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Royal Palm Beach
, Florida
Last Modified December 21, 2021
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Royal Palm Beach
, Florida


Tired of waiting for a new Airstream to roll off the factory floor sometime in the future?

Buy this barely used 2020 Classic RBT with all the best accessories you will need included!

There’s over $13,000 in equipment included in the purchase.: Two brand new Honda Generators, Clearsource water filter; On the go Water Softener and much, much more!

Still under factory warranty until September 15, 2023

We have clear title in hand. CASH Sale. PRICE: $150,000

If you want to see pictures, copy this link and paste it into your browser:

Tow Vehicle also for sale: 2020 Ford F-250 King Ranch 6.7L Diesel with tow package. Must sell the Airstream first, or sell the Ford with the Airstream.
PM me for details if interested.

We purchased our Airstream Classic on September 15, 2020 with the intention of using it on long trips across the USA. With that in mind, we purchased top of the line accessories for the trailer as you will see listed below. Everything is included in the price, so you can hook up and take off on your adventures!

Unfortunately illness in the immediate family is forcing us to sell our beloved “Silver Shark” so we can be close to home.

We did manage to take two long trips and some week-long trips before putting it up for sale. We towed it approximately 12,000 miles since we have owned it. We purchased the very best equipment possible, so we are selling the Classic with all accessories we purchased. Want to get into Airstreaming now? This Classic is ready to hook up and tow away with every imaginable tool and accessories.

The first photo above shows the sticker price and all original equipment that came with the Airstream.


–14K Equalizer Weight distribution hitch with 4-way sway bars. The 90-00-1400 Equal-i-zer hitch offers a 1,400 lb. maximum tongue weight and a 14,000 lb. maximum trailer weight. The shank allows a 3″ drop and a 7″ rise, measures 12″ long, and fits 2″ trailer hitch receivers. INSTALLED by Airstream Dealer.
We have used this hitch for over 12,000 miles on the Airstream with no issues. No sway, even in high winds or trucks passing on the highway.
Includes extra pads, snap up levers, hitch pin and clip. Lifetime warranty.

–Hitchgrip Ball Mount Carrier. What was once a greasy job is now a neat, clean, and simple task. HitchGrip makes it easy on your back, too. By stabilizing the weight and evenly distributing the load, HitchGrip gives you enough leverage to lift the hitch with one hand. Just Lift and Go.

–Trailersphere Easy Cover Electric Tongue Jack Protective Cover for Trailer, RV, Camper, Sun and Waterproof protects the jack from the elements.
Cover lock secures the cover to the jack while driving and discourages theft.


–Honda EU2200i Generator with Bluetooth. < 10 hours

–Honda EU2200i Companion generator with Bluetooth < 10 hours

–Both generators have anti-theft handles INSTALLED.

–Honda EU2 (30A) Companion Cable/RV Adapter Kit. Connects both generators to provide 30 amp service to the RV.

— Midwest Can 5 Gallon gasoline container with quick flow spout

–Camco 50 Amp RV Power Defender Voltage Protector/Monitor with Integrated Surge Protection, Designed with Easy to Use PowerGrip Handles

–Camco 25' Heavy-Duty Outdoor 30-Amp Extension Cord for RV Allows for Additional Length to Reach Distant Power Outlets

–Camco 25' Heavy-Duty Outdoor 50-Amp Extension Cord for RV Allows for Additional Length to Reach Distant Power Outlets

–Furrion RV TV Cable – Anti-Interference 25 ft

–Dogbone adapters: 15 amp male to 30 amp female; 15 amp male to 50 amp female; twin male 30 amp to 50 amp female; 50 amp male to 30 amp female; 30 amp male to 50 amp female.

–Two EasyStart Micro-Air 368 Advanced Soft Starter for both roof 15,000 BTU air conditioners on roof. Allows you to run both on 30 amp service. Protects the compressor. INSTALLED BY AIRSTREAM DEALER


–Clearsource Ultra RV 3-canister water filter system with virus guard.
VirusGuard filters use NASA-developed technology to remove or reduce not just bacteria and cysts, but viruses. No other RV water filter on the market provides anything close to that level of protection.

