Sport
๐Ÿ“ Length: 22 feet
๐Ÿ—‚ VIN: 1STVRTF12KJ545595
๐Ÿ“œ Title: Clear, NM
๐Ÿ“ Location: Santa Fe, NM
โœจ Pristine, spacious & fully equipped
โš–๏ธ Upgraded weight distribution hitch, ready to tow
๐ŸŽ Extras: Comprehensive accessory package included



Discover the freedom of the open road with this impeccable 2019 Airstream Bambi Sport. From its serene base in Santa Fe, New Mexico, this Airstream has been a cherished companion for adventures, carrying its original owners through countless memories. Now, itโ€™s ready for its next chapter with you.

Why This Airstream?

This isnโ€™t just any travel trailer; it’s a testament to the love of exploration, offering unparalleled comfort and convenience. Its spacious interior defies its compact size, with a queen bed thatโ€™s a dream to sleep in, and a dinette that promises cozy evenings and lively mornings. The kitchen is a chefโ€™s delight, boasting ample counter space and modern appliances, including a much-appreciated convection/microwave oven.

The large bathroom is a rare find, ensuring home-like comfort wherever you park. Skylights and windows flood the space with natural light, creating an airy, open feel. And with two awnings, you can extend your living space outdoors, savoring those perfect sunsets or sipping morning coffee in cool shade.

Ready for the Road

Meticulously maintained, this Bambi Sport is in excellent condition, with only a few signs of its journeys – a minor exterior crease and some cosmetic damage from a thwarted break-in attempt that tells a story of resilience. The extensive list of included accessories, from towing gear to luxury bedding, means youโ€™re ready to hit the road the moment the keys are in your hand.

For the Solar-Powered Traveler

Equipped with two roof-mounted solar panels and AGM batteries, this Airstream embraces off-grid adventures, ensuring comfort without compromise. Whether youโ€™re wild camping under the stars or nestled in a cozy campground, power will never be a concern.

Your New Adventure Awaits

This Airstream Bambi Sport represents more than just a travel trailer; it’s a lifestyle, a freedom, a way to explore the world with the comforts of home always with you. Now offered for sale, it seeks a new owner who shares a spirit of adventure and a love for the open road.

For inquiries, tours, or more details, please direct all questions to [email protected]. Donโ€™t miss your chance to own this piece of Airstream history.



Additional Details provided by Owner:

Ownership History:

We are the original and only owners. We have enjoyed the trailer very much!

Why did you select this model?

The headroom was important as well as the large bathroom. The previous trailer was not as light and open feeling. We liked the large deep double sink, as well as the amount of counter space, good two burner stove and convection/microwave oven. The dining area was very comfortable for both of us, and the queen size bed was extremely comfortable for sleeping or curling up with a good book on a rainy afternoon.

Why are you selling?

We are both in our 80s and felt that for safety reasons it was best to give up the trailer lifestyle.

Exterior Condition Description:

Exterior is in excellent condition, except it needs to be washed. New Mexico is dusty, and the dust gets everywhere. We can not move the trailer to get it washed because we no longer own a car with a hitch and the owner of the storage area does not allow us to wash the trailer. There is a minor crease on the rear that happened when someone in the storage area illegally moved a wood pallet to the wall behind the trailer and the wind blew it over. Nine months ago someone tried to break into the trailer and there are minor marks around the door where they tried to enter. Luckily there were four other trailers that were much easier to enter, and they gave up trying to damage ours. The door still functions perfectly. There have been no repairs performed on the trailer.

Hail Damage?


Aluminum Body Panels:

Yes original. There are two rock guards on the front.

Filiform Damage?


Roof Vents and Skylights:

There is one skylight over the area between the sink and dining area. Great condition. One opening vent centered in the aisle by the entry, just in front of the bathroom. It is a manual opening vent with fan. This is covered by a Smoke Colored Maxx Air Lexan Cowl that allows the vent to remain open during rain.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:

One exterior hatch over storage area on right hand side ahead of the axel that extends to the front. Cover is in place, lock is working and key is on both key rings.

Windows, Seals and Operators:

All windows and seals are good. All the windows that should open do open.

