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Globe Trotter

, Colorado
Last Modified May 28, 2024
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Globe Trotter

, Colorado


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📍 Current Location: Aurora, CO, 80011
1️⃣👤 Original Owner
🌞🔋 Massive Solar and Battery Upgrade
📜 Condition & Care: Excellent Exterior, Pristine Interior with High-End Customizations
🛻 Option to purchase truck that is fully equipped to tow (2017 F250)



Google High Res Photos:

Step into the world of refined travel with this 2021 Airstream Globetrotter, a true testament to luxury and meticulous upkeep. Located in Aurora, Colorado, this travel trailer stands out with its extensive list of high-quality upgrades and exceptional maintenance. From its comprehensive solar power systems and (6) 110 amp advanced lithium batteries to the immaculate interior featuring custom sheepskin covers and high-end appliances, every detail has been carefully curated to enhance comfort and functionality. Whether parked or on the move, this Airstream promises a seamless blend of home comforts and the freedom of the open road.

Overview of the Airstream Globetrotter

Quality and Maintenance This Airstream has been kept in pristine condition, sheltered in a covered storage facility, and boasts a clear title from Colorado. The exterior is remarkable with no corrosion and minimal signs of wear, despite regular Walbernization to protect the finish. Inside, the layout is thoughtfully designed with twin beds at the front and a U-section dinette at the rear, all underpinned by dark walnut finishes and cream upholstery, giving it a contemporary yet cozy feel.

Interior Highlights The interior shines with a combination of luxury and practicality. The front twin beds are complemented by high-quality mattresses and memory foam toppers, perfect for a restful sleep. The dinette is versatile, converting into additional sleeping space. All soft surfaces are covered with custom sheepskin for added comfort and style. The kitchen is equipped with a high-end convection microwave and a state-of-the-art water filtration system, ensuring every meal is a pleasure to prepare and enjoy.

Technical Specifications Power needs are amply met with upgraded electrical systems, including a suite of six RB100 lithium batteries, a Smartplug connection, and extensive solar panels ensuring off-grid capabilities. Safety is paramount with all systems in excellent working order. The Airstream has also been given a Dexter Lift making it a breeze over steep driveways, gas stations, and offroading. Equipped with multiple awnings, including a power main canopy, enhancing outdoor living space.

Why Sell? The current owner, transitioning back to a full-time career and relocating, is parting with this beloved Airstream. It represents not just a vehicle, but a cherished lifestyle of freedom and adventure, ideally suited for someone ready to embark on their own journey of discovery.

For those interested in acquiring this beautifully maintained and upgraded Airstream Globetrotter, please contact us at [email protected] to schedule a viewing or a virtual tour. This travel trailer promises to deliver not just a means of travel, but a gateway to new experiences and cherished memories.



When did you purchase?


Ownership History:

I am the first and only owner.

Why did you select this model?

I owned a Classic AS before and wanted something a little smaller but with many of the perks of owning a Classic. Simple Dimmers and on/off lighting switches, auto awning, light over outdoor stairs, electric refrigerator, and the beauty of the fabric colors and walls.

Why are you selling?

I moved across the country and sadly all of my Airstream sisters are on the East Coast. I am also going back to work full time and just will not have the time I used to.

Exterior Condition Description:

The exterior condition is excellent. There is no corrosion and I have Walbernized it a minimum of 4-5 times a year. No repairs to the exterior. There is a ¼” spot on the lower right segment Protector (if looking at the trailer from the front) from a piece of gravel, and a small ding (2) ⅛” scratches on the left mid panel from another piece of gravel when the park was mowing. Neither are big enough or noticeable enough to repair.

Hail Damage?


Aluminum Body Panels:

All original

Filaform Damage?


Roof Vents and Skylights:

2 roof vents, automatic, and work well. Both have additional White Fantastic Fan covers and sliding blinds.

Exterior Hatch Covers and Locks:

2 covers on the sides under the twin beds, 1 at the front of the trailer. All have locks with keys. The front locker is a bit stiff due to the installation of the (6) 100 amp lithium batteries. I added a lock to the original battery compartment which I now use for hoses.

