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International Signature

, Michigan

This 2019 Airstream International Signature 30RB is such a rare find and a recreational travel trailer that I do not want to part with it, but Life issues sometimes get in the way…… This unit still has a few more months of Factory Warranty still left on it! (late December 2021). Primarily because the fact that I have only owned it for only the past several months, and have only had a chance to enjoy its wonderful amenities on 2 brief weekends. I am the by fact the second owner, purchasing it from the original owner at the end of last year, where I immediately put it in inside heated storage, and because of life’s unexpected circumstances, we must part with this gem of a travel trailer! The original owner I bought this from, took impeccable care of it, as I have. He himself didn’t use it more than two weeks. This Airstream was even flat bed trucked from the original owner in Arizona to me, so as to not put any more miles on her trailer/tires than needed! Talk about being babied! LOL In fact, the trailer unfortunately has only been used for 2 weekend getaways to nearby powered campsites. The longest trip I had the fortune of taking it was less than 2 hours away! Only two weekends of use in the past year, but this 30 foot Airstream Signature RB model with its large Queen bed in the rear of the trailer is ready to camp! The bedroom in the rear is critical. Anyone who has spent time in a campsite that is busy, knows that! Inside this trailer, all is comfortable and quiet. You could pull up to the trailer, attach your vehicle to it, and take it to your favorite campsite and enjoy all the amenities of this optioned to the hilt trailer has to offer! This trailer has everything you could order on it from the factory and then some!!! 2 Dometic Air Conditioners and Heaters, can cool or heat this trailer literally in under 5 minutes to any temperature you desire! We were hooked to shore power this summer, and though it was over 86 degrees and humid outside, we relaxed and slept in extreme comfort at 68 degrees F (my wife likes it cold….), but it wasn’t 5 minutes to cool the camper down to 68 degrees or lower if one wanted. The two separate cooling/heating zones in this trailer/camper allows these cooling/heating units to very easily and quickly get and keep your new home on wheels extremely comfortable in just a few minutes. The programmable Dometic HVAC system can be programmed to any number of user settings in seconds. Anything from cooling to dehumidification, to heat, and all in-between. All automatic or otherwise. Whatever you like! We even added custom “pillow top” memory foam padding to the already comfortable pillow top queen bed, which sits in the rear master bedroom! More comfort isn’t possible! The Aztec color theme from the factory, plus the upgraded factory installed appliances are barely used, and in phenomenal condition! Large refrigerator / freezer will keep all your perishables as cold as any appliance I have in my house! Plus this unit has AUTOMATIC main awning! A push of a button, and your main awning is deployed in a minute. Another push of a button, you can set whatever various angles on the awning, to ensure proper rain/wind relief and spill off. Then when you’re packing up, just another push of that button, and the main awning is retracted and tucked away, ready for towing. Really, that’s it! The camper also has multiple other awning that are manual, but still self retracting.(rear, front, and “port” side). The 3 burner stove was never used by me, but like everything else, it works perfectly! I doubt the original owners used it, as it looks as new, just like the other appliances. We did use the convection microwave though for our two weekend trips. The convection microwave can cook about anything I wanted. Between that, and the unused 3 burner cooktop stove, I can’t imagine needing any other type of cooking device. LOTS of storage space everywhere in the camper. Hanging closets and up and down storage space in the master bedroom plus additional storage cabinetry and space everywhere in this camper! Even underneath the Queen bed with hydraulic assisted bed lifter, plus over head the bed. Cabinets and storage above and below, throughout the camper, makes this camper that much easier to keep everything inside it, and when we wanted to leave, we just hooked up the truck to the trailer, and away we went! Speaking of trailering, I didn’t have much experience with trailering camper trailers before this. But the original owner had the top of the line, “Blue Ox” Anti-Sway PRO Heavy Duty Bar system installed on the trailer. This anti-sway bar system is the top of the line system for pulling any type of trailer. A $1650 option (installed) included with this trailer! Read stories of trailering without a good sway bar control system or a “less than” sway bar system. Yikes! But when added to this Airstream, it literally makes it almost too easy to pull this camper! The first time I pulled this International Signature, despite crosswinds of over 40 mph on our way to Silver Lake Michigan, I didn’t have a bit of sway. None! Plus, the unique shape and high quality of the Airstream trailer, allowed my Ford truck to easily pull this trailer. Although I have a big truck from long before I owned this trailer, its highway mpg was minimally decreased when the Airstream was attached. Without it my F-series truck averaged 18mpg on the highway. With the Airstream fully loaded, plus my truck loaded with extra kids gear, (bikes, toys and a family full of people in my truck), I still averaged over 14.5 mpg! That is combination city/highway! I couldn’t believe it! The shape of the Airstream really does make that much of a difference! In addition to this International Signature 30RB having every option available from the factory, it also has additional goodies! Lots of extras I am
