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Basecamp 20X

, Oregon
Last Modified April 24, 2023
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Basecamp 20X

, Oregon

Selling our excellent condition 2022 20x for $69,500 located in Bend, Oregon (original owners). Truly a turn-key adventure rig for folks looking to get up and go adventure! We have loved this rig, but when push came to shove we needed to buy a house instead of keeping it. Willing to deliver in the PNW or Mountain West for free – other areas negotiable. Lots of details and photos below:

Truly a rare find! A true turn-key, everything you need to rock-n-roll adventure rig. If you have been considering an Airstream Basecamp, this gem is a 2022 Airstream Basecamp 20X in excellent condition with loads of top-shelf upgrades (massive 580W all Zamp solar panels, 300 amp hour Battle Born batteries, Victron power controllers), transferable warranties (peace of mind), plus premium extras galore (moon shades, brand new generator, see full list below), then this is your rig!
Seller willing to deliver anywhere in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) and Mountain West areas (Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah) and possible midwest or east coast delivery for additional fee.

Purchase Price
Price of $69,500 is firm with 5-year service warranty, Starlink hardware, along with the major and minor extras listed below. Free delivery available with 1-2 week notice with a full-price accepted offer.

Unit History
We are the original owners, purchasing the unit factory new from official Airstream dealer Bretz RV in Missoula, MT in summer of 2022. Original purchase price with authorized dealer upgrades and warranties was $75,426 with an additional $5,500 of battery and solar upgrades from Zamp Solar and Battle Born authorized dealer Bend Battery in Bend, Oregon in fall of 2022. With $5,000 of extras (full list below) total investment was just over $85,000. We can provide all major price receipts upon request, and of course will be provided to the new owner.

Prices of Airstreams are scheduled to increase 3% this summer, so hurry up and buy used, skip the line, save big, and start living your best adventure life this summer!

Basecamp 20 Upgrades

Airstream direct trim upgrades:
Red Rock Interior
X Model – rock shields for front windows and front body, 3-inch extra clearance, Goodyear overlander tires, increased rear clearance angle
Solar – 180W Zamp Solar Panels (2X 90W panels) with terrible lead-acid batteries – which we replaced, and Victron MPPT 100/20 charge controller with digital monitor.
A/C – Top Mounted Air Conditioner
Microwave – Stainless steel microwave
Off-The-Lot Upgrades & Warranties
Additional upgrades delivered at pick-up:
220W Zamp Solar Panels (2X 110W panels)
200Ah Battle Born GC2 LiFePO4 Heated Batteries (replaced lead acid batteries)
5-Year Platinum Travel Trailer Service Warranty
Eckbond Exterior & Interior Protective Panel Coating
Tire Sealant & Wheel 5-Year Transferable Warranty
Zamp Authorized Dealer Power Upgrades
Performed by Bend Battery in fall of 2022:
180W Zamp Solar Panels (2X 90W panels)
100Ah Battle Born GC2 LiFePO4 Heated Battery (300Ah total capacity)
Victron MTTP 150/35 charge controller with bluetooth smart dongle
Additional cable drop from roof to support additional wire harness

Additional Fixture Upgrades:
Solar powered HD video back-up camera system
Ruuvi bluetooth (and wi-fi remote) temperature monitoring (main cabin, battery bay, exterior)
RVLock V4.0 keyless handle for RV door/lock
Water-saving Oxygenics BodySpa RV shower head
KYODOLED 60-Key Storage Lock Box
Digital Honeywell thermostat
Cocoon GRID-IT! bedside accessory organizer
Baseus wireless light wands (with extra mounts)
VanEssential magnetic insulated roof vent cover
Funomo foldable, magnetic door window shade
LATCH.IT RV Step Covers
Black-out curtain zipper extenders
Exterior anti-bug vent screens
Rooftop Starlink mount

