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, California

, California

We are new to RV lifestyle and only the 2nd owners of this Bambi. The 1st owners only used it for a couple trips before deciding to get a bigger one for their family.

This 22′ travel trailer was a very good first RV for us and helped introduce us to the world of camping. The Airstream is a very well-built, quality travel trailer and we have been impressed with its workmanship. We now want something a bit bigger with which we can take longer trips.

This Bambi is a 2020 but was built in 2019, before the pandemic hit.

We have not altered the original vehicle but have replaced the manual jack with a new Brute Electric Jack (HB4500). The Bambi is in excellent condition. It came to us with a few rock dings in the front, but otherwise has no body damage. The inside is also in very good condition. The original awning, which is manually operated, is in very good condition and easy to operate. The best part is that the Bambi fits in our driveway so that we don’t have to pay storage fees and endure the inconvenience of not having the trailer at our home.

Inside is a 22″ TV with a DVD player on a movable arm to angle it however you would want. There’s also a bluetooth AM/FM radio. The stove has 2 burners with a cover to add more counter space for preparations. The microwave is installed under the stove. The refrigerator is electric-only and runs off the batteries when necessary. The heater for the RV and water works very well. The air conditioning unit is located in the ceiling and the one drawback is that it is very noisy. However, it does cool things down very nicely.

Storage is located under the bed, over the bed, at the head of the bed, under the dinette cushions, under the sink, under the microwave, and under the bathroom sink. There is a large pantry in the kitchen area.

The bed is RV-Queen size and comes with a very comfortable memory-foam mattress and quilted bedspread. The separate shower unit has a seat and retractable clothes line. We added a screen protector to the outside door when we noticed that the existing screen has a little damage probably from the first owner’s dog. BTW, we have a Jack Russell Terrier who travels with us, but she is 100% housebroken and caused absolutely no damage or soil to our Bambi. There is a fire extinguisher just inside the door and a carbon monoxide alarm and a smoke alarm installed.

Price is negotiable.

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