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Basecamp 20X

, Arizona
Last Modified March 12, 2023
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Basecamp 20X

, Arizona

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2021 Basecamp 20x with another whole year left on it’s limited warranty!
*One owner BaseCamp
*Red Rock Interior
*In better condition than when purchased, due to upgrades.
*Ready for it’s new owners to travel with it for years to come!

Manufacturer: Airstream

Style: Travel Trailer

Model Year: 2021

Model: Basecamp 20X

Length: 20

Title Status: Clear Title

Title State: AZ

Registration Current?: Yes

Registration State?: AZ

Location Details: : Outdoor, plugged in to 30A power.

Year Purchased?: 2020

Ownership History: We bought this trailer new, and received it after about 9 months from the purchase date.

Why did you select this model?: It was an extremely comfortable fit for the two of us, and had all the amenities needed for short or extended trips. My adult daughter went on one trip with us and we still fit comfortably in the unit.
Why are you selling?: My health has declined in the last couple years and we believe it is time for us to let someone else enjoy it.

Showing Instructions:: contact [email protected]

Virtual Tour Instructions:: contact [email protected]

Exterior Condition Description:: The exterior is in its original condition. We have added screens over the vents, a vent shroud on the roof, and a new trailer jack. (Original trailer jack included.) We also added a rear-view camera. No exterior repairs have been needed or performed. The trailer is in better than original condition.

Hail Damage?: There is not nor has there ever been any damage to the exterior. (Crash, hail, rocks, etc.)

Aluminum Body Panels:: All aluminum body panels are factory original.

Roof Vents and Skylights: : There is a manual roof vent in the bathroom which comes on automatically when raised. There is also a roof vent in the main cabin which opens manually and then has electric fan settings. This is the vent with a shroud added to allow the vent to be open when raining.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:: All exterior hatch covers are in place. There is a key for one of them, and the lock is working. There is an exterior shower wand that we have never used.

Windows, Seals and Operators: : All window seals and operators are in original condition. The blinds were recently riveted, as they come loose over time with just the original sticky tape around the edges.

Entrance Door: : Entrance door, locks, and opening mechanism are working and in original condition. We added a hook lock to the door to keep it from swinging open if the other locks failed when driving. (A known Airstream flaw.) We have 3 sets of keys.

Awnings – Location and Condition:: No awnings or tents are installed or included.

Front A-Frame Condition:: Front A-frame is in original condition with no damage or rust.

Rear Bumper / Exposed Frame Condition:: No damage to the rear of the trailer is present, nor has it ever been backed into anything.

Frame Condition:: Frame is structurally sound with no rust, and no repairs have ever been needed.

Sub Floor:: Floor inside is solid and there are no soft spots or repairs ever needed.

Belly Pan: : Belly pan is original and there are no damaged or loose sections that we can tell. Several small gaps where wires or hoses go through have been taped over to eliminate infiltration of moisture or pests. (A known Airstream flaw.)

Interior Layout and Condition:: The interior decor is Airstream’s Red Rock color scheme. We really enjoyed the large bed in the back that we could leave in place while using the seating area at the front. I think that is a great appeal of the 20′ over the 16′ Basecamp. All original items are included, and we have added a wood cutting board which fits in the sink and a teak mat in the toilet room. We have added a couple cell phone holders, a couple cup holders, several hooks, and some red bungee cords across cabinet doors. All of which are added with double-sided sticky pads and are removable if desired. We have also added a hook lock at the bathroom door which often comes open during travel. (A known Airstream flaw.) All items in the interior are in original condition and nothing is damaged, broken, or otherwise compromised.

Dinette Style and Location:: The front dinette seats 2-4 people, and has a tabletop which turns to easily let people sit down. If the bed is up in the back, there are two small tables with bench seats that allow 4-6 people to sit. All tabletops and cushions are in original condition with no damage.