Major Extras:
Larger purchases that come included with a full price offer:
Power Generator – Firman WH3242 gas or LP (propane), quiet generator, brand new – can run all your AC outlets, air conditioner, and microwave (plus charge battery system) on for up to 7 hours on about two gallons of gas. Perfect if you will be off-grid and need climate control.
Starlink Roam – Includes the portable use hardware plus Starlink carrying case. Place on the ground with 75ft cable or on the roof with the already installed roof mount. Service is month-to-month. Work and play from anywhere!
Power Station – 400W Yeti Goal Zero portable power station with carrying case – we use this for running Starlink and laptops and recharge it off our solar (DC adapter included).
Shade Awning – The MoonShade (by MoonFab) with one long wall and one short wall, various anchors including four 3/8″ (9.5mm) awning rail loops to securely attach the MoonShade to the basecamps top, side railing.
Water Reservoir System – 30 gallon, drinking water rated RomoTech water reservoir, with 2X electric pumps and hose system. The thing you run out of quickest while off-grid is water! This system enables you to be off-grid up to two-weeks at time by easily hauling and pumping water to replenish your fresh water tank.

Minor Extras:
When we said turn-key, we meant it:
Power – includes 25ft extension 30-amp cable, surge protector, 50-30 amp adapter and 30 amp to 110 adapter, plus carrying bag for them all.
Water – in addition to the Water Reservoir System above, includes several water-safe hoses, water pressure regulator, two-hose splitter, spay nozzle, plus miscellaneous water treatment and water tank cleaning accessories, with labeled carrying case.
Sewer – Includes two upgraded black/grey water hoses, elbow terminator, Camino sidewinder sewer hose support, grey/black water rinse hose with labeled carrying case
Security – Two motion-activated solar-powered exterior lights, Reese heavy duty coupler lock, locking hitch pin
Lighting – We have two sets of Goal Zero Light-a-Life mini camping lights, which can be stringed together and hung from the MoonShade or around the exterior, inside we have the nice copper string lights, 2X light wants, plus 3X Voltaic Systems Dimmable USB LED Light
Leveling – 4X standard chocks,, 2X premium leveling chocks, 4X spacers, 4X base levelers, 4X rubber absorption pads, 2X manual jacks crank arms, magnetic level
Towing – 2X tow hitches (4-in and 6-in), locking pins, 4×4 recover boards
Storage – Water/dust/air under table storage pins, 2X large floor rope baskets, 2X small hanging rope baskets
Exterior – 12.5 foot aluminum telescoping ladder
Galley – raised sink bottom, butcher block top, Gorilla Grip anti-fatigue cushioned kitchen floor mat
Wet Bath – wooden shower base
Misc. Interior – couch/lounge pillows (if desired), various cabinet organizers, USB-charging fans, etc.

Full-Price Offer:
You get everything listed above with a full-price offer, which we’ve worked hard to price at heck of a deal for those seeking a turn-key, reliable, top-shelf adventure rig (with over $15,000 of savings).
Lower offers shall be considered, but warranties and items listed under major extras and minor extra sections may be reduced as part of the counter-offer process. We reserve the right to refuse any offer, for any reason. Low ball offers shall not be considered, so please don’t waste your time or ours.

All non-local payments (outside of Bend, OR) shall be facilitated via (or similar trusted escrow service as mutually agreed upon) for the security of both parties. Local transactions via in-person, in-bank transfer upon signing a sales contract and providing proof of title. Title is clean and currently registered in Montana.

We will happily deliver the Basecamp to anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado) at no cost with a full price offer, signed sales contract, with funds in escrow. Cost of delivery on the West Coast with a non-full price accepted for $1,000 or possibly to the midwest, south, or east coast for $2,000. Delivery costs must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Or, come pick it up yourself in beautiful Bend, Oregon!

Have questions? Reach out and we can schedule a time to talk, text or answer a few questions. This is our second trailer and we know it pretty well. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you get on the road. We’re looking forward to passing this amazing rig over to the next adventure loving crew! If you’re looking for a gently-used tow vehicle for this rig, we’ll also be selling our 2021 Toyota Tundra CrewMax with 25,000 miles (we’re the second owner), complete with an ARE topper and roof racks. Thank you for your interest!

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