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, Arizona

, Arizona


Discover the perfect 2020 Airstream Bambi for young families or couples seeking adventure. This travel trailer comes with a wealth of features and an extensive list of accessories, making it a fantastic find. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own an exceptional Airstream and create lifelong memories.

This 2020 Airstream Bambi has been meticulously cared for since its purchase in 2021 from an Airstream dealership in Los Angeles. The exterior is in great condition, with only a minor scratch on the left rear panel. It boasts original aluminum body panels, two manual roof vents/skylights, and a manual awning on the starboard side. All hatch covers, locks, windows, and the entrance door are in good working order.

The interior layout features a front bed, a galley on the port side, a dinette on the starboard side, and a bathroom with a separate shower in the rear. The dinette can be converted into a second bed, providing additional sleeping space. The rear bathroom is in excellent condition, with separate shower and toilet fixtures all in good working order.

No smoking or pets have been inside the trailer, ensuring a clean and fresh interior. The trailer offers two sleeping areas, with a front bed approximately the size of a queen and a dinette bed about the size of a double. All cushions and soft surfaces are original and in good condition, and the linoleum floor is free of chips and scuffs.

Appliances and systems within the Bambi include a propane gas stove, an electric fridge, a forced air gas furnace, a microwave, an HD TV, a water pump, a hot water heater, a thermostat, a tank/battery monitor, and a backup camera. The plumbing, water lines, water pump, hot water heater, and sinks/taps are all original and in good working condition. The toilet is in good condition, with no leaks or issues.

Safety and towing features include a 2 5/16″ hitch receiver size, working signal and marker lights, a Blue Ox Trackpro weight distribution hitch, and a Curt Echo wireless brake controller. The trailer weight is 3,800 lbs dry and 5,000 lbs fully loaded, with a tongue weight of 550 lbs and a max weight (GVWR) of 5,000 lbs. The single axle comes with original Goodyear tires in good condition.

Included with the sale are a water hose with a filter, wheel blocks and levelers, a sewer hose, an electric cable with a built-in 30 amp connector, jack pads, undercarriage mounted waterproof LED “party lights” with a wireless remote control, a Blue Ox Trackpro weight distribution hitch, a Curt Echo wireless brake controller, two AutoDolly heavy steel dollies, and a heavy-duty three-wheel dolly.