–Extra set of Original Equipment Replacement filters for Clearsource Ultra Three Canister system.

–On The Go Portable 16,000 Grain RV Water Softener. This 16,000 grain unit is a perfect fit and supplies approx. 40% more soft water than any other unit on the market. It simply regenerates with 2 boxes of common table salt in less than 30 minutes and provides the owner with soft water up to 1600 gallons or up to 40 days.

–Three 25-foot Ultimate RV Water Hoses from the Airstream Life Store
Easily stretches for use and coils itself up
No kinking!
Unaffected by UV from the sun – slimy stuff won't grow inside
Much lighter than traditional hoses
Flexible even when cold –undamaged by freezing
75 foot total length.

–Various brass connectors for water system: 90º and 45º adapters; water pressure regulator; end caps for all hoses and Clearsource filter; Y-splitter for hoses. Too numerous to mention all.


–Three Camco Deluxe 10' Sewer Hose Extensions – Heavy Duty Design with Swivel Fittings, Easy To Use and Compresses For Simple Storage, Storage Caps Included

–Camco 20 Ft Sidewinder RV Sewer Hose Support, Holds Hoses in Place – No Need for Straps

–Valterra Flushing Hose for RVs, Campers, Trailers – 1/2" x 25’
NON-DRINKING GRAY WATER HOSE: This gray hose is designed for non-drinking water usage including flushing devices that clean gray water tanks.

–Camco 25ft RhinoFLEX 5/8" ID Black Water Tank Clean Out Hose for Flushing Black Water. NON-DRINKING ORANGE WATER HOSE.

–Camco 39000 Rhino Heavy Duty 15 Gallon Portable RV Waste Holding Tank with Hose and Accessories – Durable Leak Free and Odorless RV Tote Tank.

–90 Degree Clear Sewer Hose Adapter with Bayonet Lugs. Clear construction lets you easily see when the tank is empty and clean.

–Universal wrench allows you to loosen and remove any cleanout plug with ease.

–Assorted clear fittings to check the flow to the drain. Includes a clear gray water flush connection, additional caps for hoses, etc.


–Michelin Agelis Crossclimate LT 225/75 R16 Load Range E tire with 6 spoke Aluminum Airstream wheel. It matches what is on the Classic. It has the TST sensor inside the wheel, like the other wheels on the trailer. We wanted a second spare tire that looked like the original. Original spare is located under the front chassis.

–TST Tire Pressure Monitoring System 507 with color display and sunshade.
On the Classic, TST sensors are banded inside the tires. They transmit to the display on the C-Zone screen inside the trailer and also to this monitor (color) that you place on your dashboard. Cycles through each tire with pressure and temperature (including the extra spare tire above). Alerts you to rapid pressure loss so you can pull over and change your tire if needed.

–TPMS Signal Booster. Amplifies Sensor Transmissions through Interference and It Increases Overall Sensor Range. INSTALLED in battery box.

— 30 inch Breaker Bar. Get the extra leverage you need to break loose frozen and stuck nuts and bolts with 13/16” thin wall socket

–1/2-Inch Drive Click Heavy-Duty Torque Wrench – 25-250 ft. Lbs with 13/16” Thin wall socket. Includes socket extensions 8" and 12"

–Trailer Aid "Plus Tandem Tire Changing Ramp. The Safe and Easy Way to Change a Trailer's Flat Tire – Holds up to 15,000 lbs- Features a 5.5-Inch Lift.

— Torin BigRed 2.5 Ton Jack. Lifts your Tow Vehicle or Airstream if you place it in the right spots.

–Milwaukee 2767-20 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench w/ Battery, charger and carrying case. Comes with a set of impact sockets from ½ inch to 1 inch, including 13/16” for lug nuts on trailer wheels.