Windows, Seals and Operators:

All windows, seals, and operating mechanisms work. I have added a couple of “window poppers) for ease of opening windows.

Entrance Door:

Closes very nicely. Latch and locks have been maintained and I have 3 sets of keys for the front door plus an uncut set as well.

No damage and no visible rust.

Rear Bumper / Exposed Frame Condition:

There is no rust or damage on the rear bumper. It is structurally sound.

Frame Condition:

The frame is structurally sound with no visible signs of rust. No frame weakness or separation.


The subfloor is made of the composite materials. No soft spots, gaps, or holes.

Belly Pan:

The belly pan is original and does not have any damage.

Interior Layout and Condition:

This a Front Twin Layout. Condition is excellent. The refrigerator door was replaced early on (7/21) due to condensation at the bottom of the door itself. (1/23) Shower door realigned and new door sweep installed. Kitchen sink reattached due to gaps around the edges and a not level countertop.

Dinette Style and Location:

Located in the rear of the trailer. “U-Section” Multi configuration Dinette with split table top with 1 floor post on each. It can be seating for 4 and if you want the smaller table 1 side can be removed and 2 of the bedding cushions can be added so there is seating for 6. The surface of the dinette table and night table between the beds is laminate. Copenhagen Cream HITCh fabric upholstery. Like new because they have been covered up.

Bathroom Location and Style:

Center bathroom with separate shower on across the aisle. Original shower head has been replaced with an Oxygenic shower head and shampoo dispenser in the shower. All fixtures, sink, and toilet in working condition.




1 Italian Greyhound (10lbs). No shedding and housebroken.

Sleeping Areas:

(2) Twin beds at the front of the trailer- both have under mattress ventilation mats. The right side bed also has bed slats that extend out from the bed frame for excellent support. All original unused bedding has been stored in airtight bags. Also included are my homemade Beddy’s style sheets and blankets. Cream Linen like outer cover w/ faux fur lining. The mattresses are An additional four can sleep at the front when the dinette is converted and the pull out shelf under the sofa is used.

Mattress and Sleeping Surfaces:

I cannot remember the name of the mattresses, but they were a much upgraded version from the Flying Cloud and International. The twins are very comfy. Both also have memory foam toppers. Everything was new in 2021 and there has not been much use. The front beds were never used, but my guess is they would be fine for guests.

Interior Soft Surfaces – Cushions / Fabrics / Upholstery:

The upholstery is in beautiful condition and comfy. They have had sheepskin covers on them throughout use. The full length custom made sheepskin sofa/diner cover can be included.

Curtains and Blinds:

All original blinds. Clean and functional. Roll down shades in the dining area and kitchen. Both front and back panoramic windows have white colored heavy blackout curtains that run smoothly on their tracks. There is a window on each side of the twin beds that have the same blackout curtains.

Interior Walls:

Dark Walnut Walls. No scratches or or rub marks.

Cabinets, Doors, and Counters:

Dark Walnut Cabinetry and walls. The space is very light due to the cream upholstery and the white curved cabinets throughout the kitchen and dining area. The white Corian countertop has two multifunctional storage bins that rest flush with the surface behind the sink and split covers for the sink when you need an extra countertop. Each of these pieces have built in storage when not in use or traveling. Franke faucet in kitchen. Excellent condition.

Floor Coverings:

Original Woven flooring. Easy to clean. On top I have had 2 custom rugs made from natural fibers and tan edging.

There is a Flokati rug between the two beds.

Stove and Oven:

Domestic 3 burner with glass top. Propane, No oven. Contour Convection Microwave instead. Brandi Cooking Vent light.


Nova Cool refrigerator

Furnace / Space Heater:

Domestic DF Series Furnace, Forced air, both electric and propane.

Other Appliances:

Contoure Microwave. Model RV-200S-COM includes internal Smart Air Fryer and grill.