Manufacturer: Airstream
Style: Travel Trailer
Model Year: 2020
Model: Bambi
Length: 22
Title Status: Title with Lien
Title State: AZ
Registration Current?: Yes
Registration State?: AZ
Location Details: : Outdoor at house
Year Purchased?: 2021
Ownership History: Have owned since 3/21. Have taken approximately 10 trips, less than 5000 miles total. Purchased from Airstream dealership (Los Angeles). According to Airstream, only previous owner bought trailer new, took it on one trip, then stored at Airstream for several months before selling (to me) on consignment.
Why did you select this model?: Perfect size for young family, not too large to tow with regular sized SUV.
Why are you selling?: Using proceeds on real estate.
Showing Instructions:: contact
Virtual Tour Instructions:: contact
Exterior Condition Description:: Exterior in good condition. Minor scratch on left rear panel.
Hail Damage?: none
Aluminum Body Panels:: All original
Filaform Damage?: None. Have washed trailer each time it’s been used.
Roof Vents and Skylights: : Two manual vents/skylights, one fore one aft. Both in good condition.
Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:: All in place and functional. Have all keys.
Windows, Seals and Operators: : All seals intact. All openable windows in working order.
Entrance Door: : No damage. Lock and latch in working order. Have all keys (latch and deadbolt)
Awnings – Location and Condition:: Manual awning on starboard. Good working condition. Have pull/latch tool. Fabric condition good (could probably use a good cleaning).
Front A-Frame Condition:: Good condition. No damage, slight rust on underside (very light, will buff off).
Frame Condition:: Frame in good condition. No damage or separation. Slight rust on underside (very light, will buff off)
Sub Floor:: Good condition. No holes, gaps, etc.
Belly Pan: : Original and intact. No rust, holes, gaps, etc.
Interior Layout and Condition:: Front bed layout. Galley on port, dinette on starboard, bathroom (with separate shower) in rear. Very good condition.
Dinette Style and Location:: Dinette on starboard opposite galley. Wraparound sofa seating. Telescoping table converts into second bed. Telescope in good working condition. Have all original cushions, including cushions for bed conversion.
Bathroom Location and Style:: Bathroom in rear. Separate shower and toilet. Fixtures in good condition, all operable. All caulk/sealant in good condition, no leaks, water damage, etc.
Smoking? : No
Pets? : No
Sleeping Areas?: Front bed is approximately queen sized. Sleeps two adults easily. Original mattress, good condition, slightly firm. Dinette bed approximately double sized. Sleeps two children easily. All cushions original, slightly firm.
Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces:: See above
Interior Soft Surfaces: – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery:: Fabric cushions on dinette. All original, in good condition (no wear, tear, etc). Blue (“Ocean”) trim color.
Curtains and Blinds: : Opaque divider between front bed location and rest of interior. Good condition (no stains, rips, etc). Original blinds on side windows and bathroom window. All operable and in good condition. Fabric curtains on front windows above bed. All operable and in good condition.
Interior Walls: : Original, in good condition.
Cabinets, Doors and Counters: : All cabinet boxes and doors original, in good condition. Dinette table top has small ding on edge, otherwise in good condition. Had to reglue front laminate strip on shoe box near exterior door (my toddler thought it would be fun to peel it off), but all surfaces otherwise in good condition.
Floor Coverings:: Linoleum floor. Original, in good condition (no chips, scuffs, etc.)
Stove and Oven:: Propane gas stove. Two burners with fold down cover. Central in galley. In good working condition.
Refrigerator:: Nova-Kool electric fridge. Unsure of exact capacity (roughly the size of a single door dorm fridge). In good working condition.
Furnace / Space Heater:: Forced air gas furnace. In good working condition.
Other Appliances:: Microwave, HD TV, water pump, hot water heater, thermostat, tank/battery monitor, backup camera. Have never used backup camera, but all other appliances in good working condition.
Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump:: All original, in good working condition (no leaks, good pressure, etc).
Hot Water Heater:: Original gas water heater. Believe 10 gal. capacity. In good working condition (can develop a smell if not used for several months, but smell goes away if water flushed through system–believe smell comes from a gasket)
Sinks and Taps: : All original, in good condition (no leaks, etc)
Toilet:: Foot lever style, in good condition (good pressure, no leaks, etc)
Water Leaks? Water Damage? Mold or Mildew:: None
Fresh Water Tank:: Original. Believe 27 gal. capacity. In good condition.
Gray Water Tank: Original. Believe 28 gal. capacity. In good condition.
Black Water Tank:: Original. Believe 18 gal. capacity. In good condition.
Exterior Water and Sewer Connections:: All connections in good working condition. All valves in good working condition.
Air Conditioner:: Original A/C, roof mounted, central vents in cab. Requires 30 amp+ connection. In good working condition (will start to frost over in humid conditions if left running for an extended time).
Electrical Service:: One original 30 amp connection. In good working condition. (Use 15 amp wall outlet mated to 30/15 dogbone when stored at home to maintain battery condition).
Solar / Batteries / Inverter / Converter:: Original batteries (basically twin car batteries). Pre-wired for solar (connections installed on roof).
Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity:: Original sound system (JVC stereo with speakers through out cab, bluetooth/Sirius capable). In good working condition.
LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator:: Twin original propane tanks mounted in enclosed box on a-frame. Unsure if certification current (tanks at most 3 years old), unsure of total capacity (2 tanks more than enough for a long weekend–have never had to refill tanks mid trip). Original hoses/regulator, all in good working condition.
When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?: January 2023.
Trailer Weight:: 3800 dry, 5000 fully loaded
Tongue Weight:: 550
Trailer Maximum Weight (GVWR):: 5000
Axles:: Single
Tires:: Original tires (Goodyear ST225/75R15). In good condition. Likely have only about 5000 total miles on them.
Brakes and Bearings:: Original. Inspected/serviced before purchase in March 2021.
Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains:: In place. Never tested.
Hitch Receiver Size?: 2 5/16″
Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration:: Tail lights (break and turn) + side markers. All in good working condition.
Weight Distribution Hitch?: Yes, Blue Ox Trackpro (8000# GVWR, 600# tongue weight, bolts directly to A-frame/no drilling required). Two years old.
Is this Airstream safe to Tow or Drive?: Yes (no known issues, always towed easily)
Accessories Included with Sale?: Water hose w/filter, wheel blocks+levelers, sewer hose, electric cable w/built-in 30 amp connector, jack pads, undercarriage mounted waterproof LED “party lights” w/wireless remote control (can also be controlled via phone app), Blue Ox Trackpro weight-distribution hitch (see previous), Curt Echo wireless brake controller, two AutoDolly heavy steel dollies (2500# capacity each), heavy-duty three wheel dolly (600# capacity)

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