including with this trailer at no extra charge. These add one will make this Airstream that much more comfortable, easier, valuable and enjoyable! This camper has an optional added wireless color and sound rear camera system. Backing up this trailer made even easier! When backing up into your campsite, your life just got a whole lot easier with this wireless camera system! I can see behind me in low light, with full color display, AND transmit sound! I can not only see AND hear behind me. (That’s vital as well!) I also invested and added wireless TPMS to ALL the trailers tires, including the spare tire! The wireless TPMS color screen mounted via easy mount quick release system (just like the quick release wireless rear camera screen) will also give you real time tire pressure and temperature information! In real time! I am told that anyone who has had a blow out or flat tire on their trailer wishes they could have avoided it. This system allows you to monitor each separate tire pressure and tire temperature all while driving down the road, or the all important check before you pull away on your next adventure! Experienced RV’ers have told me it is imperative to know the temperature and the psi of your trailers tires while driving down the road. I also purchased many recommended “optional” items straight from
Airstream shop online and those items are also included! Such as the Airstream OEM flat tire changing kit. I also am including all the brand new rugs, (that’s what keeps the floors so nice and also very comfortable! High end, custom indoor matching rugs also included. Other accessories, such as original Airstream equipment/tools like the fuse kit, Airstream rivet repair kit (never needed, but a good thing to have per Airstream, lots of extra freshwater and freshwater hoses, specialized black water adapters with a specialized tank cleaning adapter that while not “needed”, are just one of many extras I am including with this camper that makes it truly ready to camp the same day you pull away from your purchase. You can’t do that fen if you bought it new! I have also purchases lots of extra leveling and chocking devices, (The hard solid rubber kind not the cheap plastic kind you see on Amazon) and an extra long, 50 amp shore power cord (retail new $700!) in addition to the factory 50 amp shore power cord. (TWO heavy duty shore power cords, these are several hundred dollars each for high quality shore power cords!). Specialized sewer hose cradles, freshwater filters with pressure gauges just in case you come to the campsite that is more “rustic“ or has unregulated water pressures, while unlikely needed, again these multiple items that are not included in A brand new camper purchase! (even through Airstream has built in freshwater filtration already), and lots of those items that are needed/wanted when you are setting up, that all together costs a couple of thousand dollars, and lots of “wish I had that” types of items that I will include. This camper/trailer has a DVD system, connected to two TV’s (salon and master bedroom), plus a sound system in the ceilings and hidden subwoofers in the lower cabinets and under tables, that can get that thing ‘rockin’ if wanted. It also has wifi within the camper, to answer and talk through your smartphone if you have to. (I recommend turning your phone off, it’s more relaxing, LOL). The camper can sleep 6 comfortably. 2 in the Queen bed in the master, (which has privacy accordion doors separating it from the main trailer and/or also the bathrooms as well if needed), 2 on the slide out bed at the front of the camper, and if needed 2 more with the kitchen table is easily folded down on its factory hinges, and the factory cushions put in to place. The bathroom and the shower can easily fit a large man. (I am 6’2″, and 215 lb, and powerlifting is my sport, so yes I am not a small man but can stand up straight IN THE SHOWER! I can also sit down in the shower with the shower door closed. Not many campers offer this type of room). While plugged in to shore power, and water, I enjoyed limitless hot water in the separate enclosed showers. It has a tankless type of water heater system, so even my two pre teen daughters couldn’t leave me with cold water. But even if you are not on shore power, the large water tanks, and grey and black water collection tanks are plenty big to easily be enough to allow our family of 4 (remember, a wife and 2 pre teen daughters! LOL) enough capacity to run everything off of either shore power, OR if you are really getting away from everything, the large double LP tanks up front (which are 100% full right now- again ready to camp!!! Plus the factory inverter, that if you are “boondocking” (not connected to shore power) keeps the all your systems running, and all other appliances working great! The craftsmanship on an Airstream is really apparent, when you look at it vs other brands. Certainly, there are many well built brands out there. But I know for a fact that these “hand built” camper trailers are valuable for a reason. There is no wood used to build the frames. Its mostly high quality aluminum, some composite, but no “screws in wood” to pull out, or rot away. That is the reason Airstreams sell themselves, and hold their value far better than ANY other camper/trailer out there.

This camper is not going to last long and we still have a few months of camping in the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes, but this camper can keep you comfortable all year round in appropriate climates! These models are back ordered at the factory for over a year plus and this particular camper has been babied and meticulously taken care of and has minimal road and camping time on it. You will not find a better deal with the extras I am including. Plus, these Airstream models do not depreciate in value like all other models out there. Enjoy it and take good care of her and she will take good care of you and still give you a good price when you have to part ways. It really does break my heart to have to sell her. But again, since we can’t use her l, want to see her go to a good “home”!
You can easily see there just isn’t many of these lightly used Airstream International Signature 30RBQ models out there. Buy this RV camper before it’s gone.

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Airstream: 2019 Airstream 30FT International Signature For Sale in Ada

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