–Spare Air from TST Technologies. Most people forget to check the air in the spare tire. Dragging the spare tire out to check the pressure or add air is a big pain. This attaches to the spare tire and gives you an easy-to-access valve on the front A-frame of the Airstream. INSTALLED.

–Accu-Gage RH100XA Professional Tire Pressure Gauge with Protective Rubber Guard

–Leader Accessories Tire Covers (4 Pack) Heavy Duty Waterproof Tire Cover Wheel Covers for RV.

–Wheeled dolly for getting under the Airstream or Tow Vehicle without laying on the ground.

–Emergency safety triangles DOT approved.

–Set of 4 Collapsible orange cones for safety when working or parking the Airstream

–AFA Tooling – Set of 4 Wheel Chocks | Heavy Duty Nylon Rubber Wedge for Front and Back Tires.

–X-Chocks. Put between tires when parked to minimize motion inside Airstream

–Andersen 2-Pack Camper Leveler, Chock Kit Easy way to level the trailer side to side.

–Valterra Stackers Multi-Use RV Leveling Pads. 24 stackers. Like big lego blocks, they hook together to raise your jack or level your trailer

–LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO+ Wireless Vehicle Leveling System
Accurately reports how much height is required to reach a level position and tells you where that height is needed. It connects with your smartphone or tablet, where an easy-to-use app displays the needed leveling information.


–WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multi-Purpose Ladder, 12.5FT, 330lbs Capacity Compact ladder if you need to get on the roof.

–Shop Vac Hippo portable vacuum wet/dry. Also can be used as blower.
Powerful vacuum with accessories and extra bags. Very small and much more powerful than “stick” vacuums.

–Element E100 Fire Suppression. 100 Second Discharge
Compact Easy to Use – Industrial Sized
No Mess, No Residue
Maintenance Free
INSTALLED in living room

–Element E50 Fire Suppression. 60Second Discharge
Compact Easy to Use – Industrial Sized
No Mess, No Residue
Maintenance Free
INSTALLED in bedroom.

–Propane Tank Gas Stop.
RV safety experts always recommend turning the propane gas off during travel. But if you leave the gas on because you hate arriving at a campsite with melted ice cream and warm beer, GasStop can add a safety factor.
GasStop is a 100% emergency shut-off device for propane gas. In the event of a major leak—perhaps caused by an accident—GasStop will instantly and automatically shut off the flow of gas GasStop attaches at the propane cylinders, so you'll need one for each propane cylinder you want to protect. INSTALLED on propane tanks.

–Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step- Supports Up to 1,000 lb., Includes Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Easy to Store and Transport.

–Camco Save-A-Step Brace, Stabilizes RV Steps. Protects RV bottom step from Sag and Wear

–RV Snap Pads (5 total).
XTRA Square 6 inch 4-Pack that are INSTALLED on the Stabilizer Jacks. An additional one is INSTALLED on the tongue jack. No longer have to reach under your rig while lowering the stabilizers. They permanently attach to the feet.

–John Leakes custom made 3-flagpole holder with three 12-ft painters poles to hold flags. Will include an American flag.

–Airstream new formula green glycol fluid by Alde. 1 gallon

–Airstream stainless steel outlet cover for the exterior. Replaces the cheap plastic original. Matches all the other stainless steel access boxes on the exterior.

–Assorted Command Strips, Fuses, Electrical connectors.

–Airstream rivets and replacement lock for outside compartment

–Assorted unopened sealants (Airstream approved); Various sealant tapes: Butyl Sealing Tape; Silicone Tape, Foil Tape; Sponge Window Seal; Scotch Blue Painters Tape; Teflon Tape

Too many other small accessories to list!


–ELFA Closet system from the Container Store. We remodeled the central wardrobe with an Elfa basket shelving system for more storage. We removed the clothes hanging bar and installed 10 baskets that slide out for access.
There’s still room on the top to store your laundry in crates or a bag.
We store cookware, food, tools, appliances and more in this convenient place. It’s very sturdy and has added so much to our Airstream. We still have the original hanging bar for clothes.