Bathroom Location and Style:: Toilet room has a ceramic toilet and shower with all items in good working shape. The door was replaced due to plastic laminate delaminating, and it now has an aluminum panel on the inside which is riveted so no delamination should occur in the future. We added a teak shower mat.

Smoking? : No

Pets? : No pets (or any other animals) have ever been inside.

Sleeping Areas?: Both sitting/sleeping areas have the original cushions in original condition. We used a couple of futons in the rear sleeping area which can be included if desired.

Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces:: Original cushions are in original condition. Some snaps have been replaced under warranty.

Interior Soft Surfaces: – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery:: All soft interior items (cushions) are in original condition.

Curtains and Blinds: : All window coverings are original and in original condition. They come sticky taped to the frame, and as those were failing we had them secured to the frame with rivets so they should not come loose again. We added red pulls to the zippers to make it easier to open.

Interior Walls: : All interior walls are in original condition with no damage or missing rivets.

Cabinets, Doors and Counters: : All cabinets, doors, and counters are in original condition. We added some small red bungee cords across the face of the cabinet doors to preclude opening during driving. (A known Airstream flaw.) The original wooden silverware tray is included.

Floor Coverings:: All original vinyl floor coverings are intact with no damage.
Stove and Oven:: Stove has been replaced due to recall and is in original working order. We tested it but have not used it since replacement.

Refrigerator:: The electric refrigerator is in good working order.

Furnace / Space Heater:: The trailer has a factory added air conditioner and electric heat unit in the roof above the rear sitting/sleeping area. There is also a gas furnace.

Other Appliances:: There are no other appliances.

Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump:: All plumbing systems are original.

Hot Water Heater:: Tankless hot water heater is original.

Sinks and Taps: : Sink in kitchen area is original and has not leaked.

Toilet:: Ceramic toilet with foot pedal is original. We replaced the seal once and have some extra which can be included.

Water Leaks? Water Damage? Mold or Mildew:: No water leaks or damage, mold or mildew are present that we can tell.

Fresh Water Tank:: Original 27 Gal fresh water tank.

Gray Water Tank: Original 28 Gal gray water tank.

Black Water Tank:: Original 21 Gal black water tank.

Exterior Water and Sewer Connections:: All exterior water/sewer connections are original and working as far as we can tell. At least one 10′ sewer hose is included.

Air Conditioner:: The trailer has a factory added air conditioner and electric heat unit in the roof above the rear sitting/sleeping area.

Electrical Service:: 30 Amp electrical service.

Solar / Batteries / Inverter / Converter:: Two factory added solar panel are on the front roof. Batteries are AGM and currently hold the highest charge.

Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity:: None

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator:: Two original LP tanks are in the front compartment. We added gauges to be able to tell the approximate capacity.

When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?: 2/2023 the unit was driven home from warranty and recall repairs.

Trailer Weight:: 3500#

Tongue Weight:: 535#

Trailer Maximum Weight (GVWR):: 4300#

Axles:: One axle.

Tires:: Original factory installed tires with hardly any wear. Trailer has substantially less than 10,000 miles on it.

Brakes and Bearings:: Brakes are original.

Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains:: All these are in original shape. An upgraded emergency breakaway cable was installed.

Hitch Receiver Size?: 2 5/16″

Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration:: 7 pin.

Weight Distribution Hitch?: None

Is this Airstream safe to Tow or Drive?: Yes

Accessories Included with Sale?: We have many additional accessories that can be included with the sale depending on final deal.

Any additional owner comments?: We have enjoyed using the Basecamp the few times we have. It has been well taken care of, and is basically in the original condition, with all the things added which address most of the issues folks have found and that we have also had or precluded. All service, recalls, and warranty work was performed at We Are Airstream in Phoenix, and we have been pleased with their work. We are selling because we feel it will just begin to sit around more and more, and we think that someone having and enjoying it is better than that. We bought it out the door for $56k and have put $2-3k into it since. We believe someone will find this near original Basecamp a great deal and will enjoy it for years to come.

Direct Contact email or Phone Number: [email protected]

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