Entrance Door:

Entrance door has minor cosmetic damage due to an attempted but unsuccessful break-in. The door functions perfectly and the seal is tight. There are keys for the two locks on the door. Because Airstream owners keep reporting being locked out of their trailers because one of the locks is easy to close by accident when shutting the door, a NoLox addition was added to prevent this from happening. With the NoLox engaged, we just lock the door with the dead bolt. The NoLox can be disengaged easily if you want to use both locks on the door. The keys for both locks are on the key rings.


There are two awnings, the standard one on the street side and an additional awning on the road side. The street side awning was installed when we purchased the trailer and we had the dealer add the street side awning a year later. The street side awning is not as large but provides great shade on that side. Both awnings are manual. The fabric on the awnings is in excellent shape. The large awning has only been used four or five times. The way we have used the trailer has been traveling every day or every other day rather than staying in one area. We would arrive about 4 or 5pm, too late to need an awning, and leave the next morning. Because we do not believe in leaving the awning out when we aren’t at the trailer, we just didn’t use it much. The operation of both awnings is fine.

Front A-Frame Condition:

The A-Frame is in excellent condition. No damage or visible rust.

Rear Bumper / Exposed Frame Condition:

There is no rear bumper to stand on.

Frame Condition:



No holes or soft spots in the floor. We have never looked at the sub-floor.

Belly Pan:

The Belly Pan is original and intact. No replaced areas, no damaged or loose sections or holes or gaps.

Interior Layout and Condition:

The queen size bed is crossways in the front of the trailer. The mattress is the original mattress and has always been covered with a mattress cover. There are five windows surrounding the bed. The front three windows are covered with tinted clear rock guards to protect the windows. The rock guard above the middle window opens to allow that large window to open fully, providing a wonderful breeze on nice days. The other two front windows do not open. Above the three front windows are two storage units with tambour doors. There is another window on each side of the bed that does open at the bottom. The window on the street side is an Emergency Window that has never been opened.

The plywood under the bed lifts up to expose a large storage area with 4 plastic bins with covers. On the street side is access to the back of the propane hot water heater/tank with the valves to use for winterization and two low point drains.

On the street side of the trailer, behind the bed, is a long counter with two deep double sinks with covers. There is good storage in the double door cupboard under the sink, including a silverware drawer. Another floor level small storage unit is just to the left. There is an opening window above the sink. The propane furnace is under the sink area. There are two storage cabinets with tambour doors over the sink area. The stereo system is in the forward cabinet.

To the left or toward the rear, is a two burner propane surface unit with cover. Under the burners is an electric microwave/convection oven. Below the microwave/convection oven is a shallow storage area. The propane refrigerator is to the left of the stove. The refrigerator has a small freezer, several shelves and a large storage drawer in the bottom. There are shelves in the door. The electrical control system is located under refrigerator. A TV is on the wall above the refrigerator. The TV is mounted on a bracket that allows it to swing out for better viewing from either the table area or the bed.

On the street side you will find the U-shaped seating arrangement around the table. The table pedestal is adjustable and will lower the table to some of the padded seating can be placed on the table for another small bed. We never did that. There is a lovely large window over the table. It opens from the bottom. Under both the forward and rear benches of the seating are storage areas. These areas can be accessed by lifting the cushions and removing a hatch or two, or from floor level doors. One of these doors is in forward area by the bed, the other is in the entrance area. The entrance door is to the rear of the dining area.

Across from the entrance door is a hanging closet with a shelf at the top. The floor of the closet lifts up to access the water pump. You will also find two low point drains in this area. To easily add pink winterizing fluid to the water system, a valve has been added to this area that makes pumping the solution into the water hot and cold water systems very easy. The opening vent with fan is in the ceiling between the closet and entrance door.

At the end of the hallway is a door to the large bathroom that is across the rear of the trailer. There are two nice towel racks on the inside of the bathroom door, and a lovely opening window on the rear wall. There is a counter across the back with a small sink. A mirror on a movable mount works well. A small cupboard is under the bathroom sink. The toilet is on the street side of the room. A large shower is on the curb side. The folding shower door that was difficult to operate has been replaced by a glass door purchased from Airstream. The new glass shower door eliminated a nasty track across the shower entrance and made the shower much brighter.

The only repair in the interior was the replacement of the back of the forward dining area seating. The wood had a bad horizontal crack and the Airstream dealer replaced this while the trailer was under warrantee.

