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Saratoga Springs
, Utah
Last Modified February 18, 2024
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Saratoga Springs
, Utah

The Airstream Basecamp 16X introduces a new shape to the family. Its aerodynamic body and roof profile slip through the air on the open road and help increase fuel efficiency. Panoramic front windows let you take in the world around you! The Basecamp is designed to be smaller, lighter and increase ground clearance, it’s a breeze getting into tight spaces. It has even made me, a neophyte who hasn’t backed up a trailer in 50-years, look like a pro backing it into a tight, space (well ‘tight-ish’).

There’s more than enough room to take ALL your gear along with you. The awesome rear hatch, lets you load your bike, kayak, paddleboard and other large gear!

The Basecamp is:

Easy to Tow – It’s compact, lightweight design makes it easily towable with mid-size SUVs.

Tow in More Places – The aggressive departure angle and large wheels help you tackle more roads.

Damage Prevention – Rock guards, and wheel flares, help prevent damage from gravel and debris.

3,500 lb. Maximum Capacity – Base Weight: 2,585 lbs. Net Carrying Capacity: 915 lbs. Hitch Weight with LP and Batteries: 435 lbs.

Panoramic Windows – The three front windows are protected by rock guards. The guards swing away easily for cleaning.

Pre-wired for Solar Power – Seamlessly add or upgrade solar power generation. The trailer has a 180W solar system upgrade on the roof.

AGM Batteries – The trailer comes with two new AGM batteries.

Heavy Duty Jacks – The Basecamp has Jacks designed to stabilize the trailer to keep it leveland secure as you move around the inside.

X Model Upgrades

Black Shadow Wheel Design
Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Tires
Lift kit that provides three extra inches of clearance.
Solar front window protection; and
Stainless steel rockguards on the front of the trailer.

Standard Features

Flexible Bed Options – Let’s face it, at the end of the day (or in my case, the middle of the afternoon), one of the trailer’s most important features comes into play. The BED! The bedding area of the basecamp is among the largest and most flexible of ANY Airstream trailer. The dinette area has multiple configurations ranging from dining area, to lounge to a HUGE bed for two.

2-inch mattress topper made of 3-lb. cool-gel memory foam for a comfortable sleeping experience.

Rear Hatch – plenty of room to load and store large gear through the 26″ x 46″ rear hatch.

MORE GEAR – 126 inches of available cargo depth from the hatch to the galley cabinets with NO obstructions.

Pop-Up Charging – Two pop-up charging stations in the kitchen haave USB ports and 110V outlets so you can charge all your devices. There are also charging ports and 110V outlets throughout the trailer.

Kitchen faucet folds down and is covered with tempered glass to add work room.

Two-burner Gas Stove – A tempered glass cover closes over the burners for more work space.

Microwave and Fridge – There’s a fully electric refrigerator, freezer, and a microwave.

Storage – There are cabinets with doors, cubby holes, a spice rack, and a utensil holding tray that is specifically designed to fit the kitchen drawer.

Bench Storage – Huge storage area under the bench on the curb side.

Door Screens – The main door features a sliding screen with a strong magnet to secure it in place, while the rear hatch has a removable, roll-down screen to let you enjoy the fresh air sans bugs.

Full Wet Bath – The bathroom houses the shower, sink, toilet all in the same waterproof area with the custom ‘teak’ bathroom mat. Shower head can be used as an OUTSIDE shower.

Air Conditioning – The AC with two-speed fan will keep you cool.

Heater & Hot Water – When you’re surrounded by snow, the Truma Combi Eco Plus heating system will handle both water and cabin heating with world-class efficiency.

12V Tank Heaters – Tank heaters help keep the tanks from freezing in colder conditions when you’re not running the furnace.

Marine Fabric – The Basecamp seating is covered in antibacterial, mildew-resistant, stain-resistant, and flame-retardant fabric for lasting durability.

Attachable Tents & Visor – Two optional tents attach to the trailer providing an additional 120 square feet of extra sleeping, lounging, and storage space. The visor attaches to the main door for shade.

Room for Friends – Two benches and a seat that spans the inside of the rear hatch door make room for five people to lounge, eat, and hang out.

At this price, this trailer won’t be available for long! Give me a call or send me a text and let’s make a deal. 🙂

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