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East Wenatchee
, Washington
Last Modified February 15, 2024
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East Wenatchee
, Washington

2020 20′ Airstream Bambi FB for Sale (Dune color scheme)

It’s time for Airstream Shirley to find a new home. After full timing in the trailer for over a year and a half, I’ve purchased a home and she’s not getting to enjoy our country’s spectacular campgrounds as much. She’s been on some adventures and made a great home for me and my cat Benny.

Airstream Shirley was purchased from Colonial Airstream in New Jersey (from Patrick) in May 2021. It was purchased “used” but had been barely owned by the original owners from October 2020-May 2021 and taken out once or twice when unforeseen circumstances had lead them to sell.

Airstream Shirley has been to 19 National Parks, 20 State Parks, 1 Regional Park and crossed 21 states. She’s been towed roughly 10,000 miles. I’d love to help someone start their own personal adventure. She’s drive off ready and the title is free and clear. Private showings are available upon inquiry.

I towed her with my Toyota Tacoma and she handled well on the road and her single axel made her easy for parking in tight spots. The bed is large enough to fit two people (or one person and a cat that has no sense of personal space). The under-bed storage was able to hold my most prized possessions and it’s well positioned over the tongue to prevent sway. As an avid home chef, this model is known for the kitchen galley and offered plenty of space to cook and store items when I was stationary. The outside storage compartment is great for holding your hoses, chocks, power cords/t-bones, and any other items you need for towing/maintenance. The separate hose storage is convenient for storing your sewer hose. This model does have composite flooring, which can be viewed around the water pump, which means in 30 years her subfloor is still going to be solid unlike the wood floor on the pre-2020 models.

While on the road, I was working full time and this trailer is set up perfectly for anyone that may need to work on the road or enjoys some more modern comforts while camping.

The following upgrades have been made:

Solar: This will run the refrigerator while driving to ensure safe food storage but can also allow boondocking for a day or two). There is an option to add additional ZAMP portable solar panels.
Wineguard (wired in; installed by Colonial Airstream): This will boost an existing wifi signal and can be used as a hotspot device. Primarily used this at the occasional RV park.
Weeboost (wired in): This will boost a cell phone signal, such as Verizon, inside the trailer. It will increase your bar strength.
32″ Smart TV: I was able to easily stream Netflix while on the road with the above two upgrades.

I’m including in the sale the following items:

Progressive Industries surge protector
Proven Hitch Lock: this is top of the line, heavy duty, and will ensure your trailer is safe
EZ sway bars
Extended ball hitch (this is a VERY heavy duty ball hitch given to me by Colonial Airstream and is extended to support the 16′ sea kayak I carried on the truck with me)
Chocks (I have the roll one ones for leveling, the flat bright yellow ones for leveling, and some heavy duty rubber chocks)
Airstream Mattress Airflow: prevents mattress mold issues
Backup camera: came with the trailer and can be run while driving to assist with lane transitions, etc.
Flojet 18555-000A Portable RV Waste Pump: This was used when I was stationary and had access to a sewer system. It allows you to dump sewage through a regular garden hose by macerating the waste.
Propane tanks have all been filled and she’s currently winterized.

The manuals provided by Colonial Airstream are all included with the trailer. The trailer is no longer under warranty, however some of the appliances may still be (stove, refrigerator, pump, etc.).

I’ve only had one maintenance item on the trailer, and that was the replacement of the sail switch for the furnace (a $5 part). I have a spare sail switch, Reflectex window coverings, padded fan covers, and some other miscellaneous maintenance items going with the trailer.

There are a few dents/scratches to be aware of: There is a dent on the front where the kayak managed to hit the front end of the trailer during a sharp turn. This may be able to be pulled out but is on a smaller panel if the new owner decides to replace. There are also a couple of dents on the back panel, also from the kayak during a wind storm in Moab. There are a couple of scratches on the back side of the trailer from branches while driving in and out of campgrounds, parking, etc. All of these are fixable with time and money. None are causing issues with the trailer (leaks, etc.) and I’ve considered them a character of the trailer and the adventures we’ve been on together.

Payment accepted via certified check or money order. Not accepting foreign payment or personal checks.

I do still own the Honda 3000is Generator, purchased in September 2021 and used in some of the campgrounds to run things like air conditioning, refrigerator, television, for longer periods of time. This is available for purchase at an extra cost if interested.

Hopefully your next adventure starts soon!

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