Dinette Style and Location:

U-Shaped Dinette is on the street side across from the kitchen sink. The table will drop to the height of the seats of the dinette to make a small bed. The table will also rotate to facilitate entrance to the area. I believe the surface is Formica. It is white, and is the same as the surface of the kitchen and bathroom counters.

Bathroom Location and Style:

Rear bath with separate shower. The fixtures are all original to the 2019 trailer. Everything works perfectly.





Sleeping Areas:

We have only used the Queen bed across the front of the trailer for sleeping. It is possible to lower the table in the U-Shaped dining area and move cushions to make a small sleeping area. The forward bed has the original mattress from 2019.

Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces:

The Queen bed mattress was with the new trailer in 2019. It is very comfortable. The seats and backs of the U-Shaped dinette can be re-arranged on the lowered dining table to make a bed. The seats and back cushions are covered with faux leather. They are in an excellent condition, and I believe the area would be a comfortable small bed.

Interior Soft Surfaces – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery:

All original and and excellent condition. No wear or tear marks.

Curtains and Blinds:

No curtains. Original aluminum blinds are in excellent operating condition and great appearance.

Interior Walls:

Original, shiny aluminum. No damage or repairs.

Cabinets, Doors, and Counters:

All cabinets and doors are original and in excellent condition. Countertop in kitchen and bath is excellent, and the table is as well.

Floor Coverings:

Original floor in excellent condition. The floor is a pale grey faux wood pattern seamless vinyl floor.

Stove and Oven:

Two surface propane burners. Cuisinart electric microwave/convection oven located under surface units.


Refrigerator is made by Dometic and is Model # 8505

Furnace / Space Heater:

Forced hot air created by original Atwood propane furnace Model AFSD12. There are three heat vents, one by the bed, one near the closet and one in the bathroom.

Other Appliances:

Original backup camera and color monitor for tow vehicle. The microwave/convection oven is built-in under the propane surface units. TST caps on tires and monitor to use in tow vehicle.

Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump:

All the water lines are original and in great condition. There have never been any leaks. The original Shurflo water pump was replaced with another Shurflo pump by the Airstream dealer in 2022 because it was allowing water to fill the onboard fresh water tank when the trailer was connected to city water.

Hot Water Heater:

Original Atwood Propane Water Heater Model G6A-8E. It has electric ignition and has a 6 gallon tank.

Sinks and Taps:

Kitchen and bath sinks are original. The kitchen sink is a double deep stainless sink. The bath sink is original. The taps are all original. There have never been any leaks.


Original Thetford Aqua Magic Low Profile Toilet. Foot valve to flush. No rinsing hose. Excellent condition and have never had any problems.

Water leaks / Water damage? Mold or Mildew?

No leaks either past or present. No evidence of mold or mildew. We live in New Mexico where there is extremely low humidity. When we have traveled to the NE or SE we take a large dehumidifier with us to combat the humidity.

Fresh Water Tank:

Original tank. Excellent condition as far as I can tell. It is a 20 gallon tank.

Gray Water Tank:

Original 28 gallon tank. Excellent condition.

Black Water Tank:

Original 18 gallon tank. Excellent condition.

Exterior Water / Sewer Connections:

Fresh water city connection is working and in excellent condition. The black tank rinse connection is working and in excellent condition. The sewer connection point and valves are in excellent condition and work well. With bad arthritis in my hands I have trouble getting the caps off at times. I have caps with handles stored with the clean sewer hoses but have never put them on.

Air Conditioner:

One original Dometic roof mounted air condition located over center aisle by stove. It works well and has a heat strip function. A MicroAir Soft Start has been installed so starting can be accomplished with less than 30 amps.

Electrical Service:

30 Amp electrical system with one connection point. The original connection point was upgraded to a Smart Plug connection. The power cord was upgraded with a new, more flexible cord with a Smart Plug.

Solar / Batteries / Invertor / Converter:

Two 90-watt Zamp solar panels are installed on the roof. One was installed by request when we picked up the trailer in January 2019 and the second panel was installed in September 2019. There are two batteries, Lifeline Group 24 AGM batteries. One was the original battery and the second was installed when the second solar panel was. A portable solar panel is available if desired. The trailer has the original 55 Amp Multi Stage Convertor with 110V/12V,

Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity:

Sound system is original. Airstream Connect was added in summer of 2010. No cellular booster.