Plumbing – Water Lines, Water Pump:

Water Pump Shureflo 4008 RV Revolution By-pass Pump. No leaks, repairs, and it operates well.

Hot Water Heater:

Girard Products Model: GSWH-2 Tankless water heater. New with purchase Both propane and electric.

Sinks and Taps:

Original stainless steel sink. The sink did have to be reattached after it began separating form the countertop. No leaks or issues with it now.


Dometic toilet is clean and fully functioning.

Water leaks / Water damage? Mold or Mildew?

There was a leak during a severe rainstorm in the bathroom through the air vent. It was recalled and sealed, but dealer felt it was rain coming in sideways. Never had a problem with that again or any other leaks ever in the rest of the trailer.

Fresh Water Tank:

Original 39 gallons

Gray Water Tank:

Original 37 gallons

Black Water Tank:

Original 39 gallons

Exterior Water / Sewer Connections:

All of the exterior water, sewer, and shower connections are in good working condition.

Air Conditioner:

1 Heat pump unit 13,500 BTU.

Electrical Service:

30 Amp 1 connection with Smart plug connection. The Smart plug was an upgrade. I also had the progressive industries EMS-HW30C internal power protector as an upgrade.

Solar / Batteries / Invertor / Converter:

Complete upgrade. (6) RB100 Lithium Battery. Custom Battery Tray installed under twin beds and center console. Blue Sea battery disconnect. 350 amp inverter fuse. Inverter fuse holder. 12v bushier. Various wires, terminals and connectors for 12V installation. Truck to trailer Anderson SB50. Bluetooth battery monitor.

Victron Smartsolar MPPT 150/35 Charge controller for both sides of the trailer to maximize solar at all times of the day. Redraw BCDC1240D-40amp Dual battery charging system to charge batteries from truck while in commute. 300 watts of on roof solar. Portable 170 Watt lightweight panel with 25′ extension. Circuit breakers and labor. $13,335.26

Sound System / WiFi / Connectivity:

The radio is a Fusion Apollo RA 770. Connects to all insource including Bluetooth, USB, Sirius XM, and separate remote (can be purchased).

LP / Propane System – Tanks, Hoses, Regulator:

(2) 30lb steel propane tanks. 2 stage regulator.

When was the last time this Airstream was towed / driven?


Trailer Weight:


Trailer Tongue Weight:


Trailer Maximum Weight (GVWR):



2 Original axles


Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 original. These tires have always been covered when not moving. 4 Tire covers included.

Brakes and Bearings:

Original, no required service date per mileage.

Emergency Breakaway Cable / Safety Chains:

Working and upgraded with a coiled leash fr better manageability.

Hitch Receiver Size:

2 5/16″

Signal and Marker Lights / Pigtail / Trailer Wire Configuration:

All functioning. Trailer wire configuration is the original 7 way trickle charge connection. There is also an AC/DC truck wire (from my Ford 250) to the trailer for quick charging of Lithium Batteries.

Weight Distribution Hitch:

Equalizer 2018

Is this Airstream Safe to Tow or Drive?


Accessories Included with Sale:

Hoss pads for automatic trailer stabilizers worth $206.00. These stay on the feet of the stabilizers even when driving. Twin propane lock Torklift (A7702 RV Propane Cylinder Lock, ½” $106.00. Proven Industries Hitch lock $275.00. I have a few containers of many parts that could fail such as extra closures for most compartments, rivets and rivet gun, needed lug w/ plastic coating for wheels. Extra Walbinizer and honestly anything else that is for this Airstream.

Other comments or notes you would like the buyer to know?

What a great trailer. I bought it from the factory and stayed in the area so I could have any build issues fixed before I headed out of town. I have had 4 trailers now (two airstreams) and this by far has been the most relaxing and trouble free unit yet. All of the decals and hanging photos, of course, will come out. My Big Red Number is 9130 which I adjusted to match a part of my life. I may still have the actual certified number decals. Or you can of course get your own number. I am also selling my 2017 Ford 250 truck with 60,000 miles, that is fully equipped to tow this trailer.

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