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Flying Cloud

, Massachusetts
Flying Cloud

, Massachusetts

2021 Airstream FlyingCloud 25′ FB (Front Bed) w/HatchBack, all upgrades including
-we had no pets in our Airstream and we are both non-smokers
-2 panel /180(90-90)w solar panels which charge the 2 bank batteries,
-microwave convection oven
-awning package
-Air-vent cowl covers for both vents to protect from water and debris
-30amp single AC compressor with internal ducted channels
-Propane heating with internal ducted channels
-tankless hot water heater-new for 2021
-dealer under and outer surface protection coatings,
-extended warrantee on airstream
-roadside assistance
-trekk weight distribution hitch
-rear camera system with inside cab screen
-all tires have TPMS sensors with an app in the cab to monitor
-electronic bluetooth break controller and app in the cab to monitor/apply
-custom retractable >600lb external flat aluminum carrier
(operates freely with the hatch back and acts as a step-out, table or seat in addition to carrying any other toys outside) l
-dealer installed internal surge protector
-all accessories including all circuit adapters, grey and fresh water hoses, leveler shims, hose and graded snake holder for grey water release
-WEBOOST high end wifi with booster antenna
-TATTLETALE military grade security system with both loop and perimeter security devices.
-Amenities further include all standard features including 2 digital TV’s, Sony radio and DVD player, power inverter etc.
-Including Honda2000i generator with quiet run for 12v charging when boondocking
-factory inverter converts dc from 2 lead acid batteries to AC . Batteries can be charged by solar, external generator, or shore power, all monitored from inside. Interior pics show grey and tan decor announced for the 2021 series
-electrical extension cords plus extra 30 amp cords, adapters, hoses for fresh, grey, wheel covers, elevator rack set for extending the hoses, wheel chucks, tattletale security loop and interior, complete wifi set up with amplifying antenna, wheel elevator inclines for leveling on rougher boon docking sites etc etc:)

We purchased in Vermont in 2021. We used it once on a family retreat in Badeck NS. We have rethought our travel plans and instead decided to relocate south from New England. The pictures here from my phone gallery don’t do justice to immaculate like new late model 2021with clear title. Silver bullet is safely stored and on 30 Amp charge at our home in Southborough MA. We’re moving south from NE, and Silver Bullet does not work with our new life plan/style. We are looking for right buyer …pick ups in greater Boston Ma area. 25’FB is ready for camping-ready to hit the road today.

Our experience and notes on performance and use:

->On our Nova Scotia trip the airstream rode like a feather on our Range Rover which has 6700 lb tow capacity. The custom hatch back opened up onto our lakeside settings and the custom baggage carrier kept the interior free when moving from place to place with our carry-on bikes, grill, generator, etc..

->We use folding RadRover mini-bikes which weigh about 60 lbs each. This weight or any other gear you carry, securely loaded on the frame secured, custom mounted >500lb capacity carrier serves to counterbalance the tongue weight. I used a sureline ball hitch scale and established a 600 lb tongue weight for the tow vehicle this was perfect. The storage carrier is a custom add-on that is fastened to the frame. It is a great addition and allows for carry-ons and placing any extras on to keep interior clear when in transit.

->When fully loaded, you can adjust the tongue weight 580-600 lbs which could be an advantage if your tow vehicle specs align with that-if you have a heavier spring package on your tow vehicle, this weight allows the tongue to be evenly balanced. The entire frame can be removed if you have a tow vehicle that has room for carry-ons-that said, this frame is flat and remains completely free of the hatch operation. It can be used as a seat, table, or step up when you are unloaded and at a site.

Pick up or transportation would be from the local area. We seek to complete the transaction with a verified, certified bank check-no foreign currency instruments. I am accepting best offers and have a reserve amount in mind so it could work for all parties with a viable offer.

Here are more details on dealer prep and operation of this top of the line Flying Cloud AirStream

->Dealer add-ons:

Under/outer protective coating: both were dealer options which we took. The undercoating protects against rodents-it was a spray on gel like substance applied to the entire bottom undercarriage. The outer coating was a liquid spray on substance designed to protect the aluminum like an enamel done to car finishes but for aluminum. It makes it easier to wash and keep clean.


I have 5 Binders in the airstream storage compartment with the original manuals all divided out according to their functional purpose from appliances, to entertainment systems, to infrastructure categories including electrical, plumbing, chassis/tires, towing with the Trekker weight distribution hitch. For each item that was either a standard feature or an option, I have the warrantee card and all cards were returned where required. Additionally, the dealer offered and we took an extended 3 year warrantee on the entire airstream. All of these warranties are current and in play as this is a late model 2021 which is also like new since we only used it once.

->Honda generator

I have a Honda 2000i super quiet also like new since I have only used it 4 or 5 times since I purchased it. Its perfect for BoonDocking and I am intending to include it with the sale of the airstream if we get a proper offer that appreciates the true value of this resale:)

->Breaking system operation:

Any travel trailer with built-in breaks means the trailer has internally applied electronically controlled auxiliary breaks on each wheel. Flying Cloud Airstream has the best electronically applied breaks integrated in the double axle system of their trailer, Deckker as I recall, typically included in many of the heavier GVW trailers like this one (see the spec sheet in the listing). Your tow vehicle has a power socket which is connected to the airstream via a special 7 prong cable that incorporates controls for the tail lights AND the internal trailer breaking. There is an APP for your smart phone. The breaking controller is blue tooth enabled. When you get going, your automobile breaks act in tandem with the trailer breaks to uniformly slow down the ensemble (tow vehicle/trailer) coterminously:) Further, there is a safety wire that attaches to your tow vehicle eyelet for the further purpose of ensuring the trailer breaks are automatically applied if the trailer were to unexpectedly detach during transit. Overall, the breaking is designed to allow the tow vehicle to tow a heavier trailer. This all works flawlessly and made towing the Silver Bullet akin to towing a feather.

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