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator:

The original two 20 gallon propane tanks are installed and the certification is current. The 2-stage regulator is original. The hoses were replaced in 2022 when we installed GasStop valves on the two tanks.

When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?

July 2023

Trailer Weight:


Trailer Tongue Weight:


Trailer Maximum Weight (GVWR):



1, original. Trailer we upgraded with 3″ lift kit.


Goodyear Endurance ST325/75R14E with metal stems were installed in April 2022. The date on the tires is: 0122. The tires are always covered to protect them from the sun when the trailer is not being used. The trailer is parked on concrete so the tires are not sitting in the sun.

Brakes and Bearings:

The brakes were 12″ Electric Nev-R-Adjust Drum Brakes. The brake pads were replaced in the fall of 2020 when the bearings were repacked. The brakes and bearings were checked when the new tires were installed in April 2022. The bearings were repacked at that time. The trailer has been driven about 6000 miles since that time.

Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains:

In place and working when tested.

Hitch Receiver Size:

2 5/16″

Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration:

All working at this time.

Weight Distribution Hitch:

A weight distribution hitch was included with the sale. I was not happy with it and had the hitch and stinger replaced in April 2022. The current weight distribution hitch is a Equal-I-Zer 4 Point 600/6000 LB hitch installed April 2022.

Is this Airstream Safe to Tow or Drive?


Accessories Included with Sale:

All manuals that came with the trailer; 2 sets of keys; Camco RhinoFLEX sewer hoses and connections to trailer and sewer; water pressure regulator with pressure dial connected to water filter; ZeroG Fresh Water Hose’ Green hose for using with Black Tank Flush; hose fittings for use with filling fresh water tank and rinsing hot water tank; drain plugs for hot water tank and wire brush for cleaning threads in tank drain; 25-foot SmartPlug cord for electrical connection from the Smart plug on the trailer to a 30 amp source; 4-foot SmartPlug cord for connection from SmartPlug on trailer to 220 volt extension cord; 1-foot cord 30 amp male to 110 female; 110 male plug to 30 amp female; Dogbone – 50 amp male to 30 amp female; Coax cable for TV; 110 extension cord; Fluorescent work lamp; 1 Set Red Anderson Levelers; 4 heavy duty Wheel Chocks; 16 yellow interlocking stacking blocks to be used under fir 4 stabilizers; 2 grey tire covers; Crank for lowering/raising the stabilizers; 13/16″ and 15/16″ sockets for use with water tank plug and lug nuts; Various lubricants; 2 1/2 bottles of Walbernize polish sealer for use after washing the trailer; Rod for pulling down the awning; Stinger for the receiver in tow vehicle. The stinger works with the Equal-I-Zer 4 Point 600/6000 LB hitch on the trailer; Two bars and connections for use with the hitch and stinger; Padlocks for hitch and Stinger – they use a common key; Color monitor to use in tow vehicle for rear camera on trailer; Color monitor to use in tow vehicle for TST system; 2-foot Breaker Bar for use with 1/2″ sockets; Bedding which includes a mattress pad, sheets, pillow cases, 6 pillows, and a down comforter; Bathroom towels and plush mat; 6 decorative pillows with Flamingos; Ikich ice cube maker.

Other comments or notes you would like the buyer to know?

There are other items that the new owner might want to purchase from us at a reduced price.

An eTork 1/2″ drive torque wrench for making certain the lug nuts on the wheels are set at 115 pounds, $50
A new, still in the box Tekonsha P3 Brake Controller, $150
Viair 40047 400P-RV automatic portable compressor kit, $300
To protect the trailer and electronics, a Progressive Industries Electrical Management System (EMS) which is highly recommended. EMS-PT30X, $200
Travel Berkey Water Filtration System made of 304 stainless steel. When this is used with campground water you can forget buying bottled water to drink. It is great for 2 or 3 people. Glass water bottles are included to store the water you purify, $300
EcoSeb Dehumidifier, a 15 pt unit, DD122EA Classic, $400.

We have thoroughly enjoyed this trailer and taken very good care of it. The outside is dusty with New Mexico grit, but with a good wash job, the trailer will look brand new.

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