–Cast iron cooking grate from E-trailer. We replaced the original stove grates with this slide-in cast-iron cooking grate. It is much more stable for pans than the tripod-like original equipment. One of the best upgrades we made.

–Vornado 460 Small Whole Room Air Circulator Fan with 3 Speeds. Set it on the floor and cool the whole airstream off.

–Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat Settings, Adjustable Thermostat, Tip-Over Protection, Auto Safety Shut-Off System. Quickly takes off the morning chill.

–Two portable clip on fans, 6 inch diameter with USB rechargeable batteries. We clip them onto the cabinet handles above the bed to simulate a ceiling fan in the bedroom.

–Two LED Digital Alarm clocks with large red numbers; easily seen at night. One in the living room and one in the bedroom. Battery powered. INSTALLED with Velcro.

–Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Meter. Keep track of the temperature and humidity inside the trailer. INSTALLED in living room and bedroom with Velcro.

–Dometic Replacement Slow Close Wooden Seat/Cover for Gravity-Flush Toilet. INSTALLED

–Beech Lane RV Refrigerator fan. Circulates air inside the refrigerator to keep things cooler.

–Magma Stainless Steel Nesting RV Induction Cookware, 10 Piece Set,
Designed especially for RVs, and now with ferromagnetic stainless steel bases that activate the magnetic field in induction cooktops.
Non-stick coating is easy to clean, will not stain, peel, blister or flake. Set nests and stores in less than ½ cu. ft. of cabinet space. For use on gas, electric, ceramic or induction cook tops. Oven safe to 500° (excluding removable handles).
Set includes:3 qt. Saucepan. 2 Removable Handles. Lid that fits all Saucepans. Bungee Storage Cord.10" dia. Sauté/ Fry Pan, 5 qt. Stock Pot, Lid for Stock Pot or Sauté /Fry Pan, 1 ½ , 2 qt. Saucepans

–Igloo Countertop Ice Maker LARGE ICE MAKING CAPACITY: Keep the water tank filled and this unit will produce 26 pounds of ice in a 24 hour period enough to keep drinks cold all day long
ICE BASKET CAPACITY: Stores up to 2 pounds of ice at a time
QUICK FREEZING ICE: Makes 9 small or large cylinder shaped ice cubes in as little as 7 minutes.

One of our best purchases. No longer need to buy 10 pound bags of ice.

–Williams-Sonoma 12” magnetic knife holder. The maple knife bar offers a sleek, seamless approach to knife storage that won't take up space on the countertop. A powerful magnet is embedded inside the maple, so all you see is the natural beauty of the wood. Magnetic wood strip holds knives securely within easy reach.
Made from North American maple with a protective finish that wipes clean.
Super-strong neodymium magnet is encased completely in the wood, so it won't scratch knife blades.


–Serene™ Foam Mattress Topper for Airstream Twin XL beds
· Serene Foam Instantly makes any mattress more restful, comfortable, cooler and supportive in sagging areas of mattress
· 2 inches of soft, yet supportive, Serene Foam conforms to your body
· Made in the USA using environmentally friendly processes. PURGreen Certified.
· Serene Foam reduces pressure points that cause you to toss and turn, so you sleep better.
· Topper features a Supportive Air Technology formula and a medium soft feel.

–Naturally Boho Milky Beddy (4 sets), for Twin XL Beds
Naturally Boho bedding features a unique textured fabric in the ultimate neutral beige color. This bedding will take you from classic to Bohemian styling and everything in between, depending on how you choose to accessorize. And it even works for every age! This design features a coordinating beige minky lining for a soft and cozy experience. Each Twin size comes with one coordinating pillow case and one decorative sham. (U.S. Standard Size.)

–ALL original Airstream bedding and pillows are included as well.


–All instruction manuals for appliances and everything in the Airstream. Including all tools and accessories.


Airstream 2020 Classic Owner’s Manual

The (nearly) Complete Guide to Airstream Maintenance

The Newbies Guide to Airstreaming

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